Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally, some support! (alice post)

I was supposed to be doing my homework. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself. But for some reason I couldn’t quite focus my mind on anything except my Father. The past several days I had had nothing but visions of Carlisle. Each time I had a vision he was doing something different, and he was always in Volterra. Every time I saw him, he was also with that strange boy. I never could understand the conversations Carlisle had. Nor could I grasp the boy’s name. But he was always there as was those strange blood drinking babies. There was even a strange vision of Carlisle giving the babies exams while gingerly holding them as if at any moment they might bite him. Which was utterly ridiculous. I thought. How could a baby bite a vampire?

The babies were also unlike any child I had ever seen and in all my long years on earth, I had seen quite a few babies. But these babies were strange. Not only because they drank blood, but they had a full shot of hair on their heads. They had fully grown teeth in their mouths and every time they looked at you as it was if they knew exactly what was going on and fully aware.

The other thing that bothered me was the way Carlisle behaved around the children. He seemed to pity them as if they were a great mistake or something. My father normally loved children. So to see him pity these little creatures was strange.

Part of the reason why my homework wasn’t being done was also the fact that I kept trying to research what these strange babies could be. But no matter how deep I went, I couldn’t find a single thing on the babies.

And then there was the fact that I couldn’t exactly get a second notion on any of this because my brother and husband flat out refused to believe a single word I said. They refused to even hope that Carlisle could be alive let alone believe anything about the children I continued to see in my flashbacks. And I knew that Rosalie and Emmett mostly likely wouldn’t believe me anymore than Jasper or Edward did. Bella might, but I was under strict orders not to tell her or Esme.

Yet while my family refused to for the first time in years believe my visions, I continued to have hope that Carlisle was indeed still alive. How else could I have these visions? I was of course not entirely sure he was alive. But I was nearly sure he was. These visions were not any memories I had of my father. Nor was it wishful thinking despite what Jasper and Edward said.

So I sat trying to finish my homework for a class when I suddenly felt yet another vision coming on. This time Carlisle was talking to Aro wearing a Volturi Robe. He had never worn one of those robes as far as I could remember. Carlisle would never wear one of those robes as far as I knew. And I knew my father. I knew he would never, ever join the Volturi. At least not my choice. I stared blankly at the vision as it faded recalling the way Carlisle’s shoulders slumped, the sadness and desperation in his eyes and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that my father was not in Volterra by choice.

If that was the case, there was only one other person I knew of that may believe me. I had of course thought it was a little strange that Alessandra wasn’t in Volterra when Aro had summoned us. But then again, perhaps Aro had planned it that way. After this, I wouldn’t put it pass him and I couldn’t help but wonder if Alessandra even knew what had happened. Of course most of the vampire world knew what happened. But Alessandra wasn’t most of the vampire world. And if she wasn’t inside Volterra during the time we were---- I instantly grabbed for my phone.

“Hello Alice, how is everything?” Alessandra asked picking up the phone, and I couldn’t help but realize that she must have no idea what had happened to Carlisle. Otherwise I was certain she would have said something about it or called beforehand.

“Then, you havent heard what happened to Carlisle?” I asked, shutting my bedroom door and locking it. I didn’t need Edward or Jasper coming in and trying to stop me from what I was I going to do.

“Wait--- What?”

“Carlisle--- The Volturi----“

“Oh no what has Aro done now?” Alessandra asked groaning.

“Carlisle was executed, Alessandra.” I said softly. I heard the phone fall to the ground. “Alessandra?” I asked hoping that everything was alright.

“Do you mean to tell me that Aro had Carlisle executed? He was the one that Julia was talking about then? When she told me that a vampire had been killed by Aro in Volterra---- I cannot believe that Aro would kill Carlisle…. What grounds did he use?” Alessandra said. She didn’t shout or sound angry, instead her voice sounded dangerous and cold.

“It’s a very long story.” I started to say.

“You had better tell me off all of it.” Alessandra said.

“We were called to Volterra after one of Esme’s relatives started to ask too many questions. He wrote a book on Esme…. And---“

“Came across Carlisle?” Alessandra stated.


“How strange. Carlisle’s always been very careful. I don’t understand how some author of all people, could have come across Carlisle unless---- Unless---“

“Unless what?”

“Unless someone put the idea into his head.” Alessandra muttered. “Alice--- Do you think Carlisle is still alive? Is that why you called me?” Alessandra said suddenly and I couldn’t help but smile. I knew she would believe me!

“Yes! I’ve had visions of him Alessandra. In Volterra. But no one will believe me. The whole thing was very final. Unless----“

“Unless it wasn’t.” Alessandra finished. “Alice, don’t worry, if Carlisle is alive than I will get to the bottom of this whole situation. “

“I knew you would, but please be careful. Aro has Carlisle locked up in Volterra for a reason and he might try and hurt him or you in the process of you finding Carlisle.”

“Bah, Aro wouldn’t hurt me and if he didn’t kill Carlisle than he wont harm Carlisle either. Trust me Alice. If Aro wanted me out of his hair---“ Alessandra trailed off. “Mars’ Nuts!” She shouted suddenly. “That’s why---- Ooooh you just wait Alice. I’ll have Carlisle returned safe and sound to Washington if that’s the last thing I do.” Alessandra said through clenched teeth and then hung the phone up.

I closed my eyes and let out a tiny sigh of relief. Yes! Finally, someone who believed me and was willing to help! I thought. Just maybe, I would be able to see Carlisle again and then wouldn’t everyone be surprised! And of course I could tell them “ I told you so!” I thought sitting back down on my sofa and pulling up my homework.

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