Monday, August 6, 2012

The Arrival of the Wolves (Bella Post)

“You’re other quest just got here.” Edward whispered into my ear and I nodded, standing up.

“Where are you going?” Angela asked me.

“The Quileute’s are here.” I smiled.

“Oh does that mean you invited your friend Jacob?” Angela asked and I nodded.

“Yep, and where Jacob goes, Embry and Quill and Seth normally are sure to show up.”

“Are they hot?” Jess asked much to Mike’s dismay.

“Um---“ I never really thought of the Wolves as Hot. But I supposed they weren’t bad looking. At least, I knew Jacob was rather handsome in his own right. He was nothing like Edward of course. But then, Edward was a vampire. Jacob was only well--- he was half human I supposed.

“That means yes.” I heard Jess say to Angela who shook her head. She clearly wasn’t interested in the Quileute’s like that and neither should Jess be. Not with Mike here. If Mike had heard Jess, he pretended like he didn’t.

I went to open the door and was suddenly embraced by three hugs. I laughed, and nudged Quill.

“Jacob can’t seem to shut up about you and Elizabeth. How come you never come out and visit us anymore?” Quill whined, nudging me gently back.

“I’ve been busy.” I said with a grin at Jacob. Jacob smiled back at me, and then glanced at Edward. I hoped Edward hadn’t read any thoughts that said anything about the bikes and my visits to Jacob with Elizabeth. Then again, what did I care if they did? I was legally an adult and just because I was married didn’t mean I couldn’t spend time with my best friend. Besides, it was good for Elizabeth to be around people other than vampires. Even if they were wolves.

“Seth, it’s good to see you, I see Leah didn’t come.”

“Nah, well, you know how she is.” Seth answered and we both grinned. I glanced back at my friends from school and at Edward and couldn’t help but smile. The only thing missing were Rosalie, Alice, Jasper and Emmett and Esme and Carlisle. Then everything would be complete. Well almost. Alice would have had an over the top party but mine was just normal.

“Hey guys, I’d like you to meet, Jacob, Seth, Quill and Embry.” I said pointing to each one. “And that’s Jessica, Angela, Mike and Eric.”

“Nice to meet you guys.” Quill said. “Finally I can put names to faces. Bella’s told us about you guys.”

“Really?” Jess said.

“Jess, he didn’t say it was good things.” Mike put in and I laughed.

“Come on guys, you think I would say bad things about you?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that.” Mike said smiling at me.

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