Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breaking the Ice (Alice Post)

Nora, had been very quiet since we pulled out of the driveway and left Forks. She hadnt said a word too me and I had to admit that I wasn’t used too that. I tried to get along with just about everyone. Even the Wolves. And to have a fellow vampire, that I was sure I was going to be friends with not talk to me--- Well it was just a little unsettling. But I had to wonder if maybe I scared her the other day. She seemed rather sensitive and sweet. Edward said she was normally about as happy go lucky as I was and he was rather worried about her. He didn’t like the idea of Nora leaving so soon. But, she had assured him that Billy would be waiting for her at the airport in Denver and she would be fine. I supposed she was still grieving for Carlisle which was very sweet that someone outside of the family cared about him as much as we did. I wished desperately that I could tell her he was alive. I had tried. Edward has shushed me. Oh, wait until I had the upper hand in this. I thought.

“What type of music do you like to listen too?” I asked finally switching on the radio to ease us out of this silence.

“Wha--?” Nora asked turning to me and I could see that her eyes were red. I sighed.

“Music, what kind of music do you listen too?” I asked again. Trying to break the ice. She whipped away a few tears.

“A little bit of everything.” Nora responded with a shrug. “ I love music from my period. Songs like Old folks at Home and Dixie. But I listen to some R&B too and classical--- Operas. I love swing. Old West songs. Charlie loves the old cowboy songs.”

“Charlie is your brother right?” I asked, and Nora nodded.

“He must be pretty special for you to travel half way across the world to go fine.”

“He is. Did you have any brothers?” Nora asked. I shook my head. I didn’t remember my family of course. I knew I had a sister. And my niece Sarah. But that was about it.

“No, I had a sister, I don’t remember---“

“Carlisle told me you where in an asylum. That must have been terrible.” Nora cut me off.

“I don’t remember it. Sometimes I wish I did remember what my life was like. However, the brain shuts things out for a reason. I think maybe someday I’ll remember--- Anyway, I’d like too meet your brother sometime. And your husband. He sounds like a fine man too.”

“Billy is the best person in the world next to Charlie.” Nora said and finally, I got a smile out of her as she touched her wedding ring.

“Did you marry before you where turned?”I asked. Nora nodded. That made sense, most vampires didn’t get married. They didn’t feel the need too. I always wondered if we were the exception.

“We were both really young. But we knew what we wanted. Besides, we couldn’t rightly travel alone together otherwise.” Nora said and sighed. “I miss Billy and Charlie.” She added.

“I understand. I get like that when Jasper and I are apart for a while.” I commented. Popping in one of Jasper’s cd. “Jasper likes some music from his period sometimes. He likes the old southern Civil War songs.”

“Oh I like these too. Mama and Papa--- used to throw parties before they were killed and there would be bands playing these songs.”

“You weren’t close to your parents were you?” I asked and Nora shook her head. “Do you like shopping?” I asked.

“I love to shop. Billy has to stop me sometimes. He says I spend far too much money. But its his fault we have the money we have.” Nora said her eyes were finally dancing.

“We’ll have time to go shopping in Seattle if you want. There is a mall I just love to go too.”

“That would be fun! I havent had a girl’s day out in a while.” Nora responded, she sounded excited and I couldn’t help but smile. That was my goal. To get her happy again. “Maybe we could see a movie too. I havent seen a movie in a while.” Nora added looking at the time. I had left well in advance just for this reason. I knew Nora needed some girl time.

“Sure that sounds like fun! And maybe some time, I can come visit you with Jasper and we can have a double date and Charlie can tag along. Does he have a mate?”

“Not yet. He does have a few on and off girlfriends. But nothing serious.” Nora giggled. It was clear the idea of her older brother dating was funny to her.

“Well maybe he can bring one of them along.” I said and laughed. This was going to be fun. It was nice to finally find someone else who loved to shop like me. Rosalie always went shopping with me of course but it wasn’t the same. And I had to practically drag Bella out of Forks to go shopping. But Nora was willing. I only wished I had more time with her. But I knew one day I would go visit her and stay with her for a while. Then we could have all the girl time we needed.

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