Monday, August 6, 2012

The first guest arrive (Bella post Twilight)

I hated parties; I hated any formal event that made me the center of attention. But, Angela and Jess were right; this was something that I should do. Besides, like I had told Edward, everyone had parties when the Rents were gone. So, it was a rite of passage I needed to experience, even if it was a bit beneath my mature nature.

“Do you have the movie we rented?” I asked looking at Edward. He nodded.

“Right here!” Edward said holding up Race to Witch Mountain. I thought it was one everyone might like. And as far as I could tell no one had seen the recent remake. We had a few other movies too in case that one made the No list. Besides, if we didn’t watch it tonight, I could watch it later. We had it for three nights.

The doorbell rang and Edward was at the door within seconds, opening it for Angela and Eric. Of course they would be the first to arrive. Angela walked in carrying cookies, and Eric had a few treats of his own.

“Hey Angela.” I said giving my friend a hug.

“Wow, its so weird being here without your family here.” Angela said looking at Edward.

“Is it weird not having Dr. And Mrs. Cullen around?” Eric asked. “Wish my parents would leave Angela and I the house for a weekend. That would be awesome!”

“Yeah, like that will happen.” Angela laughed. “So is Jacob coming?” She asked and I couldn’t help but cringe.

“Yeah Jacob and some of his friends are coming. You’ll like them don’t worry.” I said with a side glance to Edward who grimaced. He wasn’t too thrilled with the Quileute’s coming, I could tell. But I couldn’t just invite Jacob and not invite the rest. I still wondered if Leah and Seth were coming. They were the only ones I hadn’t heard from.

“ Awesome! The more the merrier. Oooh is this Elizabeth?” Angela asked as she noticed my daughter rolling around on the floor. I nodded.

“Yep.” I said picking Elizabeth up.

“Oh she’s adorable. And she looks like you. May I?” Angela asked holding out her arms and I let her take Elizabeth.

“She’s so cute.” Eric said. “Whats it like being a Dad?”

“The most wonderful thing next to being a husband.” Edward said grinning, while our daughter played with Angela’s hair and gurgled some kind of baby talk.

“She likes you.” I said.

“Most people do.” Angela said laughing. “I cant wait to have one of my own. “ She added looking over at Eric who grimaced.

“Lets get through college first.” Eric said.

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