Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mini Caroline!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Cherokee Morning Song
Book: The Diviners by Libba Bray
Mood: Chipper

And see, I promised I would post more lol. And here I am posting more! Go Me! Anyway, Guess who forgot to set her clocks back for daylight savings this morning and as a result was up at like 4:30am and wide awake on her day off lol. I tried to go back to sleep but ended up getting up at 5am. So, I guess I'll have a nice long day today to play! Go me! And its a good thing too, i've got lots of things planned for today. But first....

I realized this morning that I forgot to post about the Mini Caroline Doll I bought when Caroline came out. I couldnt afford to get both Caroline and Molly. So I bought Mini Caroline. Who will have to do until I can get Caroline. Which I think I do plan on doing. She reminds me of the Great Lakes and even though she's from New York, she sorda reminds me of Michigan. Which makes me homesick. :(

And I also bought Molly's Halloween and Crafts book and kit off ebay. Its just like Samantha's Christmas crafts. Only it features craft and recipe ideas from Molly's time. Including instructions on how to make Molly's hula girl outfit.

And finally, yesterday, I got to go too a Pow Wow at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage. It was loads of fun and the dancers were awesome. I took lots of videos and pictures. However, my camera was dying and the videos didnt turn out. But there are videos on youtube of the dances the dancers did for us. here is one.

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