Monday, March 12, 2012

A weekend of American Girl Crafts

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So over the weekend I found several of my most recent American Girl magazines and decided to make a few crafts from the magazines. I had lots of fun doing this. I hope you enjoy the pictures lol. I even made Apple Brown Betty from Samantha's Cookbook. It turned out really well. 

The first craft I made was this cute little owl out of a paper towel roll. Of course my mad art skills came into play here lol. I think I should have used better colors. But oh well. It turned out cute. Here is a picture from the magazine article I used. The instructions can be found in the March/ April issue of this year.

Next I attempted to make an ice skatting outfit for Skye which turned out to look more like a fairy outfit by the time i was done lol. Oh well. I think mainly it was the shoes that makes her look more fairy than ice skatting. But the outfit is still pretty cute. 

The idea for this outfit came from the January/ Feb. Issue of this year. Here is a photo of those instructions too. 

And before I made all of these I found an interesting idea in the recent issue of AG Magazine. Using ducktape and a canvas. 

See, a cheap way of making new art for my room lol. Here is the photo from the magazine for the instructions.

And finally, the last project I made was a memo board using a picture frame. I've seen this idea all over the internet this month and thought it would be fun to try. However, I think I may need darker color markers for mine lol. It turned out really well. 

And here is a picture of the Apple Brown Betty I made. I'm not going to put the recipe up simply because it would take too much work to do that lol. But there are loads of recipes all over the net for Apple Brown Betty. But be warned. It is very sweet. 

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