Monday, June 25, 2012

McKenna Shoots for the Stars

McKenna's New movie! 

In a few weeks, American Girl is releasing McKenna's movie! I cant wait for the movie to come out and plan on buying it the day it gets released. The date it comes out is July 3rd and On the 14th the movie is being premiered on NBC :) I loved McKenna's books when I first read them and I really want the doll. She's so cute. you can see her here. I plan on re reading the books before the movie comes out.

Also, American Girl has announced that they are releasing a new doll in September! Her name is going to be Caroline Abbott and there is some speculation that she will be from 1812! I love the Regency area and I have always wanted a regency era doll. So I cant wait for Caroline to come out. Watch out for more information. :)

You may also expect some McKenna related crafts as well as Regency era crafts most likely lol.

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