Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Dress, A New Friend (nora post)

There was a beautiful light, and airy, white lace dress with a low waist and a cute little fringed bottom in a store front in the mall Alice and I were currently shopping in. The dress was just my sized and probably something I would have worn back in the 20s. In fact, I was pretty sure I had a dress very like it from that time period. I cocked my head to the side as I steadied it. Yep, I was now fairly certain I had a dress very similar.

“Oh that’s cute!”Alice said coming up behind me with her arms full of shopping bags. I smiled at her. When had easily become friends in the last 24 hours and I was beginning to wonder if I had not meant her before some place. She seemed so familiar, yet I couldn’t pin point where I might have meant her before.

“I had one like--- or I have one like it from the 20s.” I said. I was seriously considering buying this dress. Not that I had a place to wear it too, at the moment. Charlie was laying low with his whole gang business.

“You had a dress like that in the 20s?” Alice asked and I nodded.

“We had a few speakeasies here and there. Charlie’s gang mostly ran them.” Alice’s eyes lite up suddenly.

“You owned speakeasies? That must be it! I’ve been trying to pin point where I might have meant you all day! I used to work in speakeasies around the US during that period. Before I meant Jasper and Carlisle. I would work as a fortune teller and one of the black jack tables. There was one speakeasies I was in that was owned by vampires. Of course the public never guessed, but I did. They knew I was there. “

As Alice spoke, it suddenly all clicked, the speakeasies Charlie owned in Chicago for a while. Where Al Capone among others tended to vacation once in a while. Of course we were a complete different gang and no one could really catch us at what we did. Boot Legging was fairly easy if you were a vampire. And it made sense that Alice would choose one of our speakeasies.

“Yes! It was the one in Chicago. I was singing there and you were working the blackjack table. I never really mingled with anyone at that time period. I didn’t really care for Chicago. New York was always brighter and bigger and I never understood why Charlie didn’t have an operation there. Everyone wanted an operation in New York. He said it was where people would look for him if he had one there. He always has laid rather low for a unruly wanted man…. Except when he was trying to gain my attention. I’m surprised the Volturi didn’t catch onto him.”

“That must be it! I remember now. You have such a lovely voice Nora.” Alice said beaming at me. “I knew I had meant you somewhere before. That means I do know your darling Billy and Charlie.”

“Yes! It’s such a shame we didn’t get to know one another then. I bet we would have been such good friends.” I said as we walked into the store.

“Oh I know we will. Well, we’ll just have to make up for lost time!” Alice responded. “Oh that little flower headband would be perfect with that dress.” She added pulling a darling little headband off the shelf with a white flower and lacey ribbons flowing down.

“I’ll send you a picture of me in the headband and dress when I get home!” I said smiling as I went to get the dress.

“Oh perfect!” Alice said clapping her hands.

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