Monday, July 23, 2012

A Failed Seance (Rebecca Post)

After setting up my altar, I quietly set up the circle, and then, laid out my Aunt’s diaries, her letters and other things that belonged to her. I had never tried contacting a spirit before. But I was sure it couldn’t be that hard. After all, my Mom and Dad had done it lots of times. Or so they said. I pulled out my Spirit Board. The ancient one my family had for years. Okay for hundreds of years but that was beside the point and then, I turned down the lights and sat down. Mom had always said the best way to contact a certain person was to go to their grave. But that wasn’t available. There was no grave site to Aunt Rebecca’s remains. The family had never properly buried her because while she was considered dead, they did not want to think of her as dead. She was still simply missing to them. Even 60 years later.

I gently closed my eyes as I sat down in front of the spirit board and concentrated as hard as I could on the image of my aunt’s sweet, innocent, face. Then, I opened my eyes to stare at the photo I had of her from my Grandmother. It was always eerie to me to see my Aunt Rebecca’s photos because we looked so much alike. It was almost as if I was the twin she was meant to have. Even Nana said so.

“Aunt Rebecca, are you here?” I asked the room, and then placed my hands on the moving piece. Nothing happened at all. That was strange. I asked the question again. Still nothing happened. I frowned. This was very weird. Normally when I played with the board, even alone I got an answer. But this time there was nothing there at all. Had I missed something in Aunt Rebecca’s letters and journals? I wondered. Of course I had only read a few of her dairy pages. But I was so sure she was dead.

I tried again. “Aunt Rebecca, if you are in the room, please tell me.” I said again to the room. But yet again there was no answer. I sighed. It was obvious she either wasn’t here or wasn’t dead. But if she wasn’t dead than where was she? I wondered and if she wasn’t still here, was she in heaven or whatever place it was that we went too after death?

I slowly decided to close the circle and retrace my steps. I put the spirit board away and blew the candles out. Then, I picked up one of my aunt’s journals. It couldn’t be that she was turned could it? I wondered making my way over to the window where Riston was still staring up at me. And I could swear this time, there was another shadow standing under the tree. Someone else was with him, but that person was hidden behind the shadows and the tree. I frowned. Aunt Rebecca? I wondered and made my way down the stairs.

I slowly plopped myself down on the sofa which was sitting in front of a window that was right in front of the tree to get a better look. But by the time, I had come down stairs, Riston appeared to be gone as did whoever was with him. It was almost as if he knew I was coming down stairs to check him out. He had never disappeared from sight before. I wondered not for the first time, why Riston had picked me. But it was pretty clear.

Riston had chosen me out of this generation because I had the most power and I was the one who looked Rebecca. Nana said he had been obsessed with Aunt Rebecca. To the point where the family had nearly moved to keep her safe. In fact, they had been in talks of moving. But it never happened. After Rebecca disappeared, they had decided to stay where they were in case she came back. But what if she had come back. What if she came back something different? I looked up at the ceiling. My Nana was hiding something. I wondered what it was.

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