Saturday, May 12, 2012

the Denali Tundra (Nora Post)

Alaska--- I thought staring up at Mt. Denali from the strange tundra below the mountain. It was my first time ever in Alaska and all my days I had never thought about visiting the state. They call it the last frontier for a reason you know! Yet as I made my way across the state I found it more and more to my liking. I could easily see Charlie, Billie and myself moving to Alaska. It was so open, so wild and the humans were fairly friendly too.

Not to mention the numerous amount of tourist that came flocking in every summer, hitch hikers and just normally every day hikers that a vampire could easily pluck from the trail. Men wishing they were mountain men, miners and campers. Yep. Alaska was not only the last frontier but a vampire’s heaven as far as I was concerned. No one would wonder about the hitch hiker I had picked up the other day for months and by then, the trail would be a cold one. I thought staring up at the tallest mountain in North America. And suddenly, I couldn’t wait to jump from the top of the mountain at least as far as I could down the side of it. After all, one might as well have fun being a vampire right?

I began to skid past the moose, and caribou and other small creatures, and made my way towards the mountain. Finding it easy enough to climb. Though I certainly probably wouldn’t have climbed it as a human. Wait--- Actually, I knew I would have. I didn’t stop when I reached a ledge where there was a big heard of goats grazing on the ledge nor did I stop when I passed by a grizzly bear that could totally take out that big old moose back down on the tundra if he wanted too.

I didn’t stop until I came face to face with a lovely vampire woman with long golden hair and Carlisle’s golden brown eyes. I knew from Carlisle’s descriptions of the Denali that this must be Kate and beside her stood an even taller, lanky vampire with red eyes that had to be Garrett. I skidded to a stop a few in front of me and smiled brightly.

“You must be Nora, welcome!” Kate said instantly giving me a hug. “We’ve been expecting you. But you should have called. Or at least called Esme when you reached the Tundra.” Kate added. “I’m Kate by the way. “ She said as an afterthought. I laughed.

“I would have called, except I had this sudden desire to jump from the top of the tallest mountain in North America and see how far down the mountain I could slide afterwards! It would be almost as much fun as jumping into the grand canyon.” I said excitedly and then smiled at Garrett.

“Well, perhaps we can take you to the top after we get you settled. We’ve been expecting you for several days now.”

“I know, and I am sorry I didn’t call.” I said as Garrett took my luggage, just like a gentleman should. “But I was having so much fun exploring. I’ve never been this far north before.” I jabbered on. I never did understand why I had to talk so much when I was nervous. However if it bothered Kate or Garrett neither said anything.

“Most of our kind havent. Alaska is too---- Well, I am sure you understand now.” Kate said.

“Yes, but I could see why a vampire could like it here.” I said smiling at my new found friends. Oh this was going to be a fun trip. I thought as the two members of the Denali lead me to their humble abode.

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