Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Caught (Alessandra Post)

35 BC Rome, Italy

Almost there. I thought. Almost there. You’re almost there Vestia. You can make it. I continued to walk down a road staying hidden in trees and shadows. Always traveling at night. I could almost make out the great city of Rome on the horizon. I could certainly smell the city before I could see it and I knew that by the time the sun came up, I would be home. I felt tears of relief come to my eyes at the mere thought of being home. Of being safe. Knowing that Master Aro and his band of vampires could never break through the city and kidnap me inside its walls. I had certainly been stupid to go home. But how could I have known what Master Aro had been planning. If only I had visited the Oracles before going home. I might have had a clue. I thought slipping silently into Rome.

Now, that I was finally home, all I had to do was make my way to the Vestal Temple. Or perhaps to the home of Augustus. I stood silently debating what to do and then, I could smell it. Bread and fish, food, being cooked. Rome, after all never slept and I realized I had not eaten a decent meal since leaving Volterra.

Oh sure, Master Aro had made sure I had the best of everything. Best clothing, best food, a body servant even a guard. Though, I had fooled all of them. I stared at the bar I came upon and dipped my hand into the bag I had stolen. Luckily there were a few coins. Before I could stop myself I found that I was standing in front of the bar asking for a bite to eat. The man did not recognize me. I was not dressed in my normal robes and I quickly stepped away thankfully nibbling on my food. I knew I must have looked like a street urchin. My silk robe was soiled my long curly hair was a mess and I hadnt bathed in several days. But I didn’t care. I was home.

I slowly began to make my way back towards the temple where I lived. Deciding it was best to go home before going to Octavian. I was half way home when I realized there was a shape behind me. I turned around and gasped as I was suddenly tossed to the ground. I let out a scream and found myself being thrown once again deep into the alley I was walking in.

“No…” I whispered trying to find something to shield myself with when I saw Caius standing before me. I scooted backwards staring at the vampire.

“You silly, stupid little girl. I out to kill you right here. Let Rome find out what happens when humans mess with vampires!” Caius snapped lifting me up and fully expecting me to fight back instead I slacked in his arms. Yes, I thought Death would be a pleasure.

“Please---“ I started to say.

“Begging wont save you.” Caius said. “Aro wants me to take you home alive. But I cannot tolerate a runaway. “

“I wasn’t going to beg you to save my life.” I said finally. And Caius relaxed his grip a bit.

“No?” He asked taken off guard.

“I was only going to ask the Goddess for forgiveness for my families’ death. Please, kill me.” I said desperately. It would be much easier if Caius killed me. Then I wouldn’t have to commit suicide “I don’t want to be a vampire.” I tried to explain. “I don’t want to live forever.”

“I would have thought that a Vestal Virgin would have considered immortality a great honor.” Ciaus said letting me down rather roughly. I hit the stone and shook my head.

“Please?” I asked softly.

“No, I don’t think I will. I think I’ll take you home and let Aro deal with you. How you managed to escape under noises is beyond me! You a mere human! You could make an interesting guard yet.” Caius said lifting me up easily in arms and I closed my eyes letting the tears flow down my cheeks. No, I wasn’t going to become a guard. I thought silently praying to the Goddess to let me die.

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