Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The First Sight of Edward Cullen (Bella Post)

January 2009

Somehow I had managed to get through the first half of my first day at a new high school. It wasn’t as awful as I thought it might be, though it was pretty boring. I had already done half the assignments in Phoenix, so it was a breeze. I thought for sure my homework would be just as easy.

I had also managed to make a few new friends, and endured everyone’s New Girl staring at me style. I hated to be stared at and I really hated being the center of attention. Being the new girl in a small school at a small town with a dad for the chief of police, I was easily the shiny new object today. My old 1950s truck probably didn’t help.

At my old school in Phoenix, I didn’t have that many friends and I was easily over looked. I was sorda the stand in the corner, hide in the shadows type. So, suddenly having all this attention on me was rather nerve racking. But, I quietly endured it. Thinking it wouldn’t last forever.

So, I stood in front of the salad bar in the cafeteria arranging a sandwich with a yogurt and celery sticks on my tray. I grabbed a bottle of water and a coke. Then turned to find a table with Jess, Mike and Angela when I caught the eyes of a guy staring at me.

He had dark brown eyes. That were almost black and pale skin. He seemed sorda angry at me for some reason though I couldn’t figure out why. He put his hand over his nose as if he smelled something bad and I smelled my shirt to make sure I didn’t stick. But my shirt smelled good. I looked at him for a second as he stood stocked still in front of me.

“Um, hello.” I started, but he swung around and just about stormed out of the lunch room.

“What’s all that about?” I asked putting my tray down at a table across from Jessica and Angela.

“Oh that?” Jessica asked looking towards the guy who was storming out of the cafeteria. I nodded.

“That is Edward Cullen.” Angela offered. “His adopted siblings are in the corner over there.” She said pointing to a corner table were four others who had the same pale skin as Edward sat. I raised an eyebrow as I glanced at them. Weird. I thought.

“They’re not from around here.” Jessica said. “They moved up from Alaska a few years ago. They’re Dr. and Mrs. Cullens foster kids. But they’re all together. Alice, she’s the little weird black haired girl, is with Jasper. And Emmett and Rosalie are together. Of course Edward doesn’t have a girlfriend. But I wouldn’t bother with that. He doesn’t seem to like anyone here.” Jess rambled off. “Anyway, they kinda keep to themselves.”

I glanced back over at the Cullens in the corner. I knew exactly how it felt to be an outsider and have people talk about you. I knew for a fact that half the student body at Forks was talking about me because most of them were staring at me. I wondered if that’s what the Cullens felt like when they moved here. At least they were used to the weather. Alaska was pretty cold or so I heard.

However, none of this explained why Edward was so grossed out by me. I wondered what I had done to piss him off so much. All I did was stand there and stare at him. Maybe I would have to confront him the next time I saw him.

(This scene differs from the book. There is no copyright infrigment intended.)

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