Sunday, June 3, 2012

Visions of a special visitor (Alice Post)

I could see my father for all purposes and such running through the snow and reaching the Denali National Park. His clothes were in a terrible disarray and he looked almost like a school boy as he practically leaped across the Denali Tundra towards Esme. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw him reach the Denali’s home and the shocked looks on our cousins’ faces as he walked into their house. No one believed me that Carlisle was alive. But soon, soon (I had to remind myself) He would present himself to our close friends and then my family.

I gave Nora a hug as she left through security at the Seattle Airport and then made my way home thinking how wonderful it was going to be to have everyone in Denali for Christmas. I decided to call Esme. Carlisle would be there on Tuesday at exactly 2pm and she had to know to answer the door and look her best. Besides, I missed her.

“Alice! How are you?” Esme asked answering her phone within only a few rings. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh, I am fairly well.” I replied. The truth was that I was above fairly well, but of course I couldn’t tell Esme that. She wouldn’t believe me anymore than Jasper and Edward had. “I just dropped Nora off at the airport. She is flying home to Charlie and Billy.”

“Yes she called and told me. She is such a sweet thing.”

“Did you know that apparently we had meant before? I had quite forgotten. But Charlie owned a speakeasy in Chicago that I worked at and Nora was there! We’ve become great friends!” I said happily.

“Well, you two are very similar in personality.” Esme laughed not sounding the least bit surprised.

“Anyway, I called to tell you that you need to answer the door at 2pm on Tuesday and wear something nice! Someone special is coming to pay a visit. I’ve sent a box up to Denali for that special person too. It should be there by then. Make sure they get it!”

“Someone special? Another friend then?” Esme asked. I grinned. If only she knew. I thought, wishing I could tell her.

“Oh something like that. Trust me; you’ll want to look nice. And make time for some alone time. It’ll be special.” I said. “Oh, and we’ll all be together for Christmas! So please make sure and tell Tanya and the others to expect us.”

“Oh that would be nice, a family gathering for Christmas.” Esme said.

“It’ll be extra special this way. I cant wait to see you again Esme. Okay, I better go! I’ll see you in a few days!” I said hanging up with Esme. Oh I couldn’t wait to see Carlisle. I thought happily. When Carlisle did finally reach Esme, I would have the upper hand in everything of course! I could finally say to Edward and Jasper that I told them so. And then we could call Nora and tell her the good news. Or perhaps Carlisle could. The poor dear seemed so upset. She at least had the right to know he was still alive. I thought.

(Written with ideas from Carlisle)

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