Monday, May 28, 2012

All Mixed Up (Nora Post)

I easily found my way into Carlisle’s office and after starting a fire in the fire place (more for comfort than need) I curled up in a ball, and silently stared at the fire. It wasn’t like I had ever really been that close to Carlisle. I didn’t share the type of relationship with him that his children or even Esme did. However, he was one of the few men besides Charlie and Billy who had ever taken notice of me. My own father certainly had never taken notice of me. He and my mother had been too busy throwing parties and sending me off to a boarding school to really care about me. I hadn’t even shed a tear when they were killed in Kansas.

But Carlisle, Carlisle was different. He was always there if I needed advice. I could call him anytime I had wanted too, email, him, visit him even. My parents were never like that. If I wanted something, sure they would give it to me but it was mostly to keep me out of the way. So maybe I had always seen Carlisle as a sort of father figure. Or maybe the father figure I never had. I could have probably had, had I believed in his morals and stuff. But I didn’t. And I certainly wouldn’t have fit in with his family. At least I didn’t think I would. Besides, I had Charlie and Billy. But sometimes, its nice to have friends outside of family.

I softly whipped at the tears that had started to stream down my cheeks. I wasn’t used to grieving for people, as the only people I was close too where vampires. And vampires didn’t die. At least they weren’t supposed too. I couldn’t understand what these Volturi had against Carlisle and his family. Carlisle was one of the nicest people I had ever meant. Surely he had been wrongly accused. I couldn’t help but want to take part in the rebellion that was being whispered about. But to do that would not be to honor Carlisle’s memory. And I knew it. Plus, I had promised Charlie and Billy that I wouldn’t. Besides, it would entangle me with these rulers and I certainly had no desire for that.

I pulled my knees in a little bit closer and plucked at the rug beneath me, I hadnt heard someone come into the room. And it startled me when I felt Edward behind me. I jumped and turned around to see my friend. He gently came down to the floor next to me.

“Nora?” He asked softly. I whipped away my tears.

“I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to intrude---- But he was my friend too.” I said softly. “I’ve never meant the Volturi. But oh Edward, how could they?” I asked as Edward gently brought me into his arms. The tears wouldn’t stop coming now no matter how hard I tried to make them stop and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the only thing I was crying over. Or if it was everything all rolled into one.

“Sh…” He said very gently. “You know we’ve asked ourselves that question over and over. If only I could have done something to---“

“It wasn’t your fault.” Alice said suddenly stepping into the room. There was a smile on her face and her eyes were dancing. She was humming Life is a funny proposition after all A song I hadnt heard in years and I couldn’t help but stare at her. She had a box in her arms, neatly arrange with things that where Carlisle’s. There was a skip to her step even. I looked up at Edward.

“Alice, now isnt the time.” Edward hissed.

“It is the perfect time.” Alice said her tone light and airy. I crawled out of Edward’s arms and watched as Alice danced around the office, picking off Carlisle’s things here and there, a wallet with money in it, a cell phone and several other things. I raised an eyebrow and brushed at the tears. “He’s coming home, Edward.” Was all she said.

“Alice---“ Edward started and then looked at me when I gave him a questioning look.

He’s coming home? I asked Edward in my mind. Edward shrugged.

“She’s in denial.” Was all he said. I watched silently as Alice danced about the room, completely confused. “ She thinks she’s having visions of Carlisle.” Edward went on to explain but this didn’t make sense either. Why would Alice think she was having a vision of someone who was dead. Besides that how could she have a vision of someone who was dead? I looked from Alice to Edward and back to Alice again. I wished I could be as happy as all that at the moment. Normally, I wasn’t a sad person and it was strange for to have these mixed up feelings. I supposed that was what grief was. Mixed up feelings. Perhaps it was good not only for Edward but also for myself that I had decided to come to Forks. I doubted I would have grieved for my friend in Colorado. There were always too many things to do. But I couldn’t help but wonder about Alice. It just didn’t make sense.

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