Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Volturi Rumors (Alessandra Post)

Oh how I loved Italian music. A gentle guitar could be heard somewhere nearby. If I tried I could sense where it was. I felt for just a few moments like I was back in Venice. I dearly loved Venice. I would have to take Skye and Petrus there some time. But not tonight. Tonight, I sat quietly at a table with Petrus outside a restaurant. Of course we didn’t eat anything but that wasn’t really the point. The moon was shining brightly down on us and it was almost as romantic as it might have been in a 1950s love movie. One of those that Audrey Hepburn might have done.

I smiled sweetly at Petrus as he took my hands and stared into my eyes. “Gee now all we need is some spaghetti and a dog and we could be like the dogs were in Lady and the Tramp.” Petrus laughed. I had no idea what he was talking about of course.

“Lady and the Tramp?” I asked. Petrus stared at me.

“You’ve never seen Lady and the Tramp?

“Would I be asking about it if I had?” I asked rather annoyed. I hated it when people repeated questions as if the person asking the question was stupid. Of course, I myself probably did this a few times, so I was being hypercritical. But oh well. Nothing I could do about it.

“Lady and the Tramp is a cute little Disney movie about two dogs who fall in love.” I rolled my eyes.

“Two little dogs that fall in love?” See now it was my turn to repeat the question haha!

“Yep. Two cute little dogs.” I laughed.

“Maybe we should watch it sometime.” I said. It would probably be stupid, but if Petrus liked the movie than I would give it a go.

A gentle breeze stirred up and suddenly I caught the scent of another vampire. Not far from where Petrus and I sat. Petrus must have caught it too because he sat up a bit still and looked behind me. I sighed, and turned.

“Julia?” I asked the vampire who stood behind me a bit surprised to see my old friend from the Medici courts. Julia laughed and tossed her thick, black hair.

“I daresay I am just as surprised to see you. And with a handsome man at that. You looked so deeply in love that I hated to break the mood.” Julia said plopping down next to Petrus at the table. “And what are you doing at a restaurant of all places?”

“There were chairs and a table. Music and it was the perfect place.” Petrus said easily. “Who is this?” He asked me. I smiled.

“Petrus I would like to introduce Julia Medici. She is a friend from oh. . . How many years ago was that?”

“Roughly 500.” Julia said smiling. “I’m pleased to meet you. You must be a very interesting young man to have caught Alessandra’s eyes.” Julia said. Petrus cleared his throat.

“So I have heard.” He muttered.

“But enough of that, I have news from Volterra.” I stared at Julia, wondering what on earth the news could be not that I cared or anything.

“I don’t think Alessandra is going to really care about any sort of news coming from Volterra.” Petrus said.

“Petrus my dear you probably couldn’t have put it in better words. However, I shall tell you both anyway. There was an execution it seems of sorts. No one knows who it was of course. The Volturi are remaining very hush, hush about the whole ordeal. But you know how word spreads in our world.” Julia said.

“Why would the world care of there was another sad being that lots its life to Aro?” I asked. Aro had plenty of vampires killed. What made this death different from the rest?

“Yes but it was the manner in which the death was preformed that makes it strange. Apparently no one but Alec, and some strange new Volturi member where allowed to watch. The vampire from what I have heard was some leader or something. Probably a rebel. You know how the Volturi hate being crossed.”

“Of course I know how the Volturi hate being crossed. I am a Volturi member or did you forget?” I snapped. Growing rather annoyed with Julia’s gossip. I could care less if some vampire rebel was executed.

“Well, I see you havent changed much.” Julia said rather crossly.

“I am who I am.” I said.

“Too true. At any rate, I thought you should know what they are saying about the Volturi. How long have you been in Rome?” Julia asked. I shrugged.

“A few months at best. Aro wanted me to spend some time in Rome. He even paid for me to rebuild my families’ Villa.” I said softly. For that reason alone, I couldn’t harbor too much ill will towards Aro at the moment. Though, I still had the distinct feeling that he had wanted to get rid of me. And this was his excuse.

“I am so glad he finally gave you permission to that. I would certainly love to see it. May I?” Julia asked. I smiled and nodded.

“Of course. We can take you there now.” I said. Despite Julia’s constant need for gossip, she was good friend. “Where is Nigi?” I asked as we stood.

“He’s nearby. Visiting an old friend of his.” Julia answered.

“Ah, well we must invite him as well. We’ll meet you at the outside of the city in an hour. The place where we used to meet?” I said softly. Julia nodded.

“Till then.” She said and disappeared.

“Who is Nigi?” Petrus asked.

“Julia’s mate.” I said simply leaving it at that.

(Thank you Carlisle for the idea)

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