Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A grand Tour (Alessandra Post)

I quietly lead Julia and Nigi through the entrance and into the front part of my Villa. Through the hallway into the large courtyard and down into the main living area. I smiled at the look on my friends face as I lead them through my rather elegant home.

“If only my father could have seen this!” Julia said. Julia was a bastard daughter of Lorenzo de Medici. Her father had once been called The Magnificent. Lorenzo had loved art and music, the pagan worlds and the Ancient Roman one as well.

“He would have tried to have part of his home built like mine.” I said.

“Yes. And I would have had to help.” Nigi said. Nigi had been a painter employed by Lorenzo and Julia and Nigi had been both madly in love. Even though it was nearly out of the question for Julia to marry Nigi. I supposed I had helped both of them at least in that sense. Julia and Nigi where both nearly dead from certain assassins when I found them. They had been my friends and I had decided to turn them at the last minute. Something else I normally never did. However, in this special case, I was rather glad I had saved my friends.

“Ah I should have had you come to do the art work in here.” I said having completely forgotten about Nigi and Julia until they had both suddenly appeared.

“For the beautiful lady, I shall paint Ancient Roman scenery!” Nigi said. “And Julia will help.” I laughed at this.

“Oh Nigi.” I said shaking my head. Suddenly, Nigi sniffed the air and stared at me.

“Is there a human in your villa my beautiful Volturi Princess?” Nigi asked. I blinked, I had completely forgotten about Skye.

“Yes. And she is not to be a snack.” I said carefully in a warning voice. Nigi shrugged. Julia didn’t even look interested.

“Then we shall refrain from having a snack in your home. But why are you having a human stay here?”

“She is--- I took in from the streets. She needed help.” I said softly. Julia stared at me. Then rolled her eyes.

“Oh Alessandra not again.” She said shaking her head.

“I cant help it. I see a child in need--- Its just something I have to do. And Skye needs help. I can provide her with a safe place to live.”

“In a house full of Vampires?”

“Well, where house would be safer?”

“I suppose you may have a point. Alessandra, you cannot save every child that needs help. You must realize that?” Julia said. I sighed. I did know that. But they just didn’t understand. Alex understood. He was perhaps the only one who did. Sometimes, I thought Aro understood. Petrus just went along with it because it was what I wanted.

“Yes, I do realize that.” I said softly. “Come, I have more to show you of the villa, and I can put you up in rooms if you would like to stay as well.” I said changing the subject and leading them to the back of the Villa where the bedrooms where.

(For a map of what Alessandra's home may look like please check out this link. http://www.roman-colosseum.info/roman-architecture/roman-villa.htm)

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