Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh to be young again (Nora Post Twilight)

I leaned up against the wall, watching a bunch of kids (who would have been near my age had I been alive) dancing in the streets. It was late in the night on a Saturday. The kids were from the poorer neighborhood of Denver of which I was prowling, looking for my usual meal. I sighed, as the music got more and more and more. . . More what? I had no idea.

“Hey you!” I heard someone shout towards the corner I had sulked into. I stared.

“Yeah you know I’m talkin’ to you.” The voice continued. So much for cover. Maybe Charlie was right. I was terrible at blending in. You would think that after a hundred years I would be better at it. Maybe it was just that I wanted to belong so badly that the stupid teenager noticed me. I slowly moved out of the shadow.

“Me?” I asked. Wearing a purple plaid shirt, pair of tight ass jeans, my old riding boots I had from the good old west days and my cowboy hat. Yep. The original one. Jean jacket and all. I looked real hickvilleish. If that was even a word. But the man- - - no teen, whistled.

“Yeah you.” He said. “Come on, I wanna dance.” His skin was the color of midnight. My father would be horrified with me for simply talking to him like a human being.

“Nah, I don’t dance.” I lied letting him take my hand.

“I somehow, don’t believe you.” The boy said. “Come on. I know you can dance.” I looked at him for a moment and pretended to follow his moves.

“Man, look at that chick, she’s foolin’ you.” One of the boy’s friends said. I laughed. I could dance circles around them if I wanted too. I heard a very fast movement and noticed my brother standing in the shadows. I ignored him.

“Why did you lie?” The boy said. I shrugged.
“Thought it was best.”

“Test the waters before you trend them?” The boy said.

“Something like that.” I answered him. “I shouldn’t be here.”

“None of us should be here. But here we are. We should embrace the moment.” I smirked. Seemed to me, I had something along those lines once. “So you gonna tell me your name?”

“Nah.” I said. It wasn’t

hat I didn’t want to give him man. It was that I knew I shouldn’t. Especially with Charlie watching.

“Okay.” I can take that.” He said. “Hey, where you going?”

“I gotta go. But thanks for the dance. I needed that.” I said. Needed what Nora? A chance to feel normal for once? Yeah so what? I was after all still 16. Sometimes I wanted to act like it. And as much as I wanted to stay for the rest of the night, I knew I shouldn’t. Things could either get bad or really bad had I been human, I probably would have gone off into some hot little corner with him. But, that wasn’t such a good idea. No, it was best for me to leave.

“Well, maybe I’ll see ya around.” I shrugged.

“Maybe.” I said.

“Can I have at least a kiss?” The boy asked. I laughed. Alright, I thought. I could kiss him, and I did. Then danced back into the shadows and where Charlie sat high up on a roof top watching me.

“What was that about?”

“Don’t you ever wish you could be a kid again?” I asked
“Not really. But then I was 22 when I was turned and not 16. Nora, I am sorry for turning you so young.”

“Don’t be. I was dying. You saved me in a way. Besides, I didn’t cross half of the USA, to find my brother just to lose him because I was going to die.” I laughed. “Come on, Billie is probably wondering where we are.”

“Shall I not tell him you danced with that guy?”

“That would be a good idea.” I laughed.

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