Monday, July 23, 2012

Debussy (Bella Post Twilight)

I couldn’t help but stare at Edward for a moment after our hands had accidently touched. I had felt a strange electric shock run through me. Almost as if we were always meant to be together. And there was another thing. His hands were cold. Not the normal cold that a person got when they were cold, but a different cold. And they were hard. His skin was hard as rock. It was almost as if I was touching a dead person’s skin and I shuddered. I wondered if he noticed. If he did, he wasn’t saying so.

As the gentle sound of Clair de lune came on I couldn’t help but relax a little. I had always loved this piece and it shocked me a little to find that Edward liked it too.

“Clair de lune is great.” I said softly Edward stared at me for a moment as if he couldn’t quite believe I knew the song.

“You know of Debussy?” He asked. I nodded.

“Renee--- My mom likes Debussy. I grew up with classical music. Debussy, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi. They’re all great.”

“I didn’t think anyone from our generation liked Debussy but me.” Edward said slightly bemused. “Most kids like pop or rock or R&B, not classical.”

“I guess I’m not most kids.” I said shrugging.

“Neither am I.”Edward responded. No, he defiantly wasn’t like most kids our age and I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what he was. “So, what do you want to do in Seattle?” Edward asked, changing the subject completely.

“I want to go shopping.” I said which was completely new for me and was probably why Charlie wondered about it. I hated to shop. But, I did need some things that Forks didn’t offer. Like new clothes and books and cds.

“Alright so the mall and then out to eat?” Edward asked turning into Seattle.

“Sure that sounds great. Italian?” I asked. Edward nodded. I loved Italian. Especially vegetarian ravioli.

“ Italian sounds good.” Edward said with an odd expression on his face. I wondered briefly what he was thinking about and then sighed slightly.

“We can get something else if you prefer.” I said wondering if maybe Edward wasn’t partial to Italian.

“No, Italian sounds good.” Edward said again with that expression. If he didn’t like Italian he wasn’t saying. I shrugged, deciding to let it go.

“So what kind of shopping do you want to do while we’re here?” I asked. Did Edward even like to shop? I wondered.

“ Alice normally goes with me when I go shopping. She has a sense for fashion. However, there are a few places I do like to go. Maybe I will take you there.” Edward responded a smirk once again on his face.

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