Monday, July 16, 2012

Needing an Escort (Bella Post Twilight )

“Hey Dad.” I said popping a can of beer down in front of Charlie as he cleaned his guns. Charlie blinked and looked at me. I had rarely given him a can of beer even though I knew he liked the stuff. I myself, wasn’t a fan of beer.

“Okay, what do you want?” Charlie asked. I grinned. Renee would have just taken the beer without asking what I wanted at all.

“Edward Cullen is taking me to Seattle.” I said.

“Edward—Wha—What?” Charlie asked now staring at me in disbelief. “I thought you didn’t have any boyfriends.”

“He’s not a--- boyfriend in that sense.” I said, while mentally thinking the yet word. I wasn’t really sure what Edward was to me at the moment. A guy from school I really liked? Okay he saved my life. So that had to account for something. Of course, Tyler continued to say how sorry he was and that was still really annoying. So I still didn’t know why I was letting Edward Cullen of all people take me to Seattle.

“So he’s just a friend then? And he’s taking you to Seattle?”

“Yeah, he said his car had better gas mileage.” I said. I didn’t mention that I was going to Seattle to avoid a dance at school. Charlie would have wanted me to go to the dance instead.

“And he’s just a friend?” Charlie asked again. I nodded feebly.

“He’s outside. He kinda wanted to meet you. You know formally.” I said. Charlie blanked.

“Alright, send him in.” Charlie said. I looked at Charlie for a moment and frowned. He didn’t look like he was going to be very nice to Edward.

“Hey, Dad could be nice please?” I asked. Charlie rolled his eyes. And I took that as a cue to bring Edward in.

“ Hello Chief Swan, I’m Edward Cullen. I wanted to formally introduce myself.” Edward said smiling at Charlie as he shook my Dad’s hand.

“So whats this about you taking Bella to Seattle?”Charlie instantly asked.

“I did not like the idea of Bella driving to Seattle with that truck of her’s. It does not have very good gas mileage in it. Plus, Seattle is not exactly a safe city to wander around alone.” Edward exclaimed and I glared at him. I could take care of myself. Phoenix was twice the size of Seattle. Of course I didn’t remind my dad or Edward this.

“I didn’t like the idea Bella going to Seattle either by herself as a matter of fact. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to let you take her.” Charlie said and I beamed at Edward. “Just keep your cell phone on you Bells. I’m only a call away. And here. Take this.” Charlie said in my ear and trying to discreetly hand me a thing of Pepper Spray. I stared at Charlie. I hoped he didn’t actually expect me to use it.

“Thanks Dad.” I said.

“I’ll have her back before ten.” Edward said as he ushered me out the door.

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