Monday, July 23, 2012

Party plans and Girl Time (Bella Post Twilight)

Somehow, Jessica and Angela had managed to drag me out of my house and down to the dinner in Forks without Edward or Elizabeth. It felt weird being out of the house and away from the world I had immerged myself into. My normal human friends had no idea that wear wolves and vampires existed. To them the world moved smoothly around. When I told them that the Cullens had moved to New Hampshire none of them seemed too terribly surprised, which kinda surprised me in returned. I had thought they would be.

“They never really did belong here. I mean they’re too rich for our little town.” Jessica said.

“Whats that supposed to mean?” I asked frowning into my veggie burger. I had always known Jess was insanely jealous of the Cullens. Well mostly me, because I got Edward and she had always sorda wanted Edward. But Edward had never seen anything in Jess at all. Not the way he had in me.

“You know, I mean they always have the best of everything because Dr. Cullen is so rich. Hey, you should throw a party. I mean no one else is home right?” A party? Really Jess? I thought shaking my head. That was the last thing I wanted to do.

“Yeah, I don’t think a party is a good idea. I mean its still not our house.” I said.

“But it is while the Cullens are gone. I mean you and Edward are living there right?”

“Well yeah but---“

“I think a party is a good idea.” Angela said. Since when did Angela agree with Jess? I wondered for a moment taking a bite out of my sandwich and a fry. “Plus I want to meet Elizabeth. You know you still have brought her over for us.”

“Yeah, whats up with that? Most people show off their babies to their friends you know?” Jess asked. She was really starting to get on my nerves.

“I guess I havent had time. I mean everything’s all kinda happened at once.” I didn’t mention to them that I had been kidnapped by vampires and turned into one myself a few months prior to all this. Of course, I really didn’t remember much about that. Edward thinks its because, I didn’t remember who I was during that episode.

“Come on Bella, I’ll help you plan the party. And we get a bunch of people together. I’m sure Dr. and Mrs. Cullen wont mine. They are letting you stay in their house after all.” Angela pressed. I sighed. I really didn’t want a party. Parties were more Alice’s thing.

“What about just a sleepover? With you guys and Eric and Mike?” I asked. Just a small party wouldn’t be so bad. Besides, it might be fun.

“Sure, and you can invite that Jacob guy too.” Jess said and I cringed, at Jake’s name, slightly. If I invited Jacob I’d have to invite the whole pack and then it wouldn’t be a small party.

“Yeah, he seems nice.” Angela said.

“I’ll talk to Edward about it, I guess.” I said. I still didn’t want a big party and I was trying to think of a way to invite Jacob without inviting Sam and the others. But in the end, I knew that I’d have to invite the others if I did invite Jacob. I couldn’t just not invite them. They’d pretty much know about it the minute I said something to Jake. Somehow, my small party idea just got a lot bigger. Where was Alice when I needed her?

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