Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kaya's Tepee and more!

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well its that time again. Yep, I've decided to update my blog lol.

A few weeks ago my family and I finally went into Anchorage for the first time in like forever. Anchorage, for those of you who dont know, is really were everything is. We go every few months to go to Sams and the craft stores. When we went to Micheal's, they had a whole bunch of new American Girl Craft stuff. One of the things I found was Saige's dog! Here it is!

Isnt he cute? These craft kits are really neat. They come with everything you need to make the craft, plus instructions.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing a website called Disney Dreaming. They do alot of updates on disney movies and what not. I found this picture of Selena Gomez, wearing a pretty cool outfit, that I could recreate it for Saige.

Here is the picture of Selena Gomez. 

And here is my version of it, for Saige. I used patterns from Liberty Jane for the outfit. and made the necklace and bracelet. All in all, I think it came out really well. :) 

Oh and I also made a tepee for Kaya! Its not exactly finished yet. But here is the beginning stage of it. 

I want to make her a little drum, a fireplace, and a few other things. Plus I want to see if I can get the tepee to look a bit better. But for now, it looks pretty cute :) 

Oooh yes, I almost forgot. I also made a new case for my kindles! I decided that because I now have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Reader, I needed one of those fold over cases. With two pockets. Only, I also put a piece of felt in between the pockets so the kindles screens dont get scratched. I really like how it turned out.

And finally because I forgot to post it earlier, I made another cute outfit for Saige a few weeks ago. It started with just a pair of overalls and somehow ended up to having lots of other aspects. I kinda got the idea from my Mary Jane Farm magazines lol. 

Isnt it cute? Inside the bag there is all sorts of little accessories I made for her. Maybe one of these days I'll take a picture of those too. Some of the patterns I used for this outfit are also from Liberty Janes. Except the overalls. Thats from a simplicity pattern. And the apron i made myself. The bag is from American Girl: Molly's patterns. 

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