Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Vampire Problem (Rebecca Twilight Post)

Even though, it was in the middle of the day, Boston was as dark as night due to the cloudy skies and rain that seemed to sink into everything making it as wet as the ocean. I splashed through the sidewalks with my parasol umbrella and couldn’t help but watch the corners and alleys, any dark and gloomy place for the man Piper and I had seen in the corner at the coffee shop.

“Becky, he’s obviously gone.” Piper said stopping to buy another coffee. “What?” She asked when I gave her a looked that I hope said seriously? How many coffees do you need? “I’m cold.”

“There is such a thing as hot chocolate too you know.” I said ordering one for myself. “And I don’t think he’s gone.” I added because I knew the vampires. I knew he wasn’t gone but most likely lurking about some place watching me from his secret spot. I thought I saw a movement on the rooftops in front of me and glanced up. Whatever it was was gone the moment I tried to make eye contact. Yes, he was watching me. I thought looking back at Piper.

“Really, Becky I bet he is still at the coffee shop.” Piper insisted as we made our way home through Boston and I shook my head. We had left Tyler and Noah at the college and continued on our way.

“Piper don’t you know anything about my family by now?” I asked shaking my head. It was common knowledge that every few hundred years someone in my family went missing due to a certain vampire. No one knew his name. No one knew what happened to the person who went missing. However, one thing was certain. It was the same vampire who had created the troubles for my Grandparents back in the 1630s.

“So do you think he turns them or something?” Piper asked changing the subject. I shook my head.

“No, I don’t think he does. I think he tries to turn them but ends up killing them. Or something. No one in my family would ever---“ At least I didn’t think anyone would ever allow themselves to be turned into a vampire. That would be the worst way to insult the Owens in the world. But then, how do you explain the missing bodies? Were vampires really so good at hiding them? I wondered.

“Uh-uh. You aren’t sure.” Piper said shaking her head pushing the screen opened to the very home Emma and Patrick Owens built all those years ago. I looked at her for a moment and then sighed.

“Okay, you are right, I don’t know.”

“Rebecca, what happened?” Dad asked the instant I walked in the door. “I saw something--- Vague--- I came home straight away from work. Oh, hello Piper.” He added as an afterthought. Dad was so used to Piper being at my side that she was almost part of the family. Her families’ secrets were ours and so forth.

“I saw him. “ I said softly, staring at my dad, and taking a deep breath. I hadn’t realized until I got home that I was shaking. “I saw one Dad.” I whispered.

“Are you sure?” My father asked and I nodded my head. Vampires were easy to spot if you knew what you were looking for.

“Yes Dad. Piper saw him first. I think he followed us home. I tried to take a different route and I tried to elude him. But---“

“Vampires are fast.” Dad said and I nodded. He sighed. “We knew this day was coming sooner or later.” He sat down on a leather recliner in the living room.

“What should I do Dad? I mean I cant just stop life because a vampire is following me.”

“No, no. that wouldn’t be wise. Let’s pretend as if we don’t know they’re and see where that gets us okay?” Dad suggested and I shook my head. That wasn’t a good idea either. He knew we knew about him.

“Dad I think he knows.” I said. “He made eye contact with me at the coffee shop.”

“That makes things a bit more difficult. I guess the only thing we can do is too keep going about our daily lives.”

“You mean just let whatever is supposed to happen, happen?” I asked sitting down on the sofa across from my dad.

“Not exactly. We’ll watch him. I am sure he is watching us. This will be a perfect time to watch him. Perhaps we can still win this.”

“Maybe…” I said looking over at Piper who simply shrugged. I seriously didn’t like my Dad’s approached to the whole matter. A Vampire was following me and who knew how long he had been watching me. My dad said to simply wait and watching him. But I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. I frowned. I had to think of something. I was not going to be turned or killed if I could help it. I had far too much to do as a human to get turned and far too much to do to get killed.

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