Monday, May 28, 2012

How one didn't travel in the 1860s (Nora Post)

Edward led me into the house and I dropped my suitcase onto the floor staring about myself. My mouth was probably as wide as a canyon as I took in my surroundings and just couldn’t believe how nice the house looked. It was a far cry from the first house I visited Carlisle in and even nicer than the one in Erie. I smiled up at Edward as he took my suitcase.

“Esme sure has outdone herself with this.” I said turning around and around, staring at all the art work and--- work Esme had clearly put into the house. It sure outdid even my pad in Colorado. And my home wasn’t exactly like this. I had always thought it was nice but nothing like the one Esme had made for her family. I smiled at Edward.

“What sort of house do you live in--- I mean if you live in a house---“ Bella asked putting Elizabeth down on the sofa in the family. I laughed. It was well known that most vampires didn’t live in actual houses. Or have a permanent location. My brother, Charlie and I did only because of the money we had made, gambling, stealing and bootlegging during the twenties. We had to have some place to stash all our goods. But I didn’t tell the Cullens this. Or Bella.

“I live in an old farm house; Charlie built in the 1860s before he was turned, in Colorado.” I said.

“Wait, you are from the 1860s?” A tall, honey blond haired vampire said standing suddenly by Alice’s side. This, must be Jasper. I thought and nodded. He had a southern drawl that I instantly recognized.

“Yes, that’s when I meant Carlisle was when I was on the Oregon Trail.”

“You where part of the Oregon Trail?” Bella asked staring at me and I nodded.

“Not by choice--- Well okay maybe it was. I was kinda stupid and took off on my own—“

“You traveled down the Oregon Trail by yourself, in the 1860s? What were you thinking?!!” Jasper asked me, and I shrugged.

“Charlie was the only family I had. My teachers in London told me my brother was dead, but I found a wanted poster of him folded up in a newspaper from Kansas on Mrs. Kaper’s desk. She was clearly lying to me when she told me my brother was dead. I had to go to America and find him and I was an orphan so it wasn’t like I could ask my parents permission. What would you have done?” I asked Jasper glowered at me for a moment.

“I would have done the same.” He said finally. “I cannot believe you traveled alone on the Oregon Trail and you cant have been more than what 16?”

“15.” I stated and Jasper’s mouth all but dropped. I laughed. “I had just turned 16 when I found Charlie.

“And he turned you?” Bella asked suddenly. “Did he do it when you were---- where---“

“No, I was dying of Scarlet Fever.” I said, though I had it on good accord that even if I had not been dying, Charlie most likely would have turned me anyway. I didn’t say this.

“So let me get this straight, you traveled across America looking for your brother who turned out to be a vampire by yourself on the Oregon Trail when you were 15?” Jasper asked again as if he couldn’t quite believe me. I nodded.

“Jazz.” Alice said quietly.

“Um?” Jasper responded.

“You joined the Southern Army at 17 and lied about your age. What is so different about Nora traveling alone at 15?”

“Girls just didn’t do that in the 1860s.” Jasper said. This was true.

“I didn’t exactly travel as a girl. I disguised myself as a boy.” I said with a shrug.

“But you have such long hair.” Bella said. “You didn’t cut it did you?” I shook my head. My hair was always a vanity point for me.

“No. I couldn’t do it. I tried, believe me, I tried. But I loved my hair so, I braided it and pinned it to the top of my head and found a hat.” I said smiling at Edward who laughed.

“That hat.” He said pointing to my hat and I nodded.

“So you’re from England is that where you meant Carlisle?” Bella asked trying to change the subject and I shook my head. It was a good guess, considering that Carlisle was from England.

“No, I meant Carlisle along the Oregon Trail in Oregon. I had come down with Scarlet Fever and Carlisle saved my life--- Of course I had a relapse because I didn’t listen to his advice and rest. But I just couldn’t rest when I was so close to finding my brother.”

“Oh.” Bella said looking from me to Jasper and back to me again. I smiled at her.

“Jazz, why don’t you take Nora up to the guest room so she can freshen up a bit? She must be ready to rest a bit after all those hours traveling.” Alice suddenly said squeezing Jasper’s arm. “I think you too have a lot to talk about and this will give you the chance.”

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