Sunday, June 3, 2012

Showing Off (Alessandra Post)

“Do you think Master Aro has figured out that I am gone yet?” Karla asked as I sat down a bowl of eggs and bacon in front of her. I simply shrugged. Of course Aro had figured out she was gone, but I also knew that he would figure out that Carlisle and I were behind her escape. I didn’t really think, Aro would come after me for Karla. Not right now, not while he had the Romanians and Gods knew how many other vampires after him.

“I wouldn’t worry about it just now Karla. If he does come after you, I will deal with it.”

“But you are only one vampire.”

“Have I ever shown you my talent?” I asked placing a glass of Orange Juice in front of her.

“No.” Karla responded taking a sip of the orange juice and looking rather confused.

“Do you know why Aro collects vampires for the Volturi?”

“To rule the vampire world.”

“Correct. But what kind of vampires does Aro like?”


“Ones with talent.” Petrus said coming into the kitchen and lighting a lilac candle that sat in the middle of the table without needing a match or a lighter. He smiled wickedly at me as he kissed me.

“How--- did---“

“Petrus can control fire.” I said simply as Petrus lifted the small flame from the candle into the air and made the fire dance into small pictures, a rose, than a lilac, than a deer and gently landed it back down onto the candle wick. Karla’s eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Show her your talent, Alessandra.” Skye said crunching down on a piece of toast and dropping her book bag onto the floor with a bang next to the table. I raised an eyebrow. I wasn’t one to normally show off my so called gifts. It was after all how I became a vampire--- how everything happened to me. In the end I sighed and looked at Petrus and then over at Karla.

“Go on.” Petrus said with a grin.

“She can move objects with her mind. Its really sick.” Skye said.

“Sick?” Karla asked. Not understanding the slang. I grinned at Skye who smiled back at me.

“Cool.” Skye responded.

“Oh. I dunno, that bit with the fire was interesting.”

I slowly lifted Skye’s book bag up off the ground, and then let the books slide out of it one by one and dance around in the air before letting them crash. I could do more of course, but I wasn’t one for showing off. That was Petrus’ job.

“Oh come on you can do better than that.” Skye said. I frowned at her.

“She’s right.”Petrus pushed.

“If I had a talent like Alessandra’s I would be showing it off all the time. Did she tell you she was born with it? It wasn’t something she found out as a vampire. She could do things like that as a human too.” Skye pronounced and I glared at her. “What, you could!”

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