Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another Family Secret (Becky Post Twilight)

“He’s just standing there, staring up at my room Nana.” I said over the phone. “Isnt there anything I can do? We have all this power. Can’t we hex him or something?”

“Sure you can hex him, but he’ll just come back. When Riston wants something sweetheart, he gets it no matter what the consequences.”

“Well, he cant have me !”I said thoroughly annoyed now. My father had said to just let things happen. My mother, had sided with my father. Saying we couldn’t let ourselves be known. It was against our teachings and besides. It was highly unlikely Riston would come for me. But he was still there. I could feel his eyes watching me wherever I went and it was unnerving. I don’t know why he just didn’t confront me. Maybe he was waiting for me to confront him. But I wasn’t going to give him that.

I flipped through the book of shadows again, even though I knew there was nothing in it. Oh there were spells to make a person vanish, there were spells to harm a person. But I didn’t know if I wanted to get into that type of magic. I liked to call myself a white witch. Or rather a good witch I guessed.

“Nana what should I do? Surely you arent going to tell me what Dad and Mom have been saying.” I said sitting down in my comfy blue chair frowning down at Riston.

“No. No I am not going to tell you to let the events simply unfold. Nor am I going to tell you not to do something. Becky. How would you like to come up to my room?” Nana asked. She lived in the same house I did, of course. Nana still liked to be in control of the house even though it was technically now Dad’s.

“Sure.”I said pounding up to the third floor of the house where the Master Bedroom technically was. I opened the door and plopped myself down next to Nana.

“Do you remember the story of your Aunt Rebecca?” Nana asked pulling out a picture of her sister. We could have been twins had she still been alive. Of course, it wasn’t the first time I had seen that picture. I nodded.

“She disappeared when she was my age.” I said. It was a dreadfully sad story. Aunt Rebecca’s gifts were very strong by the time she was 18. The story goes that Riston found her and started to stalk her. The same way he was doing with me. She went out with some friends to go dancing one night and never came home. The family even offered a reward. But no one ever saw her again. Of course there were rumors that Aunt Rebecca was last seen with a tall, pale young man with the same color eyes and hair as Riston had. We could only guess what happened.

“I think, it is time I gave you these.” Nana said pulling out an old hat box from her closet and opening it to reveal several journals, including, Rebecca’s spell book. I stared at them. There were scraps of fabric from Rebecca’s clothing and a scotty dog pin. I shook my head. I couldn’t take my Nana’s sister’s things.

“No Nana. I cant take her things. They’re all you have left of her.” I said. Nana and Rebecca had always been close. It broke Nana’s heart when Rebecca went missing. It was always something no one in the family talked about and everyone tried to keep a secret for Nana’s sake. Of course there were still people who remembered Aunt Rebecca. But no one ever talked about her.

“I want you to have them. They may help you deal with Riston. And Becky. Not everything is always as it seems.” Nana said gently touching my cheek with her hand.

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