Monday, May 28, 2012

A happy Future? (Alessandra post)

I slowly crouched down to Fiorenzo’s level and allowed him to take my hand. I was used too letting Aro touch me. I was used too letting Aro see everything he could see about me so the idea that this child could see things too, wasn’t as disturbing as one might thing for me. Fiorenzo looked into my eyes and smiled at me.

“I see you wearing a gold ring, with a pretty stone on it. There is a man standing next to you with dark hair and eyes like yours. You will be… married?” Fiorenzo asked. I smiled at the little boy in front of me.

“It is very likely.” I said standing up and looking at Carlisle. I couldn’t help but beam at him. I had never felt happier with Petrus. Happier that is as a vampire. I doubted very much that I would ever be as happy as I had been as a human even if my life at times had not been perfect. At least then, I had been in control of it. Here—I had never felt in control. At least not until now.

“Things are going well with you and Petrus then?” He asked, and I nodded.

“I--- I---“ I looked behind me to make sure that the door was close than looked down at the little babies in front of me and switched over to English. They did not need to know that I was planning on leaving the Volturi. Least the word got out and Aro tried to stop me. “I have been weighing in my options.” I added in English. “Now that I have them. It seems very unlikely that I will--- Completely stay with the Volturi.” I said looking down at Fiorenzo who frowned at me. “At the very least. Aro let me rebuild my family villa.” I added the last bit in Italian just for the little boy. “He had of course told me it was to keep me happy and I could stay there rather than here. I now know his real reason was to get rid of me during your--- fake death.” I added quietly.

“Aro does have a way of getting rid of things he does not want.” Carlisle said softly. “Alessandra that is wonderful though, that things are going so well with you and Petrus. You deserve to be happy.”

“As do you. I wish you would reconsider—“

“What is this Villa?” Fiorenzo asked tugging down on my jeans. I looked down at the baby boy and shook my head. Their keen interest in things at such a small age was rather unnerving.

“A Villa is a big house---“

“What is a house?” Karl asked.

“A house is a place that humans live in. Only in Ancient Rome we called them Villas. My father had a beautiful villa.” I explained gently.

“Is that where you are from? Ancient Rome?” Fiorenzo asked and I nodded.

“What is Ancient Rome?” Is it a place?” Karl asked.

“A time.” I said sadly. “A time period more brilliant than any you shall ever see.”

“Why did you want to rebuild your father’s villa? Vampires don’t have fathers.” Fiorenzo asked, and I stared sadly at the little boy. How right he was, I thought.

“Of course vampires have fathers. We were human before we became a vampire.” I responded. “My father was a great man for all his faults.” Making me a priestess of Vesta was one his many vaults that I had never quite been able to forgive despite the fact that I had rather enjoyed the status of power it gave me. “Even you and Karl have fathers.” I said.

“Yes we do.” Karl said nodding his head. “But why did you want to rebuild your home? Don’t you like it here?” Karl asked now.

“No.” I said simply. There was no used in lying to the children. Even the Volturi knew I did not want to be inside the castle any longer than I had to be. “No, I do not. It is why I spend as much time away as I can. It is very difficult to be forced to live somewhere that you do not want too.” I tried to explain looking up at Carlisle. I dearly wished he would change his mind and let me take him home. I had been dreading the phone call I knew I would have to make to Alice. How was I going to explain this to her? I wondered thoughtfully.

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