Saturday, July 14, 2012

Great Expectations (Bella post Twilight)

The library at Forks wasn’t exactly the best library in the world. In fact it was pretty small. The selections were limited and there were hardly any new books at all. Just the best sellers which was fine if you liked that type of stuff. But I didn’t. I preferred things like Jane Austen wrote or Charlotte Bronte. I searched the fiction section looking for anything along those lines and all I found was Great Expectations by Dickens and a few Austen works. Mostly her famous ones. Withering Heights was checked out. So I decided to go for Great Expectations. I’d read it once, and I figured I might as well read it again. 

I give Pirrip as my father’s family name, on the authority of his tombstone and my sister,- Mrs. Joe Gargery, who married the blacksmith…. I sank down into the nice comfy chair at the library as I began to read the book, and I didn’t even notice Mike Newton was standing in front of me until he waved his hand in front of my book. I scowled at him. 

“Mike!” I whined. Pip had just about had his throat cut off by the convict who would later become Pip’s benefactor. When Mike decided to interrupt me so rudely.

“Sorry, but you didn’t seem to hear anything I said.” Mike said as I took the earbuds out of my ears. Of course I hadnt heard anything he was saying. I thought rolling my eyes. Ever since the almost accident, people had started to try and be around me all the time. Like they were afraid I was going to break. And Tyler was worst than ever. Constantly telling me how he would make it up to me. It was rather annoying. 

“Sorry, I guess I just got wrapped up in the book.” I said, trying to make it sound like I was actually sorry. When I wasn’t. I looked longly back at the book. I knew Pip was going to live through his meeting with the convict. But I still wanted to read it. 
“Anyway--- I was asking you---- If you--- wanted to go to prom with me.” Mike said rather fast and in a nervous voice. Prom?! I had forgotten all about Prom with the accident and everything. Prom meant dancing. Dancing meant me falling on my ass and making an idiot out of myself. Yeah that wasn’t such a good idea. I needed an excuse not to go and I had wanted to go to Seattle to go shopping. I had more money than I was used too with Charlie buying me the truck. Not that the truck didn’t cost me money. It was a big gas hog. 

Besides, I had thought that Mike was going to ask Jessica. She really wanted to go with him and they made a cute couple. I knew she would be upset if Mike chose me over her. Though she probably guessed this was the case already.

“Dances arent really my thing. Besides, I’m going to Seattle that weekend.” I said trying to make it sound nice. 

“Oh. Cant you--- Cant you go another weekend?” Mike asked. I shook my head.

“Nope, sorry. That’s the only one I can go. Besides, you should ask Jessica. I know she wants to go with you.” I assured him. 

“Yeah? Yeah maybe I will. You arent going with someone else are you?” Mike asked and I shook my head. 

“No, Mike. I would tell you if I was. Besides, like I said. I’m going to Seattle.” I looked Longley back at Great Expectations. 

“Okay.” Mike said hanging his head. “I guess I’ll go find Jessica.” He muttered pulling out his cell phone. As he left, I noticed Edward Cullen standing in the row where had I had found Great Expectations. He glanced over at me and smirked. As if he had some secret. Than for the first time in weeks actually walked over to where I sat. 

“Great Expectations? You read the classics?” Edward asked. I nodded. 

“I just love how tragic Miss Havisham is.” I said sympathetically. 

“The old wealthy spencer woman? Really? I would have guessed you may have preferred Estella.” I shook my head confused. Why was Edward Cullen suddenly talking to me? He had certainly done his best to avoid me the past several weeks since the accident. And Estella was my least favorite character in the whole book. I supposed it was because she seemed too cold hearted and besides. She was awful to Pip. 

“She’s terrible to Pip.” I said. Poor Pip who was madly in love with Estella only to have her turn him away at first. And yet, in the end she did realize that she was also in love with him I loved stories like that.

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