Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Date Night with Charlie (Bella Post)

With Carlisle’s death, I suddenly realized how much it meant to me to have Charlie still around. I mean I wasn’t very old yet. Hardly even an adult. So of course myfather would still be alive. But given the most recent events in the Cullen house hold, I felt that I wanted to spend some time with my dad. The plan being that I would make dinner, and we would then watch some sort of movie. Probably a family sort. I did have Elizabeth with me as well. And even though she was just a baby, I didn’t want her watching certain things. I fully believed that babies could understand everything just as much as adults could.

“I’m really sorry Bells to hear about what happened with Dr. Cullen. I know he and you werent really close, but he was still your Father in law.” Charlie said suddenly coming into the kitchen holding Elizabeth. I turned over the chicken I was frying, and then looked at my Dad.

“Thanks Dad.” I said. “Its been really hard at home. I kinda needed a break. They’re taking it really hard. But if it was you- -- “ I didn’t even want to think about something bad happening to Charlie. My dad seemed to know where I was going with this.

“Bells I’m a cop. No one can take down the chief!” Charlie said acting all manly. I laughed.

“Sure thing Dad.” I said. Me and my dad had never been great talkers. Charlie stood staring at me for a few minutes.

“You know if you need anything, I’m here right?” He asked finally. I nodded. I did know that, this was why I had come over for the night.

“Yeah. I know Dad.” I said. There was another silence.

“How’s Edward taking this whole thing? I know he and Dr. Cullen were pretty close.”

“He’s dealing with it. I mean, they’re all dealing with it. Edward is taking it kinda hard though. I think its mostly because he wasn’t there. He still thinks that if he was there he may have been able to stop---“

“And you don’t think he would have?” Charlie asked. I shook my head. I knew the Volturi. And I knew that once Aro made up his mind, well very rarely could anything change it.

“I don’t think so Dad. Its not like our court system. Where if someone says they didn’t do something wrong and there is evidence to prove their innocence they go free. The Volturi--- Are scary.”

Again my Dad and I went into this silence mode and then suddenly the chicken was sizzling and the buzzer went off. Dinner was done. I plopped everything done on the table, and smiled at Charlie. I wondered how often he got home made meals now that I wasn’t living with him. I figured he probably went over to Sue’s for dinner now--- Which that whole thing was rather awkward. But I was happy for him. My Dad shouldn’t be alone. I wondered how it would feel if Sue and my Dad ever got married. I would have werewolves for siblings, and a husband who was a vampire. Two species in my family would hate one another. Well maybe not so much anymore. But that was their natural instinct. I shook my head.

“What?” Charlie asked as he dug into his fried chicken.

“Nothing.” I said laughing watching food fall from his mouth into his plate. Spending the evening with my dad was exactly what I needed! I decided before I grabbed some food for myself.

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