Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cyanne and Ponyo Ramen!

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I thought today, I would post about something other than American Girl lol. Which seems to be what I've  been posting alot about lately. Dont ask me why. 

Anyway, sometime, last month, I came across the cutest little doll at Target for five dollars! She was in the clarence isle after the Christmas Sales and I had to have her. Her name is Cyanne: Vival La France. She is a La Dee Da doll. 

Isnt she cute? She's supposed to be 16 years old and a fashion designer. I love her little hair fastener. Each little doll also comes with a craft you can make. Which is totally awesome for someone like me who loves to make crafts. Speaking of which, I did make something the other day. 

Yeah the picture is upside down. Oh well. Anyway, for lunch at work the other day I decided to try and make Ponyo Ramen! Which I found instructions for off Feast of Fiction which has turned into my favorite youtube channel lately. Here is the video! 

It makes for a nice lunch at any rate. Quick and easy especially if everything is already cut up and made. I suggest everyone try it lol. 

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