Monday, March 26, 2012

Rebecca Mystery: A bundle of Trouble (book Review)

Rebecca Mystery: A bundle of Trouble

Back of book review:
Rebecca likes taking care of the neighbors’ baby, but with a kidnapper on the loose in New York City, she can’t help feeling a bit nervous. When a strange boy shows up asking a few too many questions, Rebecca starts to worry. Could the baby be in danger? And is Rebecca’s own brother hiding a dark secret?

Joanna’s review:
The book starts out with Rebecca meeting her new neighbor’s baby and then her mother offers to take care of the baby. Because the new neighbor’s are trying to move into a new apartment and the poor baby will not stop crying.

Rebecca then, meets an Italian immigrant with a baby that looks just like the neighbor’s baby. The two girls let the baby’s play and then the whole story moves from there. Somehow the baby’s get switched and at first Rebecca thinks her new friend is a kidnapper but it turns out that the new friend isn’t a kidnapper and someone else is the kidnapper.

As I used to love American Girl books as a child, I only recently started reading them again. The mysteries are really good so far. At least the ones I have read are. And this one is really exciting to read. It keeps you on your toes and you have no idea who the kidnappers are because there are so many possibilities. I highly recommend this book to American Girl lovers.

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  1. I figured out who the kidnappers were! I love the period details in this mystery and especially the Italian girl. My Nonnie was a toddler at that time.