Monday, May 28, 2012

Escaping with a human (Alessandra Post)

I held a rather old carpet bag in my hands and an old vintage suitcase both, filled with odds and ends from my chambers that I had decided to take home with me. There were a few items in each for Karla of course and I slowly opened the door to her bedroom. I snuck in around it, then shut the door behind me setting both items down next to me.

“Karla?” I said softly watching as she very slowly walked around her room. The babies were staring after her and Carlisle was helping her. She stopped suddenly as I came into the room and stared at me. We had not meant before officially at any rate. She had been asleep when I had first seen her and I was not surprised that she seemed rather afraid of me. After all, the poor thing had, had a rather difficult time all because of vampires. She looked rather frail and weak. I wasn’t entirely sure this was a good idea. But I had to try at least for Carlisle.

“It’s alright.” Carlisle assured her.

“But she’s one of them” Karla said in broken Italian with a German accent.

“Not by choice.” I responded gently.

“Karla, she’s a friend of mine, it’s alright.” Carlisle said reassuring her.

“Carlisle asked me to protect you.” I said in Italian but the woman shook her head clearly not really understanding so I tried again in German. She stared silently between Carlisle and I. So I continued. “However, I’ve recently moved to Rome, and I cannot be in Rome and protect you here. My influences will have no guarantee if I am not here to see that you are safe. So, I have thought of it quite a bit. And it seems that the best idea would be for you to come home with me. Where I can keep you safe easier. Aro wouldn’t come after you if you are with me. And even if he did, I can easily handle him. I’ve done it millions of times before. And I know how to sneak in and out of Volterra without being seen.”
"You should go," Carlisle said gently. "It may be your only chance."

"What about Karl?"

"He will be safe here, treated like royalty. And he can't be in the human world, he grows too quickly. He is safest here; you are safest elsewhere."

Karla looked to her son for a moment, and then turned to Alessandra with a nod. "He was never really mine, was he?" she sighed. "The best I can do for him is allow him to stay here and raised as a prince. I will go with you."

“Alright, gather what things you want to take with you but remember we have to travel light to make good timing.” I said gently and Karla nodded. I turned to Carlisle and looked softly at him. “It will be hours before they realize we are gone.”

“They wont know where I am going?” Karla asked and I shook my head.

“Not for a little while at least.” I said gently. “I doubt they will try and come out” I turned to Carlisle and took his hands into mine. “Carlisle.” I said softly looking at my old friend. I hated to see him in that cloak and I hated to see him plainly so miserable. I knew I could help, and I had to try at least one more time before I left.

"I cannot go with you," Carlisle said again. "This whole incident has only proved that Aro is looking for any excuse to destroy my family. If I were to flee with you . . . I can't risk it. One way or another I trust this will end soon. Thank you for everything."

I nodded and looked gently over at Karla as she said goodbye to Karl. “You know you can always come to me for anything you need.” I said softly. Then I looked back over at Karla and nodded. “It’s time.” I said gently, leading her out the door.

(Written with Carlisle)

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