Monday, July 23, 2012

Big or Little Wedding (Alessandra post)

“What ya doing?” Petrus asked plopping down on the floor next to where I sat with a notebook and some good old fashion Italian music. It was mostly folk music. The kind that Skye would simply roll her eyes over and say in her own little way, ”that’s not music, Alessandra, its like nails clawing on chalkboards.” But of course I didn’t care.

“I’m trying to decide if we should have a wedding or not.” I said softly the music gently soothing my nerves. I didn’t know why I was so nervous about marrying Petrus. There was nothing that could get in the way of our happiness. Except maybe Aro.

“I’m game for whatever you want to do Alessandra.” Petrus said. “You know that right?” I nodded my head. I did know that. His soul purpose it seemed was to make me happy. What other vampire would become a vegetarian for their mate. Well besides Jasper that is.

“Do most people get married in a big wedding these days?” I asked.

“Not always. Some do, some don’t I guess it depends on their preferences. I had friends who eloped.”

“Is that easier?” I asked. Not that I wanted to take the easy way out. I just didn’t think I wanted a big wedding. Besides, it wasn’t like I had a lot friends anyway. Petrus laughed.

“Much easier. All you do is go down to the courthouse and get your license.” Petrus explained. If that was all you had to do, perhaps it would be better to go that route. I thought. It would save me the trouble of trying to put together a wedding alone If my mother were still alive, I would have had a big wedding. Well if she was still alive I probably wouldn’t have been in the state I was. My parents had made me a Vestal Priestess for the soul purpose of keeping me a virgin. Not that it worked.

“Is that the way you want to go?” I asked looking up into Petru’s eyes. He shrugged.

“Like I said, whatever you want.”

I sighed, why did I have to get a finance who was so easy going? I was so used to fighting with everyone to get what I wanted. I certainly wasn’t used to being told I could have what I wanted. Well maybe that wasn’t always true. I did try to get what I wanted. Certainly I tried to get what I wanted from Aro. But everyone else? Most people just didn’t give a damn.

“I think we should get married the easy way.” I said smiling up at Petrus.

“The easy way it is then! When do you want to do it?”

“Tomorrow?” I asked.

“Sure!” He said. “Tomorrow is great! Should we call anyone?”

“Nah. We can surprise them.” I smiled. “We wont even tell Skye or Karla.”

“Alright.” Petrus said gently kissing me. “Did I ever tell I love you more with each day?” He asked and I grinned.

“Every day.” I said softly allowing him to take me into his arms.

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