Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baked Potato Chips, a new outfit, Terry Pratchett, among other things

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Well this blog hasnt been going any better than my other blog lol. I really kept meaning to post. But as it is, I found another job the day after I got laid off. And its going very well. So I havent really had alot of time to post about things. But here goes one anyway. :) 

To start with, I made Skye another outfit. yeah I know.... I seem to be spending alot of time on outfits for Skye. lol. I promise to make other crafts in between. Here it is! Just in time for Valentines Day too. I wish I had pink shoes for her to wear instead of purple. But the purple ones are cute and go with the pink so whatever. 

Didn't it turn out adorable? I think Skye likes this outfit best of all so far. What's more is it was incredibly easy to make too lol. I used a pattern from Liberty Jane for the dress. The shoes came with the doll. The bracelet and necklace I made. 

The other day I was going through some of my craft supplies and found some flowers I had pressed from earlier last summer. I had Fireweed and Wild Roses. So I decided to do something with them today. I made a small book mark with the fireweed that turned out lovely. 

I really need to stop using pink so much in other things LOL. Pretty soon I am going to get tired of pink and switch to another favorite color. But I cant help it. I just love pink. Anyway, my dad and I sorda stopped by chips lately because we eat so many of them when we do. but I had a craving for them today. and didnt feel like going anywhere. So I found a recipe for Baked Potato Chips from Martha Stewart. They turned out lovely and taste just as good as lays potato chips if not better. 

So now I have a whole bag of yummy potato chips to eat up for snacks. I might make some cheez its too tomorrow. Here is the recipe for the potato chips.

Recently, I also rediscovered Terry Pratchett's books. I decided to start reading through the big pile of books I have just laying around that I havent read yet. And one of those books was I shall Wear Midnight. Terry Pratchett's newest Tiffany Aching book. I would have to say that this book could easily become one of my favorites. I highly recommend it. :) 

And finally, lol, I decided to start another knitting project. I've always wanted a pair of wrist warmers but never got around to buying a pair. So I thought I should make one. I'm about half way through the first wrist warmer. Yes it's pink lol. But I think its going well at any rate. I cant wait to finish it. 

Oh and I bought Breaking Dawn Part 1 yesterday. Yeah I kinda liked it. There were parts that bugged me of course. But all in all, I guess I liked it. I might watch it again tonight lol. 

Oooh and before I go, I finally watched Sweet Land. It was so cute. I also recommend that movie lol. Elizabeth Reaser was so good in it. 

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