Sunday, July 1, 2012

Red Yellow Green Red Blue Blue Blue (Rebecca Post Twilight

I sat hidden in my favorite corner on our roof staring out into the woods behind my house. We lived in a secluded area of Boston, just outside of the city. The ocean was near enough that you could easily smell it when the wind blew and the woods were right behind the house to give it a rather eerie feeling but I always had the feeling that my ancestors who built the house, wanted that eerie feeling. It was also the perfect place to do gatherings and what knots. The type of things that people like me did.

My Dad’s words kept racing through my mind as I flipped through my families’ ancient Book of Shadows A book of Shadows was a witches’ spell book or a book that had all kinds of information about the witch and their spells and incantations. It was the book we lived by and sometimes the book held other information in it too. Information on things that weren’t supposed to be real. Things like Vampires.

I glanced down at a big old Apple tree that had been in front of my house as long as the house itself stood and was not surprised at all to see Riston standing, hidden behind the tree. Stupid vampire. I thought shaking my head. I was not going to let him drink my blood let alone turn me. I had continued to skim through the book. Hoping for something to go on. I knew certain things about vampires of course. Like they couldn’t go out in the sun. Though, I didn’t know why. I also knew they were unbelievably fast, some had strange talents and there was a ruling family. We didn’t know anything about this ruling family at all. Other than they seemed too collect humans like my family and turn them into vampires. We also knew that vampires were not easily killed. So that created a big problem for me. I couldn’t simply make Riston vanish. He had the upper hand in everything it seemed. Yet my family had always managed to elude him. There were a few of us who had been killed by him. Or a few of us who had simply disappeared. Like my Nanna’s sister Rebecca whom I was named after.

And that was always a questionable thing. Had Aunt Rebecca really been killed by Riston, or had he turned her? And if he did turn her, how could she let him do such a thing to her? Or maybe she didn’t have a choice in the matter. I thought frowning back down at my stalker. He tipped his hat at me and I kicked a stone that was sitting near my foot at him. Of course the stone didn’t make it very far and I concentrated on it, making the object smack him in the head. He yelped and I grinned. Hah! Served him right. I thought climbing back into my bed room window.

I glanced out the window as I shut it and found Riston was now staring after me. I shut the shades and found one of my old Disney records. Something I thought may annoy Riston. I turned it on to the Spectrum Song with Professor Ludwig Von Drake, then I cranked up the volume. No one was home anyway. No one but me Nissy my black cat.

Nissy meowed at me when I turned the song on and sat near the record moving her tail back and forth to the beat with the song. She dearly loved the song and I put the Book of Shadows down on my dresser. Perhaps, if I annoyed Riston enough he would leave me alone. I thought peeking out the window. But he was still there. So I opened the window and played the song again. It was one of those songs that could totally be annoying yet catchy at the same time. Something you liked when you were five, and discovered when you got older and loved just as much. I wondered what a vampire like Riston would think of it. I giggled.

Red, yellow, green, red, blue blue blue
Red, purple, green, yellow, orange, red red
Red, yellow, green, red, blue blue blue
Red, purple, green, yellow, orange, red red….

I moved the needle back to the beginning of the Red, yellow, green, red, blue blue blue part and kept playing that over and over and over again. My kitty looked over at me like come on Lady move on with the song and I giggled. Well, perhaps if I bothered Nissy enough, I bothered Riston. I looked down at the apple tree and sure enough, he looked slightly annoyed but had an amused look on his face at the same. I sighed. Was he ever going to leave me alone? I wondered.

(Rebecca's Spectrum Song

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