Saturday, April 6, 2013

City of Bones and American Girl Outfit

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Yep, I cannot seem to keep up with my blog. This is really horrible of me, I know. Truth is, I guess I just havent felt like blogging. However, (I know I've said this before,) I do plan on trying to keep up with it. Okay, so on with the crafts and stuff.

First off, I recently read, Cassandra Clare's City of Bones! I have to say, I just loved it, and I cannot wait for the movie. The book is about a girl who is suddenly thrust into a world hidden in our own. Where demons, and fairies and all kinds of other creatures exist. Its a pretty fast pacing, great story. The movie looks like it's staying pretty close to the book. I highly recommend this book! You can check out the author's website here.

okay, onto the first craft. I believe last month was when American Girl came out with their new items. The outfit had a cute little shirt and shorts. Rather than buy the outfit, I thought I'd try and make it, using Liberty Jane patterns.  I think my version came out really cute! I was pretty happy with it! 

Here is the original outfit. You can also buy it here.

And here is my version with Saige wearing it. :) 

Doesnt it look pretty close to the American Girl one? I'm pretty pleased with myself over it. 

Anyway, as everyone knows, I finally got my hands on a used premattel, Weste Germany, Felicity! However, she needed some TLC. I found a video on youtube on how to give your American Girl Doll a Downy dunk. Which is basically carefully dunking the doll's hair in Downy. I used a spray bottle on Felicity. Felt safer doing it that way. And her hair looks so much better. I also managed to redo her pin curls. I found her new Meet Dress on ebay. Made her mob cap and choker, along with a cute little reticule. All in all, she looks so much better than she did before. Here she is! The choker could be a bit smaller and a lighter purple.

Okay, well there is my mini update. I havent done a whole lot of crafting besides that. Hopefully, in the next coming weeks I'll be able to make more fun things to share. 

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