Monday, May 7, 2012

Visions of Carlisle? (Alice Post)

I sat in Carlisle’s office chair staring at the many paintings my father had in his office. Pieces that were so rare and priceless because they were the originals that a thief could easily make a million dollars alone in this office. But I wasn’t there to steal one of his paintings.

Instead, I was there to try and feel some kind of connection with Carlisle. Perhaps even be able to feel my father’s presence. After all his office was where Carlisle had spent the majority of his time, well that and he spent a good deal of time with Esme. With Esme and Carlisle gone, the house felt incredibly lonely.

I pulled Carlisle’s gray sweater closer around my shoulders as I sat there letting the words from Wanderer’s Nightsong slip out of the cd player. The song was gentle and quite, soothing. And I could almost sense Carlisle’s presence. Almost. He was almost in the room with me. Perhaps reading one of his many medical books.

I glanced down at my own unfinished homework opened up on top of my father’s desk and sighed. Who was I kidding? I just couldn’t concentrate long enough to finish the stupid project. And why was I even bothering? I wondered, but I knew the answer to that. It was because Carlisle would have wanted us to continue on with our lives. Finish college, keep the family tradition of blending in with the humans alive. Besides, that there was Bella and Elizabeth to think of.

I looked over at a photo of all of us together on Carlisle’s desk, and softly traced the spot where Carlisle stood, smiling…. And then I felt the world fall out from under me and go very still and quiet until I was suddenly transported to a whole different scene.

<i>Carlisle was in the same strange room he had been in my other two memories. Wearing his doctor’s coat with the same women. Rather woman. But something was new about this vision. There was a boy with him. One I had only seen once in Volterra. The boy looked rather spooked, out of place in the clean room. He turned to Carlisle saying something I couldn’t quite understand and it was then that I saw the bottle Carlisle was using to feed the new baby. The bottle was filled with blood and not milk</i> and I gasped coming back to reality.

How could that be? I wondered trying to bring the vision back. Carlisle feeding a baby with bottle of blood? In all the years I had been with Carlisle I had never seen him feed a baby with a bottle full of blood instead of milk or formula. And that boy. I had defiantly seen that boy in Volterra. A new guard member? I hadnt bothered to ask his name or anything.

I stared at the picture in my hand. Could Carlisle still be alive? I wondered putting the picture down on the desk and simply staring at it as another song came up on the cd player. This was a more modern song with a quick volin in it. I glanced over to the corner where Carlisle kept his own violin.

<I> Carlisle was one again in a room, a room that looked vaguely like the one he had in Volterra. This time with the same boy and a volin. He was teaching the boy how to play the song I was listening too…</i> That defiantly wasn’t a memory. I thought standing up rather quickly. Could that truly mean that my father was still alive? I wondered again as I began to make my way out of the office.

I was however stopped by Edward. <i> He’s still alive.</I> I said in my mind. Edward simply shook his head sadly at me.

“Alice, we saw the ashes. We could smell the smoke. He’s not alive, and as much as we would like him to be, nothing will change it.”

“But Edward, I saw him. In a vision.” I said quietly. My visions were never wrong.

“Alice, you only saw him because that’s what you wanted to see.” Edward insisted and I couldn’t help but stare at my brother. He had never questioned my visions before. Why would he question them now? There were many reasons why the Volturi would want to keep Carlisle from us after all. Couldn’t Edward see that? I wondered.

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