Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Tote Bag and Clutch

Location: Bedroom
Music: That Lovely Weekend~ Dorothy Carless 
Mood: Chippper
Book: Survival In the Storm

I've had alot of time off this week, so I made, a few cute crafts and thought I would pop them up on my blog for all to see.
Last week we went to one of the local libraries and they had a whole bunch of free American Girl Magazines! Most of which I did not have. So I picked them up of course! In one of the magazines (I do not remember what one right now) They had an idea for using a mini tote bag as a lunch mag. So I thought "Hey! Thats a great idea! I decided to make my own mini tote bag/ lunch bag. It turned out so cute. Here it is!

It has a matching liner on the inside. The penguin charm, was made by my sister! Isnt it cute? 

I also made a cute little mini clutch purse from Kit's Friendship Fun. I'm not entirely sure I like it yet or what I am going to do with it. But here it is anyway. 

I suppose it is kinda cute. But my blanket stitching needs some work lol. Oh and yesterday, I spent most of the day watching BBC's Wartime Farm. Its kinda like Victorian and Edwardian Farm. Only it takes place in WW2. It was brilliantly g! I highly recommend it! You can watch it here. :) Well, you can watch the first episode anyway. The rest are also on youtube. 

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