Monday, May 28, 2012

Chat with Skye (Alessandra Post)

The door to Karla’s new bedroom was opened a small amount and I stood near it listening to her gentle snores. It was just about all I could do to keep Karla from falling over by the time we got into Rome and it was clear that she had once been a very strong woman. I couldn’t image the amount of pain she must have gone through having Karl. I only hoped that maybe I could bring her back to her human roots and provide a somewhat happy home for her.

“She’s so frail.” Skye said in a quite whisper staring through the crack in the door at Karla. I nodded.

“She’s had a rough go of it the past few months.” I explained softly.

“What happened to her?”

“Aro.” I muttered.

“But I thought he was a good vampire? I mean arent rulers supposed to be good?” Skye asked still under the delusion that Aro was a nice person. I gave a bitter laugh.

“Havent you been listening to anything Petrus or I have told you about Aro?” I asked softly pulling Skye away from the doorway. “He’s a monster, Skye. He had Santiago find Karla at a bar and sleep with her. Vampires and humans arent supposed to mix like that. It’s far too dangerous. She had a child by him and the pregnancy just about killed her. Tell me, what kind of being does that?” I shook my head, as Skye’s eyes grew wider and wider with each sentence.

“ A monster.” Skye whispered looking back at the room and shuddered. “Alessandra, I wont have to be like that will I?” She asked pointing to Karla and I shook my head.

“Not if I have anything to do with it.”

“What will happen to her now?”

“We’ll take care of her. Get her back up on her feet and then--- the rest will be up to her.”

“Why do you like helping humans? You’re a powerfully, old vampire. Shouldn’t you be like Aro?” Skye asked and I couldn’t help but shudder at the mere idea of being like Aro. I took some pride in the fact that I wasn’t like Aro. I had worked very hard for that.

“I don’t want to be like Aro, Skye. I never wanted to be a vampire. I never wanted any of this. And a vampire once helped me when I was a child, a human. I supposed, I feel as if I need to return the favor and this is how I can do it. She would approve I think…. If she were still alive.”

“She’s not alive?” Skye asked a bit stunned. I shook my head sadly.

“She was Aro’s sister and he killed her. For the pure purpose of keeping Marcus at his side. “ I explained softly. “Marcus doesn’t know this of course. Nor shall he.” I cautioned.

“Maybe when she feels better, I’ll show her Rome. Do you think that would be alright?” Skye asked, and I nodded. The little human never ceased to amaze me. One minute she was ready to throw rocks at you. The next she wanted to be friends with you.

“Yes, I think she might like that. Now, where is Petrus?” I asked.

“Out hunting. He’s been practicing hunting animals since you’ve been gone. He really loves you, you know. I think it’s sweet.” Skye said smiling up at me. I laughed softly.

“I know.”I said and I did know.

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