Monday, June 25, 2012

Kirsten's New Wig, New Crafts and other cute things

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I know, I havent posted in a long time. However, I've been pretty busy. My siblings came last week and we went all over the place in Alaska. We did tons of sight seeing and I had loads of fun. :) I really needed that vacation and I feel much happier after it. Work seems to be going better and so does everything else. I've also started my crafts again. :) which is great because thats what I really enjoy doing. and I've started writing too.

Here are some things I've made. I had been working on a new outfit for Skye. I'm not sure I really like it. but it works.

I also added tassels to a pretty pillow I've had around for a few years now. the tassels really add a pretty texture to it. :) You cant really see the tassels but they are there.

In the 1970s they had a fade of toys called pet rocks. The rock would come in a little box that was made to look like a cage of sorts and a pamphlet of how to take care of your rock. Well, I had an idea of making a pet rock. But after researching it turns out the rock was simply that. A rock. So, after searching all over Alaska on my vacation, I decided to adopt a little rock for my own. Here it is :) Here is also a link all about pet rocks lol. Pet Rocks Link

And a few weeks ago I was looking at my little Kirsten doll. The one I've had since I was seven and realized how terrible she looked. I am honestly surprised she survived my childhood in tack at all. While browsing the American Girl website, I found that if you took baking soda and mix it with water, you can create a bit of a cleaning paste for your doll's skin. After applying the paste and letting it dry.Kirsten suddenly became clean for the first time in like 20 something years lol. Here is what she looked like after she was cleaned. 

I looked into the idea of sending Kirsten into the American Girl doll hospital. However, I didnt like the idea that if she came back, she wouldnt be my doll. She'd be brand new. Because I would totally have to replace the whole doll as there are some other things wrong with her. Then, I came up with the idea of buying a wig for her to fix her hair. As you can see I cut it when I was little lol. 

I found a wig off Esty which you can see here. The wig matched Kirsten's expect that it wasnt really as long as her original hair and its a bit wavy and curly. But I liked it so I bought it. Got within two weeks and here is Kirsten with her new hair which she just loves. :) It was much cheaper than sending my doll in too. 24 dollars for a new wig vrs 100 for a new doll. I think the wavy and curly hair adds a bit of personal style to Kirsten lol. 

And last but not least, I took my mini Maire Grace along with me on vacation. Here is a cute little picture of her with the mountains of Alaska behind her. She's on the Seward Highway right side of Anchorage. It is considered one of the most beautiful roads in America. 

Oh and I bought a new movie last weekend called Radio Rebel. Its from the disney channel and while most of the disney channel movies lately havent been on my top lists of movies. However, this one was cute. 


  1. Kirsten is so sweet! My childhood Kirsten's hair is well loved but I won't change it because it reminds me of all the fun times I had with her growing up. If you want a wig that's a closer match to her original at some point, look for Kemper Plaits. I hear it's a very close match to Kirsten and Molly's styles.