Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eclairs, New AG outfit, AG Bear

Location: Bedroom
Movie: Turn Back Time: The High Street
Book: American Girl: Girl of Today; Marisol!
Mood: Chipper

Last week or the week before, I found the cutest idea on pinterest for a renaissance outfit for American Girl Dolls. So I decided to make my own. Here it is. Caroline looks so cute in it! I made the whole outfit. Except for the reticule. Which is part of Caroline's accessories. The bodice didnt quite turn out the way I wanted it. but I like everything else. I think this may be one of my best outfits yet!

And yesterday I found a Miss AG Bear at the thrift store! She doesnt have her vest. However, I think I can remake that easily. She was only ten dollars. And such a brilliant find! Isnt she cute?

I also made a cute little Drink Me Bottle Charm from Alice in Wonderland. It turned out real well. Its so cute lol. 

And yesterday my sister and I made these sweet little Chocolate Eclairs. They turned out so well! We were very happy with them 

And here is the youtube video we went off of for the Eclairs.

Currently I have a few more projects going, I hope to get them all done and posted up here :)