Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Caroline has arrived!

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And now ladies and gentlemen it is time for Joanna to actually write a post! Do I hear thunderous applause's  Yep! So on we go!

First of all, I have to show everyone a very cute little craft I found at Target several weeks ago. It is an American Girl one of course but oh so cute. Did I mention that Target is now carrying American Girl crafts? Oh happy day!

The little bear and big bear are so cute and the craft kit comes with everything you need including instructions. I had to make these. I bought two more of these little craft kits and will be posting pictures as soon as I make them :)

Oh and I finally tried the recipe from Amelia's Vanilla Cakes from A Girl for all time. The cakes were really yummy.

 Here is the link for these yummy cupcakes.

And finally, I got a whole bunch of stuff from American Girl the other day. They had free shipping a few weeks ago and I managed to use that to get Caroline. Along with two extra books, Caroline's holiday outfit. Molly's saddle shoes and the sparkly hair pick to go with Caroline. Caroline is such a sweet little doll. I also got her accessories. And I love all of the things i got. Especially the spinning top that comes with Caroline and of course the doll herself.

Isnt Caroline so sweet? You can expect lots of pictures of her and lots more crafts from the books. I am gonna try and do a craft idea a day from the A Crafty Girl's Planner. There are loads of crafts in it and craft ideas a day too :) But for now, I shall end with the Piano Guys :)

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