Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Blog! First Post!

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Book: Splendor A Luxe Novel~ Anna Godbersen

Well here goes, my attempt at a new blog. For some reason I felt that a new blog was in order. I wanted to do this along time ago, but I never did get around to it. So here goes my first post. Yay for first posts!

But if your old blog was so wonderful, why create a new one? Well, lots of things have changed since I started the old one. Especially me. I've grown a bit older and hopefully matured lol. At any rate, alot of my likes and dislikes have changed as have some of my hobbies. So I felt a new blog would be good. 

The biggest change in my life of course was moving to Alaska. And as I come close to my year mark in Alaska, I thought I would like to start writing about life here. About what I like to do in Alaska, and things I discover. So what better way to do that than with a new blog. 

I do plan on writing posts at Pan. I shall continue to posts those here. As I know some people really enjoy them. I'll keep up with the crafts and recipes I do. And maybe some other things as well. I have so many ideas. 

I hope to make this new blog even better than my old one. So provided I can keep up with this blog, here is to several more years of blogging!

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