Monday, June 25, 2012

A Brother's Approval (Alessandra Post)

The smell of wet soil immediately hit my nose as I stepped out into the courtyard of my home and looked up at the sky. It was raining, and it had been raining for the past three days. One would think that it would never stop raining the way the skies had opened up and pour out all their tears. Creating a rather gloomy and gray world. However, the weather simply was not going to drown my for once happy mood. Today, Petrus had officially asked me to marry him and I said yes!

I had of course at felt terrible for telling Petrus I would be with him forever. There were so many things that could come into play and split us apart. The volturi--- other sources. Chelsea, my brother. But after talking it over, it was decided that perhaps if we bound ourselves together by the laws of nature and the world and vows, perhaps we could break anything the Volturi may try and come at us with. Not that I was too worried about the Volturi. I was still Aro’s pet despite the fact that I was no longer living among the Volturi. Perhaps it was better to keep it that way. Secretly begin to leave the Volturi and their cruel forces and strike it out on my own.

I had Skye now, and Petrus and Karla. I supposed I had my brother still. I may not entirely approve of him at all anymore. But he was still my brother. I had my own home… I did have my own money as well. So that wasn’t entirely an issue at all. One did know how to gain income after two thousand years. Okay, even if half of it was Aro’s. He never said I couldn’t invest it. There was really no reason why I had to go back to the Volturi. It was just all so complicated with them. But perhaps, just perhaps I could finally begin to break away.

I sat down on a rather wet stone bench in front of the fountain I had installed in the courtyard in front of the pool and gently dipped my hand into it. Moving my hand back and forth in the water, I couldn’t help but smile. I had never thought it was going to be possible to be happy as a vampire. I thought I was always going to be in this void of hell. The very idea that I could be happy at all was a pure miracle. I only wished Vestus or Alex as he now preferred to be called could be as happy as I was. I felt almost bad about it, but then, Alex had chosen his path, or rather Aro had chosen it and he had decided to go along with it. So I couldn’t feel too bad.

I fished in my jean pocket for my cell phone and decided I should call Alex and tell him the good news. I had no idea how he was going to feel about it. He had at one time been best friends with Piran. Perhaps he had forgotten Piran. I sighed as I looked at the number on my phone. And then there was the relationship I had with Alex. I wondered how he would handle my marriage? Probably not very well and decided against calling him.

“You should really learn to not think so much.” A voice said suddenly behind me and I turned to see the very person I was trying to avoid a phone call with. I always wondered how my brother could turn up when I was thinking about him the most. I shook my head. Damn him. Now I was going to have to tell him. He’d probably already seen the ring.

“And you shouldn’t sneak up on people.” I said annoyed. He pulled me into his arms and tried to kiss me but I pushed him away. “Alex.” I said softly.

“Oh please, tell me you’re still not going on about that Bible stuff.” My brother said trying to pull me back into his arms.

I shook myself out of his grasp and looked up at my brother. “No… It’s not that… It’s more---“I frowned. “I’m marrying Petrus.” I said with a shrug. Finally coming out and saying it.

“You’re what?” Alex asked a bit shocked finally releasing me.

“Marrying Petrus.” I responded again. “It would hurt him too much if he saw us--- together like that--- He doesn’t think the way we do and I--- I don’t want to lose him the way I did---“

“Piran.” Alex said simply and sighed. “I guessed I should have known you would want to marry this Petrus.”

“I thought you liked Petrus.”

“I do like him and I think its wonderful that you are so happy with him. But marriage? Really Alessandra most of our kind don’t marry.” I sighed.

“Marriage is bonding.” I said softly.

“So you think. Did you know what the amount of married couples who get divorced are?” I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, I just wanted to tell you.” I said simply and started to leave, but Alex caught my arm and swung me around gently.

“Arent you going to invite me to the wedding?”

“Depends on if you can behave yourself and approve.” I said looking up at Alex.

“You’re going to marry him with or without my approval so I might as well approve.”

“Then you can come.”I said simply. Alex sighed.

“Vestia , you are my twin sister. Do you have any idea how much you mean to me? Please don’t shut me out.” I looked up at my brother for a moment I saw the old Vestus. The brother I had loved not only as sister but in so many other ways and I gave in. I slowly let him pull me into his arms.

“I could never shut you out Vestus.” I said softly letting him kiss me gently on my head. “I could never leave you. You are the only family I have left. Mama and Papa—I just couldn’t. But oh Vestus--- You’re so different.” I looked up into my brothers and saw for a moment the eyes he once had.

“That was Aro’s doing.” He said coldly.

“And yet you still do his binding.”

“So do you.”

“Not like you.” I said.

“Can we change the subject back to your marriage? Do you have a date yet?”

“No.” I smiled finally. “Not yet. But soon. It wont be a large wedding. It may not even be a wedding at all. But there will be a small something.”

“Just to say you did it?” Alex asked and I nodded.

“Pretty much.” I smiled. I still could not believe I was going to marry Petrus.

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