Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Doing something I shouldnt be (Bella post)

“So, how are my bikes doing?” I asked as Jake opened the barn doors and the sun glittered down on said bikes. They were really nothing more than scrap metal I had picked up from the junkyard.

“Oh you know, I’ve been waiting to work on them with you.” Jake said throwing off his jacket and sitting down on the grown tinkering with one of the bikes. I sat down on a chair we had brought down from the house and put Elizabeth next to me.

“It’s so weird, you being a mom now.” Jake commented. I smiled at him than looked down at Elizabeth.

“You don’t really know what its like until you have a child.” I said smiling. “It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.”

“Wow, I thought your blood sucker was the---“

“Shut up Jake.” I said shaking my head.

“Okay, okay. Hey, I’m sorry.” Jake said seeing that I was clearly upset. I hated it when Jake called Edward and the rest of my family blood suckers. Sure they drank blood but it was animal blood. Not human blood. They didn’t hurt anyone. They weren’t like other vampires. So Jake had no right calling Edward a blood sucker in that tone.

“Anyway, what’s really going on between you and Ed—ward?” Jake asked. I blinked and stared at him for a moment. I didn’t think it was that obvious. “I mean there has to be some other reason for you wanting to be here with me more than you are at home. Besides the whole Doc business.”

“I told you, there is just some tension in the house and its making me uncomfortable.”

“Bella, you’ve rarely spent any time away from Edward since the day you meant. I know there is something going on.”Jake said. I stared at Jake and then glanced at Elizabeth. She was sleeping soundly once again. Jake knew there was something else going on. Of course he did. He knew me better than anyone else except maybe Edward.

“Carlisle’s death has caused some tension between us. That’s all.” I said. “It will pass in time. Edward’s just so upset over it. He blames himself… There isnt anything I can say to make it better. I mean I guess it would be like if Charlie or Billy where to die. How would we feel?”

“Like hell.” Jake said finally after a few minutes of silence. “You really think it will past, this tension?”

“Yeah. Edward just needs some time to deal with this.”

“Bella’s he’s pushing you aside to deal with his grief. That’s not the way to handle grief.” Jake insisted.

“Jake, everyone deals with grief differently. Edward’s known Carlisle a long time. Longer than either you or me have been alive. So it’s different for him you know? He just needs some space, and I am willing to give it to him. Besides, what are you complaining about? I’m spending time with you as a result.” I smirked. “And Edward, doesn’t know where I am. You should be happy.”

“Wait you didn’t tell him about the bikes or coming here?” Jake asked thoroughly surprised.

“Nope. He knows I bought the bikes. But he thinks I sent them back to the junkyard. Least, that’s where I was told him I was going.”

“What about Alice?”

“She’s had other things to worry about than keeping me in her visions at all time. I guess I kinda slipped through. And besides, she cant see past you. Remember?”

“Oh right.” Jake responded smirking. It was clear that he loved having one up on Edward. So I let him gloat. Besides, I was sorta, enjoying myself. Being with Jake was different from being back home. It was pleasant. Like it was before he became a wolf. Plus, for once, I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that I was doing something, I knew I shouldnt be doing. Something the Cullens would most likely frown on. But hey, Jasper had a bike. So why couldnt I?

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