Monday, May 7, 2012

The Headmistress' Office (Alessandra Post)

I sat staring at Skye in the Headmistress’ (where they called headmistress or Principal in a private school? Note to self, Google this. I do so love Google.) office. It was a strange feeling being inside an office of the leader of a school for the trouble of something I didn’t create. I had never been in this position before, let alone in the position which Skye now sat. I never got expelled from schools for any reason. Let alone sent to the Principal’s office for miss behaving as a human let alone a vampire. Unless you count being dragged back to the Volturi on the rare occasion by Jane and Alec. Luckily, Petrus sat beside me cool, calm and collective as always.

We were posing as Skye’s guardians for all things said and done. After all, technically, I supposed we were. Well, as technically and legally as you could get at any rate.

“She’s probably just going to ask us some questions. These types of people always want to know the basics.” Petrus was saying as I stared at the headmistress’ desk. (Which I might add was incredibly bare for a school teacher.)

“Or she just wants me to sign the school handbook and give me my class schedule.” Skye suggested. “ I don’t know why she insisted on seeing you two. It must be really weird for you guys. Being in a school full of humans” Skye smirked. I glared at her.

“I do have a few college degrees Skye.” I huffed. Stupid little human assuming I had never set foot in a school. “Also, I did graduate from the Forks Highschool was well. Thanks to Aro.” I muttered.

“Really? You went too highschool?”

“Yes, so I do know something of what you’re dealing with…” I said with a simple shrug.

“Then you have to know how boring it is!” Skye challenged me. I shrugged.

“Sure, but Skye, it is something you have to do.” I said. Petrus held up his hands.

“The headmistress is about to walk through those doors---“ Petrus began just as a rather tall woman in her late 40s with graying blond hair loosely blowing around her shoulders.

“I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting. I had another meeting that ran rather late.” She said taking Skye’s hand. “You must be Skye.” The woman said taking Skye’s hand and gently shaking it. “I am so pleased you have chosen our fine establishment.” She began.

“I didn’t choose it.” Skye muttered. “She did.” Skye added pointing to me. “If it were up too me---“ Skye started to say but I kicked her gently and she yelped. I smiled sweetly at the headmistress.

“I’m Mrs. Caroline Ruby. You may call me Mrs. Ruby. I understand you’ve had quite a strange few months. But we’re willing to put that behind us. As I am sure your Foster Parents have told you, we are not accustomed to taking students in your--- situation. However, given the generous donation---“

“You donated to this school?” Skye asked me. I shushed her.

“We’re willing to give you a try.” Mrs. Ruby said handing Skye her new school hand book and schedule. “I expect you to look over these and if you have any questions and concerns please don’t be afraid to ask. Now off you go. Elijah should be waiting outside to take you to your first class.”

Skye practically glowered and stood, picking up her book bag and stalking off through the room. I glanced at Petrus who raised an eyebrow (saying silently too me that he prayed this worked but didn’t think it would. I nodded in agreement.)

“Thank you so much for taking her in the middle of the year.” I said gathering my things. “Petrus and I appreciate the efforts you have made so much.”

“Yes well, as I said, we don’t normally do this. However----“

“Yes, yes. Money talks.” I said simply leaving the woman to gape after me. I was beginning to seriously wonder if this was the right school to put Skye in or not. The woman seemed so formal. The whole place did. Perhaps it would be better, I thought to tutor the girl myself. Or give that silly woman who insisted on staying locked up in the Volturi Library a call. Better yet, maybe I could call in a favor from Aro and have him force Anna into it. I grinned at that thought. After all Aro did owe me more than one favor. I thought. Then shook my head. No, perhaps I was simply jumping to conclusions. She could still make it. I thought watching Skye trudge behind poor Elijah.

“Wouldn’t it be something if Skye and Elijah---“ Petrus started to say but I laughed.

“About as funny as it would be having Anna come and tutor her.” I grinned.

“That would be a terrible payback.” Petrus laughed. “Though, I think it might be pure torture for Anna.”

“All the more reason to think about it.” I grinned.

“You are a wicked little bit aren’t you?” Petrus laughed shaking his head as we walked out of the school.

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