Monday, March 12, 2012

An Almost Great Christmas (Lilac Post Hogwarts)

The presents Lilac had received for Christmas lay about her room, while Rosie tumbled about in the left over paper. Chewing up the Christmas paper like a dog might a chew toy, making Lilac truly wonder if her piggy was supposed to be a dog instead of a pig. She laughed when her pig buried herself inside a big pile of paper and couldn’t find her way out. Lilac scooped the piggy up and twirled around the room in her new dress that her aunt had made for her.

“Isn’t this just the best Christmas ever? Well. . . Almost the best Christmas ever? ‘She asked, the piggy.

“is it better now?” Will asked coming into her bedroom. Lilac turned around, it was her fault that she had left the door open. She smiled.

“Almost.” Lilac replied softly.

“You want something else?” Will asked. Lilac nodded.

“Sometimes, I miss them. Sometimes I think about them. Especially on days like this.” Lilac said and shrugged.
“Lilac, it is good to miss them, but no sense in wishing things that you can’t have.”

“I know. But I can’t help it. You wouldn’t understand.”

“No, I don’t understand, but you have people who care about you. That’s what matters.”

“It is.” Lilac said and smiled at Will.

“And you have friends too.”

“Yes. Friends are always good. Will?”


“Thanks for coming. I’m glad my aunt let you.”

“Well, it seemed like she wouldn’t let you stay for Christmas. Despite my mother’s pleading.”

“Christmas has always been special to her I guess. My mother’s favorite holiday.”

“Do you remember your parents much?”
“Yes.” Lilac said, noting wanting to talk much about them, she snuggled Rosie back into her. Will took the cue.

“It’s alright; you don’t have to talk about it. Until you are ready.”

“Thanks. Hey, let’s go see if there is any desert left. Hopefully my cousins didn’t eat everything up. I want some Butterbeer.” Lilac said taking Will’s hand and leading him down the stairs while holding onto her piggy.

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