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All Mixed Up (Nora Post)

I easily found my way into Carlisle’s office and after starting a fire in the fire place (more for comfort than need) I curled up in a ball, and silently stared at the fire. It wasn’t like I had ever really been that close to Carlisle. I didn’t share the type of relationship with him that his children or even Esme did. However, he was one of the few men besides Charlie and Billy who had ever taken notice of me. My own father certainly had never taken notice of me. He and my mother had been too busy throwing parties and sending me off to a boarding school to really care about me. I hadn’t even shed a tear when they were killed in Kansas.

But Carlisle, Carlisle was different. He was always there if I needed advice. I could call him anytime I had wanted too, email, him, visit him even. My parents were never like that. If I wanted something, sure they would give it to me but it was mostly to keep me out of the way. So maybe I had always seen Carlisle as a sort of father figure. Or maybe the father figure I never had. I could have probably had, had I believed in his morals and stuff. But I didn’t. And I certainly wouldn’t have fit in with his family. At least I didn’t think I would. Besides, I had Charlie and Billy. But sometimes, its nice to have friends outside of family.

I softly whipped at the tears that had started to stream down my cheeks. I wasn’t used to grieving for people, as the only people I was close too where vampires. And vampires didn’t die. At least they weren’t supposed too. I couldn’t understand what these Volturi had against Carlisle and his family. Carlisle was one of the nicest people I had ever meant. Surely he had been wrongly accused. I couldn’t help but want to take part in the rebellion that was being whispered about. But to do that would not be to honor Carlisle’s memory. And I knew it. Plus, I had promised Charlie and Billy that I wouldn’t. Besides, it would entangle me with these rulers and I certainly had no desire for that.

I pulled my knees in a little bit closer and plucked at the rug beneath me, I hadnt heard someone come into the room. And it startled me when I felt Edward behind me. I jumped and turned around to see my friend. He gently came down to the floor next to me.

“Nora?” He asked softly. I whipped away my tears.

“I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to intrude---- But he was my friend too.” I said softly. “I’ve never meant the Volturi. But oh Edward, how could they?” I asked as Edward gently brought me into his arms. The tears wouldn’t stop coming now no matter how hard I tried to make them stop and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the only thing I was crying over. Or if it was everything all rolled into one.

“Sh…” He said very gently. “You know we’ve asked ourselves that question over and over. If only I could have done something to---“

“It wasn’t your fault.” Alice said suddenly stepping into the room. There was a smile on her face and her eyes were dancing. She was humming Life is a funny proposition after all A song I hadnt heard in years and I couldn’t help but stare at her. She had a box in her arms, neatly arrange with things that where Carlisle’s. There was a skip to her step even. I looked up at Edward.

“Alice, now isnt the time.” Edward hissed.

“It is the perfect time.” Alice said her tone light and airy. I crawled out of Edward’s arms and watched as Alice danced around the office, picking off Carlisle’s things here and there, a wallet with money in it, a cell phone and several other things. I raised an eyebrow and brushed at the tears. “He’s coming home, Edward.” Was all she said.

“Alice---“ Edward started and then looked at me when I gave him a questioning look.

He’s coming home? I asked Edward in my mind. Edward shrugged.

“She’s in denial.” Was all he said. I watched silently as Alice danced about the room, completely confused. “ She thinks she’s having visions of Carlisle.” Edward went on to explain but this didn’t make sense either. Why would Alice think she was having a vision of someone who was dead. Besides that how could she have a vision of someone who was dead? I looked from Alice to Edward and back to Alice again. I wished I could be as happy as all that at the moment. Normally, I wasn’t a sad person and it was strange for to have these mixed up feelings. I supposed that was what grief was. Mixed up feelings. Perhaps it was good not only for Edward but also for myself that I had decided to come to Forks. I doubted I would have grieved for my friend in Colorado. There were always too many things to do. But I couldn’t help but wonder about Alice. It just didn’t make sense.

Chat with Skye (Alessandra Post)

The door to Karla’s new bedroom was opened a small amount and I stood near it listening to her gentle snores. It was just about all I could do to keep Karla from falling over by the time we got into Rome and it was clear that she had once been a very strong woman. I couldn’t image the amount of pain she must have gone through having Karl. I only hoped that maybe I could bring her back to her human roots and provide a somewhat happy home for her.

“She’s so frail.” Skye said in a quite whisper staring through the crack in the door at Karla. I nodded.

“She’s had a rough go of it the past few months.” I explained softly.

“What happened to her?”

“Aro.” I muttered.

“But I thought he was a good vampire? I mean arent rulers supposed to be good?” Skye asked still under the delusion that Aro was a nice person. I gave a bitter laugh.

“Havent you been listening to anything Petrus or I have told you about Aro?” I asked softly pulling Skye away from the doorway. “He’s a monster, Skye. He had Santiago find Karla at a bar and sleep with her. Vampires and humans arent supposed to mix like that. It’s far too dangerous. She had a child by him and the pregnancy just about killed her. Tell me, what kind of being does that?” I shook my head, as Skye’s eyes grew wider and wider with each sentence.

“ A monster.” Skye whispered looking back at the room and shuddered. “Alessandra, I wont have to be like that will I?” She asked pointing to Karla and I shook my head.

“Not if I have anything to do with it.”

“What will happen to her now?”

“We’ll take care of her. Get her back up on her feet and then--- the rest will be up to her.”

“Why do you like helping humans? You’re a powerfully, old vampire. Shouldn’t you be like Aro?” Skye asked and I couldn’t help but shudder at the mere idea of being like Aro. I took some pride in the fact that I wasn’t like Aro. I had worked very hard for that.

“I don’t want to be like Aro, Skye. I never wanted to be a vampire. I never wanted any of this. And a vampire once helped me when I was a child, a human. I supposed, I feel as if I need to return the favor and this is how I can do it. She would approve I think…. If she were still alive.”

“She’s not alive?” Skye asked a bit stunned. I shook my head sadly.

“She was Aro’s sister and he killed her. For the pure purpose of keeping Marcus at his side. “ I explained softly. “Marcus doesn’t know this of course. Nor shall he.” I cautioned.

“Maybe when she feels better, I’ll show her Rome. Do you think that would be alright?” Skye asked, and I nodded. The little human never ceased to amaze me. One minute she was ready to throw rocks at you. The next she wanted to be friends with you.

“Yes, I think she might like that. Now, where is Petrus?” I asked.

“Out hunting. He’s been practicing hunting animals since you’ve been gone. He really loves you, you know. I think it’s sweet.” Skye said smiling up at me. I laughed softly.

“I know.”I said and I did know.

How one didn't travel in the 1860s (Nora Post)

Edward led me into the house and I dropped my suitcase onto the floor staring about myself. My mouth was probably as wide as a canyon as I took in my surroundings and just couldn’t believe how nice the house looked. It was a far cry from the first house I visited Carlisle in and even nicer than the one in Erie. I smiled up at Edward as he took my suitcase.

“Esme sure has outdone herself with this.” I said turning around and around, staring at all the art work and--- work Esme had clearly put into the house. It sure outdid even my pad in Colorado. And my home wasn’t exactly like this. I had always thought it was nice but nothing like the one Esme had made for her family. I smiled at Edward.

“What sort of house do you live in--- I mean if you live in a house---“ Bella asked putting Elizabeth down on the sofa in the family. I laughed. It was well known that most vampires didn’t live in actual houses. Or have a permanent location. My brother, Charlie and I did only because of the money we had made, gambling, stealing and bootlegging during the twenties. We had to have some place to stash all our goods. But I didn’t tell the Cullens this. Or Bella.

“I live in an old farm house; Charlie built in the 1860s before he was turned, in Colorado.” I said.

“Wait, you are from the 1860s?” A tall, honey blond haired vampire said standing suddenly by Alice’s side. This, must be Jasper. I thought and nodded. He had a southern drawl that I instantly recognized.

“Yes, that’s when I meant Carlisle was when I was on the Oregon Trail.”

“You where part of the Oregon Trail?” Bella asked staring at me and I nodded.

“Not by choice--- Well okay maybe it was. I was kinda stupid and took off on my own—“

“You traveled down the Oregon Trail by yourself, in the 1860s? What were you thinking?!!” Jasper asked me, and I shrugged.

“Charlie was the only family I had. My teachers in London told me my brother was dead, but I found a wanted poster of him folded up in a newspaper from Kansas on Mrs. Kaper’s desk. She was clearly lying to me when she told me my brother was dead. I had to go to America and find him and I was an orphan so it wasn’t like I could ask my parents permission. What would you have done?” I asked Jasper glowered at me for a moment.

“I would have done the same.” He said finally. “I cannot believe you traveled alone on the Oregon Trail and you cant have been more than what 16?”

“15.” I stated and Jasper’s mouth all but dropped. I laughed. “I had just turned 16 when I found Charlie.

“And he turned you?” Bella asked suddenly. “Did he do it when you were---- where---“

“No, I was dying of Scarlet Fever.” I said, though I had it on good accord that even if I had not been dying, Charlie most likely would have turned me anyway. I didn’t say this.

“So let me get this straight, you traveled across America looking for your brother who turned out to be a vampire by yourself on the Oregon Trail when you were 15?” Jasper asked again as if he couldn’t quite believe me. I nodded.

“Jazz.” Alice said quietly.

“Um?” Jasper responded.

“You joined the Southern Army at 17 and lied about your age. What is so different about Nora traveling alone at 15?”

“Girls just didn’t do that in the 1860s.” Jasper said. This was true.

“I didn’t exactly travel as a girl. I disguised myself as a boy.” I said with a shrug.

“But you have such long hair.” Bella said. “You didn’t cut it did you?” I shook my head. My hair was always a vanity point for me.

“No. I couldn’t do it. I tried, believe me, I tried. But I loved my hair so, I braided it and pinned it to the top of my head and found a hat.” I said smiling at Edward who laughed.

“That hat.” He said pointing to my hat and I nodded.

“So you’re from England is that where you meant Carlisle?” Bella asked trying to change the subject and I shook my head. It was a good guess, considering that Carlisle was from England.

“No, I meant Carlisle along the Oregon Trail in Oregon. I had come down with Scarlet Fever and Carlisle saved my life--- Of course I had a relapse because I didn’t listen to his advice and rest. But I just couldn’t rest when I was so close to finding my brother.”

“Oh.” Bella said looking from me to Jasper and back to me again. I smiled at her.

“Jazz, why don’t you take Nora up to the guest room so she can freshen up a bit? She must be ready to rest a bit after all those hours traveling.” Alice suddenly said squeezing Jasper’s arm. “I think you too have a lot to talk about and this will give you the chance.”

Escaping with a human (Alessandra Post)

I held a rather old carpet bag in my hands and an old vintage suitcase both, filled with odds and ends from my chambers that I had decided to take home with me. There were a few items in each for Karla of course and I slowly opened the door to her bedroom. I snuck in around it, then shut the door behind me setting both items down next to me.

“Karla?” I said softly watching as she very slowly walked around her room. The babies were staring after her and Carlisle was helping her. She stopped suddenly as I came into the room and stared at me. We had not meant before officially at any rate. She had been asleep when I had first seen her and I was not surprised that she seemed rather afraid of me. After all, the poor thing had, had a rather difficult time all because of vampires. She looked rather frail and weak. I wasn’t entirely sure this was a good idea. But I had to try at least for Carlisle.

“It’s alright.” Carlisle assured her.

“But she’s one of them” Karla said in broken Italian with a German accent.

“Not by choice.” I responded gently.

“Karla, she’s a friend of mine, it’s alright.” Carlisle said reassuring her.

“Carlisle asked me to protect you.” I said in Italian but the woman shook her head clearly not really understanding so I tried again in German. She stared silently between Carlisle and I. So I continued. “However, I’ve recently moved to Rome, and I cannot be in Rome and protect you here. My influences will have no guarantee if I am not here to see that you are safe. So, I have thought of it quite a bit. And it seems that the best idea would be for you to come home with me. Where I can keep you safe easier. Aro wouldn’t come after you if you are with me. And even if he did, I can easily handle him. I’ve done it millions of times before. And I know how to sneak in and out of Volterra without being seen.”
"You should go," Carlisle said gently. "It may be your only chance."

"What about Karl?"

"He will be safe here, treated like royalty. And he can't be in the human world, he grows too quickly. He is safest here; you are safest elsewhere."

Karla looked to her son for a moment, and then turned to Alessandra with a nod. "He was never really mine, was he?" she sighed. "The best I can do for him is allow him to stay here and raised as a prince. I will go with you."

“Alright, gather what things you want to take with you but remember we have to travel light to make good timing.” I said gently and Karla nodded. I turned to Carlisle and looked softly at him. “It will be hours before they realize we are gone.”

“They wont know where I am going?” Karla asked and I shook my head.

“Not for a little while at least.” I said gently. “I doubt they will try and come out” I turned to Carlisle and took his hands into mine. “Carlisle.” I said softly looking at my old friend. I hated to see him in that cloak and I hated to see him plainly so miserable. I knew I could help, and I had to try at least one more time before I left.

"I cannot go with you," Carlisle said again. "This whole incident has only proved that Aro is looking for any excuse to destroy my family. If I were to flee with you . . . I can't risk it. One way or another I trust this will end soon. Thank you for everything."

I nodded and looked gently over at Karla as she said goodbye to Karl. “You know you can always come to me for anything you need.” I said softly. Then I looked back over at Karla and nodded. “It’s time.” I said gently, leading her out the door.

(Written with Carlisle)

Making New Friends ( Nora Post)

“ I think there are many people who admired Carlisle.” I said softly. “ He was a great man, and I can say from my own experience that he was always a good friend. Even when I didn’t listen to him. He warned me that Charlie may not be who I thought he was. Of course Carlisle was right. But I didn’t listen. I never listen to anyone. Least that is what my brother says.” I was now truly happy that I decided to visit Edward. He seemed as if he needed a distraction. I could tell something was weighing on my friend’s mind and perhaps Carlisle’s death did affect him more than I had thought it would. I of course was truly sad that Carlisle had been killed. He had always been a good friend too me. A strange vampire, but a great person despite his beliefs.

I gently looked around Edward as I got a whiff of the scent of two humans and smiled at a young woman with dark eyes and dark hair. I figured this must be Bella. She was carrying a baby all wrapped up in a blanket in its carrier.

“You must be Bella.” I said smiling at her. She shyly looked over at Edward who nudged her on. “It’s very nice to finally meet you. Edward’s told me so much about you.” I said embracing her into a hug. She smiled at me and I couldn’t believe how good she actually smelled. I had not smelled a human like that in some time. But I was easily able to resist the urge to eat her up. After all, it would be such a shame to eat her if she was going to be a friend.

“Bella, this is my friend, Nora Callison. I think, I told you about her didn’t I?” Edward asked. Bella looked at Edward and then at me and shook her head.

“I don’t think so. You’ve never mentioned her before…. You’ve never mentioned any of your friends.” Bella added the last bit with a rather surprised look at me. It was as if she didn’t really expect Edward to have friends. I laughed at this.

“He can be rather dower sometimes.” I said smiling brightly at Edward.

“That’s for sure!” Bella laughed, and I knew we had broke the ice.

“I think we’ll be great friends.” I said smiling. “Is this Elizabeth?” I asked looking at the baby carrier and Edward nodded gently picking the infant up.

“This is my daughter, Elizabeth.” He smiled handing her easily to me.

“Edward---“ Bella started to say but a tiny figure suddenly appeared at her side.

“It’ll be alright Bella. Nora wont hurt Elizabeth.” The tiny, Elvin creature said. She smiled at me.

“I’m Alice.” She announced, and I nodded as I took the baby into my arms ever so gently. It had been many years since I last held a child so tiny. Elizabeth looked up at me and gurgled.

“She’s so tiny and frail.” I marveled. “I’ve forgotten how sweet babies are. I’m so happy for you Edward.” I added handing the little girl back to her father least I accidently break her into pieces.

“Thank you Nora.” Edward said.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that I had at least made three new friends. I wasn’t so sure about Rosalie. But perhaps I could win her over yet. I thought gently tucking the babies’ blanket around her.

A happy Future? (Alessandra post)

I slowly crouched down to Fiorenzo’s level and allowed him to take my hand. I was used too letting Aro touch me. I was used too letting Aro see everything he could see about me so the idea that this child could see things too, wasn’t as disturbing as one might thing for me. Fiorenzo looked into my eyes and smiled at me.

“I see you wearing a gold ring, with a pretty stone on it. There is a man standing next to you with dark hair and eyes like yours. You will be… married?” Fiorenzo asked. I smiled at the little boy in front of me.

“It is very likely.” I said standing up and looking at Carlisle. I couldn’t help but beam at him. I had never felt happier with Petrus. Happier that is as a vampire. I doubted very much that I would ever be as happy as I had been as a human even if my life at times had not been perfect. At least then, I had been in control of it. Here—I had never felt in control. At least not until now.

“Things are going well with you and Petrus then?” He asked, and I nodded.

“I--- I---“ I looked behind me to make sure that the door was close than looked down at the little babies in front of me and switched over to English. They did not need to know that I was planning on leaving the Volturi. Least the word got out and Aro tried to stop me. “I have been weighing in my options.” I added in English. “Now that I have them. It seems very unlikely that I will--- Completely stay with the Volturi.” I said looking down at Fiorenzo who frowned at me. “At the very least. Aro let me rebuild my family villa.” I added the last bit in Italian just for the little boy. “He had of course told me it was to keep me happy and I could stay there rather than here. I now know his real reason was to get rid of me during your--- fake death.” I added quietly.

“Aro does have a way of getting rid of things he does not want.” Carlisle said softly. “Alessandra that is wonderful though, that things are going so well with you and Petrus. You deserve to be happy.”

“As do you. I wish you would reconsider—“

“What is this Villa?” Fiorenzo asked tugging down on my jeans. I looked down at the baby boy and shook my head. Their keen interest in things at such a small age was rather unnerving.

“A Villa is a big house---“

“What is a house?” Karl asked.

“A house is a place that humans live in. Only in Ancient Rome we called them Villas. My father had a beautiful villa.” I explained gently.

“Is that where you are from? Ancient Rome?” Fiorenzo asked and I nodded.

“What is Ancient Rome?” Is it a place?” Karl asked.

“A time.” I said sadly. “A time period more brilliant than any you shall ever see.”

“Why did you want to rebuild your father’s villa? Vampires don’t have fathers.” Fiorenzo asked, and I stared sadly at the little boy. How right he was, I thought.

“Of course vampires have fathers. We were human before we became a vampire.” I responded. “My father was a great man for all his faults.” Making me a priestess of Vesta was one his many vaults that I had never quite been able to forgive despite the fact that I had rather enjoyed the status of power it gave me. “Even you and Karl have fathers.” I said.

“Yes we do.” Karl said nodding his head. “But why did you want to rebuild your home? Don’t you like it here?” Karl asked now.

“No.” I said simply. There was no used in lying to the children. Even the Volturi knew I did not want to be inside the castle any longer than I had to be. “No, I do not. It is why I spend as much time away as I can. It is very difficult to be forced to live somewhere that you do not want too.” I tried to explain looking up at Carlisle. I dearly wished he would change his mind and let me take him home. I had been dreading the phone call I knew I would have to make to Alice. How was I going to explain this to her? I wondered thoughtfully.

A box of surprises (Alessandra Post)

I had for the most part taken everything out of my chambers and had it placed in my home in Rome, however there were still a few things left in my rooms. Most of them were books and scrolls of sort. I had found a box of scrolls I had not given Carlisle and I was fairly glad that I didn’t. I also had a few small odds and ends strewed about my chambers that I had decided to collect, I was going to take them all back home with me when I had a better idea.

Poor Karla’s room was just as bare as Carlisle’s was and I couldn’t help but feel just a twinge of pain for her. Even if she was here under own circumstances. How could a human not know what Aro was up too? I thought. Besides it took two tangle she had to have known he wasn’t human once he touched her. The very idea grossed me out, and I couldn’t help but shudder. Still, she deserved to have something to do and I thought the books might keep her company at the least and bring some comfort to her.

I quietly hoisted the box of books and odds and ends that I had gathered for Karla and started to knock on her door when Carlisle opened it. I smiled at him, and he gestured me inside.

“Alessandra---“ He started to say.

“Hello, Carlisle.” I said and then handed him the box I had in my hands as one of the little Fiorenzo studied me. I stared at him for a moment and sadly shook my head. The boy was watching me as intently as I was him. “Do they always stare like that?” I asked.

“I like to study people.” Fiorenzo said in Italian to me and I just about dropped the box but before it crashed to the ground I let it lift up into the air and gently landed the box onto the ground with my mind. The baby’s eyes grew wide and he clapped as he watched the box. “Is that you’re talent? My father must value you very much!” He said.

“They can talk?” I asked Carlisle.

“Yes… It is quite shocking.” He responded staring at Fiorenzo. “I should have warned you beforehand.” He added, and I nodded.

“When did this start?” I asked slowly coming down to stare at the little boy in front of me. He was more a toddler than a baby now. I could not understand how either child grew so fast. Normal babies did not grow that fast let alone talk at a few weeks old.

“Not long ago. They are bilingual as well.” I blinked.

“Really?” I asked testing the waters and turning from Latin to French.

“Oh I love French! But Italian is so much better.” Fiorenzo said still steadying me. It was if he was deciding whether or not to like me and I couldn’t help but feel the same about the tiny boy in front of me. What if the child ended up a monster like Aro? He was technically already a little monster. Being half human and half vampire. I supposed it wasn’t the child’s fault, but all the same. I just wasn’t sure what to make of either Fiorenzo or Karl, and I sadly shook my head. The children certainly were unsettling. I thought.

“I brought a few things for Karla. I thought she might want something to do other than look after these little ones. I cannot say I am not surprised that Aro hasn’t offered to help care for his offspring.” I muttered the last bit.

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Officially Meeting Edward Cullen ( Bella Post)

<i>February, 2009</i>

“Hey.” I heard a strange voice say behind me as I stood in the grocery store trying to buy tonight’s dinner. I jumped and dropped the package of steak I was trying to grab. Just before the steak crashed to the ground it ended up in my hands with a pair of hands I had never seen before. They were pale and cold. I looked up to see Edward Cullen staring at me. I hadn’t seen him since my first day of school and had wondered what became of him. I wondered if Dr. Cullen pulled him out of school for that long to go on some hiking trip.

 “I’m Edward Cullen…. We have a biology class together. I’m sorry I never had a chance to introduce myself.” Edward said. “You’re Bella right?” He used my nickname. I wondered if Charlie had told Dr. Cullen that was what I preferred to be called. Charlie knew everyone in town.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Shopping for dinner?” Edward asked. I nodded. “Isnt that supposed to be your Dad’s job?”

“Charlie’s not much of a cook.” I said. “So I offered to do the grocery shopping, and the cooking. I’m pretty good. I mean at cooking.” I said maybe a little too quickly. The way Edward was staring at me made me nervous. I looked around to see if the rest of his family was around but no one else seemed to be here. He didn’t have a grocery list or anything either.

“Sometimes I come here to just look around.” Edward said just as I began to wonder about it.

“Oh.” I said then continued down the aisle as Edward followed me.

“So, How are you enjoying Forks? It must be a big change from Phoenix.” Did everyone know where I was from? I wondered. Of course they did. My dad probably told them.

“I don’t really---- I don’t really like the weather.” I finished finally. “I’m trying to get used to the small town stuff.” I added.

“If you don’t like rain, why did you move here?” Edward asked. I shrugged.

“My mom remarried. Phil’s a minor league baseball player and being away from him made her sad. I didn’t like seeing my mom sad so I decided to move here and live with my dad. So she could--- be with Phil.” Why was I telling him this? I wondered. He was a complete stranger, even if he did go to my school.

“So now, because you moved here, you’re unhappy?” Edward tried to guess. But I shook my head. I wasn’t exactly unhappy. I thought.

“No. Just trying to get used to everything.” I said simply picking up a pound of potatoes. I almost dropped them but Edward caught the potatoes quick as lightening. I stared at him for a moment.

“Thanks.” I said smiling a little at him.

“You’re welcome.” He said.

“Hey, do you want to come over for dinner?” I asked. Edward looked at me for a moment.

“I would love too but--- I have to go…” He said trailing off and just like that he was gone. Okay, that was weird. I thought watching him go, and then picked up a pound of green beans.

<i>(This scene differs from the book and movie but some lines were taken from the Twilight book and movie.)</i>

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Finally, some support! (alice post)

I was supposed to be doing my homework. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself. But for some reason I couldn’t quite focus my mind on anything except my Father. The past several days I had had nothing but visions of Carlisle. Each time I had a vision he was doing something different, and he was always in Volterra. Every time I saw him, he was also with that strange boy. I never could understand the conversations Carlisle had. Nor could I grasp the boy’s name. But he was always there as was those strange blood drinking babies. There was even a strange vision of Carlisle giving the babies exams while gingerly holding them as if at any moment they might bite him. Which was utterly ridiculous. I thought. How could a baby bite a vampire?

The babies were also unlike any child I had ever seen and in all my long years on earth, I had seen quite a few babies. But these babies were strange. Not only because they drank blood, but they had a full shot of hair on their heads. They had fully grown teeth in their mouths and every time they looked at you as it was if they knew exactly what was going on and fully aware.

The other thing that bothered me was the way Carlisle behaved around the children. He seemed to pity them as if they were a great mistake or something. My father normally loved children. So to see him pity these little creatures was strange.

Part of the reason why my homework wasn’t being done was also the fact that I kept trying to research what these strange babies could be. But no matter how deep I went, I couldn’t find a single thing on the babies.

And then there was the fact that I couldn’t exactly get a second notion on any of this because my brother and husband flat out refused to believe a single word I said. They refused to even hope that Carlisle could be alive let alone believe anything about the children I continued to see in my flashbacks. And I knew that Rosalie and Emmett mostly likely wouldn’t believe me anymore than Jasper or Edward did. Bella might, but I was under strict orders not to tell her or Esme.

Yet while my family refused to for the first time in years believe my visions, I continued to have hope that Carlisle was indeed still alive. How else could I have these visions? I was of course not entirely sure he was alive. But I was nearly sure he was. These visions were not any memories I had of my father. Nor was it wishful thinking despite what Jasper and Edward said.

So I sat trying to finish my homework for a class when I suddenly felt yet another vision coming on. This time Carlisle was talking to Aro wearing a Volturi Robe. He had never worn one of those robes as far as I could remember. Carlisle would never wear one of those robes as far as I knew. And I knew my father. I knew he would never, ever join the Volturi. At least not my choice. I stared blankly at the vision as it faded recalling the way Carlisle’s shoulders slumped, the sadness and desperation in his eyes and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that my father was not in Volterra by choice.

If that was the case, there was only one other person I knew of that may believe me. I had of course thought it was a little strange that Alessandra wasn’t in Volterra when Aro had summoned us. But then again, perhaps Aro had planned it that way. After this, I wouldn’t put it pass him and I couldn’t help but wonder if Alessandra even knew what had happened. Of course most of the vampire world knew what happened. But Alessandra wasn’t most of the vampire world. And if she wasn’t inside Volterra during the time we were---- I instantly grabbed for my phone.

“Hello Alice, how is everything?” Alessandra asked picking up the phone, and I couldn’t help but realize that she must have no idea what had happened to Carlisle. Otherwise I was certain she would have said something about it or called beforehand.

“Then, you havent heard what happened to Carlisle?” I asked, shutting my bedroom door and locking it. I didn’t need Edward or Jasper coming in and trying to stop me from what I was I going to do.

“Wait--- What?”

“Carlisle--- The Volturi----“

“Oh no what has Aro done now?” Alessandra asked groaning.

“Carlisle was executed, Alessandra.” I said softly. I heard the phone fall to the ground. “Alessandra?” I asked hoping that everything was alright.

“Do you mean to tell me that Aro had Carlisle executed? He was the one that Julia was talking about then? When she told me that a vampire had been killed by Aro in Volterra---- I cannot believe that Aro would kill Carlisle…. What grounds did he use?” Alessandra said. She didn’t shout or sound angry, instead her voice sounded dangerous and cold.

“It’s a very long story.” I started to say.

“You had better tell me off all of it.” Alessandra said.

“We were called to Volterra after one of Esme’s relatives started to ask too many questions. He wrote a book on Esme…. And---“

“Came across Carlisle?” Alessandra stated.


“How strange. Carlisle’s always been very careful. I don’t understand how some author of all people, could have come across Carlisle unless---- Unless---“

“Unless what?”

“Unless someone put the idea into his head.” Alessandra muttered. “Alice--- Do you think Carlisle is still alive? Is that why you called me?” Alessandra said suddenly and I couldn’t help but smile. I knew she would believe me!

“Yes! I’ve had visions of him Alessandra. In Volterra. But no one will believe me. The whole thing was very final. Unless----“

“Unless it wasn’t.” Alessandra finished. “Alice, don’t worry, if Carlisle is alive than I will get to the bottom of this whole situation. “

“I knew you would, but please be careful. Aro has Carlisle locked up in Volterra for a reason and he might try and hurt him or you in the process of you finding Carlisle.”

“Bah, Aro wouldn’t hurt me and if he didn’t kill Carlisle than he wont harm Carlisle either. Trust me Alice. If Aro wanted me out of his hair---“ Alessandra trailed off. “Mars’ Nuts!” She shouted suddenly. “That’s why---- Ooooh you just wait Alice. I’ll have Carlisle returned safe and sound to Washington if that’s the last thing I do.” Alessandra said through clenched teeth and then hung the phone up.

I closed my eyes and let out a tiny sigh of relief. Yes! Finally, someone who believed me and was willing to help! I thought. Just maybe, I would be able to see Carlisle again and then wouldn’t everyone be surprised! And of course I could tell them “ I told you so!” I thought sitting back down on my sofa and pulling up my homework.

the Denali Tundra (Nora Post)

Alaska--- I thought staring up at Mt. Denali from the strange tundra below the mountain. It was my first time ever in Alaska and all my days I had never thought about visiting the state. They call it the last frontier for a reason you know! Yet as I made my way across the state I found it more and more to my liking. I could easily see Charlie, Billie and myself moving to Alaska. It was so open, so wild and the humans were fairly friendly too.

Not to mention the numerous amount of tourist that came flocking in every summer, hitch hikers and just normally every day hikers that a vampire could easily pluck from the trail. Men wishing they were mountain men, miners and campers. Yep. Alaska was not only the last frontier but a vampire’s heaven as far as I was concerned. No one would wonder about the hitch hiker I had picked up the other day for months and by then, the trail would be a cold one. I thought staring up at the tallest mountain in North America. And suddenly, I couldn’t wait to jump from the top of the mountain at least as far as I could down the side of it. After all, one might as well have fun being a vampire right?

I began to skid past the moose, and caribou and other small creatures, and made my way towards the mountain. Finding it easy enough to climb. Though I certainly probably wouldn’t have climbed it as a human. Wait--- Actually, I knew I would have. I didn’t stop when I reached a ledge where there was a big heard of goats grazing on the ledge nor did I stop when I passed by a grizzly bear that could totally take out that big old moose back down on the tundra if he wanted too.

I didn’t stop until I came face to face with a lovely vampire woman with long golden hair and Carlisle’s golden brown eyes. I knew from Carlisle’s descriptions of the Denali that this must be Kate and beside her stood an even taller, lanky vampire with red eyes that had to be Garrett. I skidded to a stop a few in front of me and smiled brightly.

“You must be Nora, welcome!” Kate said instantly giving me a hug. “We’ve been expecting you. But you should have called. Or at least called Esme when you reached the Tundra.” Kate added. “I’m Kate by the way. “ She said as an afterthought. I laughed.

“I would have called, except I had this sudden desire to jump from the top of the tallest mountain in North America and see how far down the mountain I could slide afterwards! It would be almost as much fun as jumping into the grand canyon.” I said excitedly and then smiled at Garrett.

“Well, perhaps we can take you to the top after we get you settled. We’ve been expecting you for several days now.”

“I know, and I am sorry I didn’t call.” I said as Garrett took my luggage, just like a gentleman should. “But I was having so much fun exploring. I’ve never been this far north before.” I jabbered on. I never did understand why I had to talk so much when I was nervous. However if it bothered Kate or Garrett neither said anything.

“Most of our kind havent. Alaska is too---- Well, I am sure you understand now.” Kate said.

“Yes, but I could see why a vampire could like it here.” I said smiling at my new found friends. Oh this was going to be a fun trip. I thought as the two members of the Denali lead me to their humble abode.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Visions of Carlisle? (Alice Post)

I sat in Carlisle’s office chair staring at the many paintings my father had in his office. Pieces that were so rare and priceless because they were the originals that a thief could easily make a million dollars alone in this office. But I wasn’t there to steal one of his paintings.

Instead, I was there to try and feel some kind of connection with Carlisle. Perhaps even be able to feel my father’s presence. After all his office was where Carlisle had spent the majority of his time, well that and he spent a good deal of time with Esme. With Esme and Carlisle gone, the house felt incredibly lonely.

I pulled Carlisle’s gray sweater closer around my shoulders as I sat there letting the words from Wanderer’s Nightsong slip out of the cd player. The song was gentle and quite, soothing. And I could almost sense Carlisle’s presence. Almost. He was almost in the room with me. Perhaps reading one of his many medical books.

I glanced down at my own unfinished homework opened up on top of my father’s desk and sighed. Who was I kidding? I just couldn’t concentrate long enough to finish the stupid project. And why was I even bothering? I wondered, but I knew the answer to that. It was because Carlisle would have wanted us to continue on with our lives. Finish college, keep the family tradition of blending in with the humans alive. Besides, that there was Bella and Elizabeth to think of.

I looked over at a photo of all of us together on Carlisle’s desk, and softly traced the spot where Carlisle stood, smiling…. And then I felt the world fall out from under me and go very still and quiet until I was suddenly transported to a whole different scene.

<i>Carlisle was in the same strange room he had been in my other two memories. Wearing his doctor’s coat with the same women. Rather woman. But something was new about this vision. There was a boy with him. One I had only seen once in Volterra. The boy looked rather spooked, out of place in the clean room. He turned to Carlisle saying something I couldn’t quite understand and it was then that I saw the bottle Carlisle was using to feed the new baby. The bottle was filled with blood and not milk</i> and I gasped coming back to reality.

How could that be? I wondered trying to bring the vision back. Carlisle feeding a baby with bottle of blood? In all the years I had been with Carlisle I had never seen him feed a baby with a bottle full of blood instead of milk or formula. And that boy. I had defiantly seen that boy in Volterra. A new guard member? I hadnt bothered to ask his name or anything.

I stared at the picture in my hand. Could Carlisle still be alive? I wondered putting the picture down on the desk and simply staring at it as another song came up on the cd player. This was a more modern song with a quick volin in it. I glanced over to the corner where Carlisle kept his own violin.

<I> Carlisle was one again in a room, a room that looked vaguely like the one he had in Volterra. This time with the same boy and a volin. He was teaching the boy how to play the song I was listening too…</i> That defiantly wasn’t a memory. I thought standing up rather quickly. Could that truly mean that my father was still alive? I wondered again as I began to make my way out of the office.

I was however stopped by Edward. <i> He’s still alive.</I> I said in my mind. Edward simply shook his head sadly at me.

“Alice, we saw the ashes. We could smell the smoke. He’s not alive, and as much as we would like him to be, nothing will change it.”

“But Edward, I saw him. In a vision.” I said quietly. My visions were never wrong.

“Alice, you only saw him because that’s what you wanted to see.” Edward insisted and I couldn’t help but stare at my brother. He had never questioned my visions before. Why would he question them now? There were many reasons why the Volturi would want to keep Carlisle from us after all. Couldn’t Edward see that? I wondered.

I'd tell you I love, but then I'd have to kill you~ Book Review

I’d Tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you~ Ally Carter

Amazon description:
Cammie Morgan is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a fairly typical all-girls school—that is, if every school taught advanced martial arts in PE and the latest in chemical warfare in science, and students received extra credit for breaking CIA codes in computer class.  The Gallagher Academy might claim to be a school for geniuses but it’s really a school for spies.

Even though Cammie is fluent in fourteen languages and capable of killing a man in seven different ways, she has no idea what to do when she meets an ordinary boy who thinks she’s an ordinary girl.  Sure, she can tap his phone, hack into his computer, or track him through town with the skill of a real “pavement artist”—but can she maneuver a relationship with someone who can never know the truth about her?

Cammie Morgan may be an elite spy-in-training, but in her sophomore year, she’s on her most dangerous mission—falling in love.

Joanna’s review;
I don’t normally read these types of books as most of you have probably guessed. I’m not big into the whole spy, mystery thing. However, with that being said, I have absolutely fallen in love with this series and cannot seem to get enough of them.

Cammie, while being a genius spy in training is also a normal girl who would rather not been seen if she can help it. She hates being the center of attention even though her mom is one of the best spies in the world and runs the Gallagher Academy. She refuses to give up, and in the end, I think she is someone that normal girls can relate too.

So instead of doing a book review for all three of the Gallagher books I have read so far, I’m just going to say that I looooove these books and highly recommend them.

Silent Vows (Alessandra Post)

(35 BC Volterra, Italy)

I was thankfully, for the first time in three days no longer thirsty. Having drank my fill in the throne rooms, only to later realize what a horrible, terrible thing I had done. I had killed humans simply for their blood. I had drunk until, I was no longer thirsty. Drinking until there was nothing left inside of them. Of course Aro and the others coed and awed over it. But I was utterly horrified at myself. I kept staring down at my hands, trying to desperately wake myself up. I kept hoping that it was all a bad dream. That I was still actually dying in the courtyard and not still living. Or rather one of the unliving. That I wasn’t a monster at all. That it was just a dream.

However, after three days of praying and desperately trying to wake myself up, I realized that this was nothing more than real. I was officially one of them a monster. A member of the Volturi now. Another piece added to Aro’s great master plan. And I didn’t relish in the fact that I was now a member of a vampire coven. That I was one of them.

“Do not see it as a curse.” Didyme had whispered to me when I finally realized that this wasn’t a dream. “See it as a gift.” She had instructed. A gift. She had said. How could this possibly be a gift. This was not a gift. It was a nightmare, I thought not for the first time, holding my stomach watching the stars twinkle high up in the darken sky.

I felt as if I had lost whatever life had once been inside of me. I felt as if I was nowhere to be found. All I could feel was the hurt and pain I had felt when I attempted to kill myself. All I could feel was hatred for the Volturi and its leader. I couldn’t think straight anymore. Everything was just a big blur. I was now one of them. I was part of their group, and nothing I did would change that. I couldn’t leave. I could never go home. At least not while there were people there who knew who I was.

Besides, it didn’t matter. There was no one left in Rome who could help me. Not now, not while I myself was the very creature I had once sought so desperately to destroy. And there was no use in pretending that I would be able to die one day. Vampires couldn’t die. They lived forever. The only way a vampire could die is if it was cut down to pieces and burned. Well, Aro had made it perfectly clear that this would never happened to me after I had pleaded with him when I had first woken.

If I had only slight my wrist a farther. If I had only managed to slip away before had found me. If I had only tried to kill myself while I was on the way to Rome. Perhaps I could have managed to succeed. Perhaps I would be some place happy right now. I could even be with Piran.

At the mere thought of Piran I closed my eyes and twisted the bracelet I still had on. I wondered what my once boyfriend would think of me now. He would probably be terrified of me. I thought sinking down to the spot where everything inside of me had died. I touched the grass softly.

It was there that I made a silent vow to myself. I would never be fully happy as a vampire. I would never be the same person I was before. Full of life and energy. Full of spirit and adventure. No, I would never command a room as I once did full of people, all eyes trained on me. I would never trust anyone again; I would never have friends or let myself get hurt the way I was when my family was killed and my life taken from me. From now on, I would walk alone. I would shut everything and everyone out. And no matter what the Volturi thought, I would never, never be part of them. And one day, one day I would have my revenge on the very people who thought me one of them. One day, I would either leave or I would die. Of that, I was certain.

More Gossip (Nora Post)

I caught a familiar scent on the trail I was on high up in the mountains in British Columbia. And after having traveled alone on foot for several days, I was rather happy to catch the scent. I stopped, and turned to run towards it, only to find a familiar face standing in front of me. The face suddenly hugged me and I laughed.

“Mary!” I said returning her hug. Happy to see an old friend.

“Nora, what are you doing in British Columbia? I thought you said you’d never leave the United States of America again.” She laughed.

“I’m on my way to Alaska.” I said dropping my suitcase.

“Alaska?” Mary asked. “What on earth for?”

“Surely you’ve heard by now of--- Dr. Cullen’s---“

“Execution? Yes I heard. I have to admit that I was rather surprised that the Volturi killed him. I had thought he was a friend of theirs.”

“Didn’t we all?” I answered. “I expect that the Volturi are going to have a revolt on their hands soon. I bet they wont see it coming.”

“Are you going to join it if one does come?” Mary asked and I shook my head.

“No. I promised Billie and Charlie that I wouldn’t.”

“So neither of them would either then?” Mary asked and I shook my head again.


“You never did tell me why you were going to Alaska.” Mary said and I laughed. She was persisted.

“The Denali live in Alaska. They’re good friends of the Cullens. And Esme’s gone to stay with them for a little while. I’m going there to stay with Esme. She needs a friend.” I answered picking up my suitcase.

“ Why did she go to the Denali? Wouldn’t her children need her?” Mary asked and I shrugged.

“I didn’t ask. It wasn’t my business. I was only concerned for her. I supposed I am worried about all of them. But Carlisle and Esme were mates and I cant image what I would do if that was Billie instead of Carlisle. Or even my brother….. I just, I thought she might need a friend. Besides the Denali of course. She needs to know we support her.”

“Then I wish you luck!” Mary said. “Oh, and please let me know when you get there!”

“Don’t worry, I will.” I said waving at Mary as I turned to leave. She didn’t ask me if she could join me, nor did I invite her. As technically, I was dropping in uninvited on the Denali. I hoped they wouldn’t mind too much. Though, I expected by now they knew I was coming.

The Final Answer (Alessandra Post)

(Volterra, Italy, 35 BC)

Safe. I thought hugging myself sitting on the edge of a pool in the Volturi court yard. Letting the sun gently shine down on me. Safe. I wondered what it felt like to be safe again. I thought looking around the courtyard. Glancing at the shadows, trying to determined if a vampire lurked in them. Even in their own castle the Volturi did not seem to go out in the sun. But surely I, a little human was allowed to enjoy a minuet of sunlight. If one could call wallowing in grief, enjoying sunlight.

For six months I had lived in a sort of dream, only surfacing now and then. I could barely remember any of it, except the four tiny walls in my room, hidden deep inside the Volturi Castle. It was only when Didyme found me half starved that Master Aro decided that I should be moved to a different “location” he had called in it. In other words, more suitable rooms. Didyme had suggested something with the view of the courtyard. So I could feel as if I had some space. Even though I didn’t.

The courtyard bedroom, only reminded me of the room I had in my family’s once beautiful villa. The villa that now stood in ashes and ruins, amongst the bodies of those I had loved so deeply. I kicked at the water allowing my feet to dangle, in the cool liquid. I closed my eyes and allowed the images of that day which haunted me to come back.

Every time I closed my eyes all I saw was their faces surrounded by smoke and flames. Piran, my mother and father, sister, our slaves, my aunt and her family. Her gentle new husband and most of all Piran. I let the tears silently stream down my cheeks as I felt for Piran’s bracelet. It was still there on my wrist. Where he had clasped it the day he had been so wrongly murdered. I could still hear the screams in my mind. The smell of blood and human flesh was still very vivid in my mind and I shook my head pulling up my knees.

Why, oh why did I have to have a special talent that no one posses? Why was I so special that the Gods decided to grant me this gift? This gift that killed my family. This gift that had forced me into the Temple of Vesta as one of the virgin Vestals. Why was my life so planned for me that I did not have a say in it?

And why, could I not persuade the Volturi to kill me? They killed plenty of people. I had seen them do it with my own eyes. After all it was the Volturi that had my family killed. It was the Volturi that had killed Piran. Why did they insist on keeping me even after I ran away? I wondered staring into my reflection in the pool.

How could Master Aro think that for a moment I would ever be happy as one of their kind? How could he think I would want to be like he was after everything he had put me through? I would never, never be part of the Volturi. I had tried everything I could to get the Volturi to kill me. Never imaging that they wouldn’t compile.

However, it seemed that after six months my pleading, and begging had brought me nothing but an elegant room with a walkway to the courtyard were a pool sat silently in the middle. Just like at home. No, I would never be part of the Volturi. I thought silently slipping my brother’s knife out of my dress sash. I had carried it with me since that. Waiting for the right moment to use it. And this seemed like as good as any.

No one was watching, none that I knew of at any rate. No one was there to stop me from--- from doing the deed and surely the Gods would forgive me. Wouldn’t suicide be better than living my life forever in the face of a monster? Wouldn’t the Gods be more pleased with me ending my life than allowing them to turn me into a vampire? A Demon?

The images of my family slowly returned and I could once again see the fire rise up before my eyes. Here my mother’s screams piercing through the air as I silently ran to her. I’m coming--- I’m coming--- I thought silently pressing the knife deep into my right wrist slicing it open where my veins where and then the other wrist. Yes, suicide seemed to be the final answer. My only way out of this hellish nightmare I was living in.

I stared down at my wrist watching red blood ooze out of them and for one moment panic rose up in my chest. But then, I pushed it down and closed my eyes. The mere idea that I was inside a castle full of vampires who would flock to drink my blood was hardly a concern. The only concern I felt was what my mother would say when I finally was reunited with her. Would Piran be sad when he saw my wrist? Would my father be disappointed? Vestus--- My little sister.

I slowly began to feel incredibly dizzy and swayed, lying down onto the grass. I felt the world go in and out as if I was in a dream and then slowly go black as I felt strong arms lift me up. Piran? I thought slowly trying to open my eyes, but all I saw was darkness.

The Headmistress' Office (Alessandra Post)

I sat staring at Skye in the Headmistress’ (where they called headmistress or Principal in a private school? Note to self, Google this. I do so love Google.) office. It was a strange feeling being inside an office of the leader of a school for the trouble of something I didn’t create. I had never been in this position before, let alone in the position which Skye now sat. I never got expelled from schools for any reason. Let alone sent to the Principal’s office for miss behaving as a human let alone a vampire. Unless you count being dragged back to the Volturi on the rare occasion by Jane and Alec. Luckily, Petrus sat beside me cool, calm and collective as always.

We were posing as Skye’s guardians for all things said and done. After all, technically, I supposed we were. Well, as technically and legally as you could get at any rate.

“She’s probably just going to ask us some questions. These types of people always want to know the basics.” Petrus was saying as I stared at the headmistress’ desk. (Which I might add was incredibly bare for a school teacher.)

“Or she just wants me to sign the school handbook and give me my class schedule.” Skye suggested. “ I don’t know why she insisted on seeing you two. It must be really weird for you guys. Being in a school full of humans” Skye smirked. I glared at her.

“I do have a few college degrees Skye.” I huffed. Stupid little human assuming I had never set foot in a school. “Also, I did graduate from the Forks Highschool was well. Thanks to Aro.” I muttered.

“Really? You went too highschool?”

“Yes, so I do know something of what you’re dealing with…” I said with a simple shrug.

“Then you have to know how boring it is!” Skye challenged me. I shrugged.

“Sure, but Skye, it is something you have to do.” I said. Petrus held up his hands.

“The headmistress is about to walk through those doors---“ Petrus began just as a rather tall woman in her late 40s with graying blond hair loosely blowing around her shoulders.

“I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting. I had another meeting that ran rather late.” She said taking Skye’s hand. “You must be Skye.” The woman said taking Skye’s hand and gently shaking it. “I am so pleased you have chosen our fine establishment.” She began.

“I didn’t choose it.” Skye muttered. “She did.” Skye added pointing to me. “If it were up too me---“ Skye started to say but I kicked her gently and she yelped. I smiled sweetly at the headmistress.

“I’m Mrs. Caroline Ruby. You may call me Mrs. Ruby. I understand you’ve had quite a strange few months. But we’re willing to put that behind us. As I am sure your Foster Parents have told you, we are not accustomed to taking students in your--- situation. However, given the generous donation---“

“You donated to this school?” Skye asked me. I shushed her.

“We’re willing to give you a try.” Mrs. Ruby said handing Skye her new school hand book and schedule. “I expect you to look over these and if you have any questions and concerns please don’t be afraid to ask. Now off you go. Elijah should be waiting outside to take you to your first class.”

Skye practically glowered and stood, picking up her book bag and stalking off through the room. I glanced at Petrus who raised an eyebrow (saying silently too me that he prayed this worked but didn’t think it would. I nodded in agreement.)

“Thank you so much for taking her in the middle of the year.” I said gathering my things. “Petrus and I appreciate the efforts you have made so much.”

“Yes well, as I said, we don’t normally do this. However----“

“Yes, yes. Money talks.” I said simply leaving the woman to gape after me. I was beginning to seriously wonder if this was the right school to put Skye in or not. The woman seemed so formal. The whole place did. Perhaps it would be better, I thought to tutor the girl myself. Or give that silly woman who insisted on staying locked up in the Volturi Library a call. Better yet, maybe I could call in a favor from Aro and have him force Anna into it. I grinned at that thought. After all Aro did owe me more than one favor. I thought. Then shook my head. No, perhaps I was simply jumping to conclusions. She could still make it. I thought watching Skye trudge behind poor Elijah.

“Wouldn’t it be something if Skye and Elijah---“ Petrus started to say but I laughed.

“About as funny as it would be having Anna come and tutor her.” I grinned.

“That would be a terrible payback.” Petrus laughed. “Though, I think it might be pure torture for Anna.”

“All the more reason to think about it.” I grinned.

“You are a wicked little bit aren’t you?” Petrus laughed shaking his head as we walked out of the school.

Bitterness cannot always be swayed by Happines

(Volterra, Italy, 35 BC)

I had been brought into a new room that was little more than the size one of the slave’s rooms in my father’s once beautiful villa. There was nothing more in the room than a cot on the floor, and a pitcher of water with a clay cup. I sat silently on the bed staring at the floor and squeezing the itchy wool blankets underneath me.

If Master Aro had promised me that I would be pampered than it was best that I had not believed him. For at the very moment I felt as if I was little more than the slave I technically was. I stared at the pitcher and cup in my room.

I was utterly exhausted yet I didn’t want to sleep. I knew that my sleep only be plagued by nightmares as it had been since that day Master Aro had my family and friends murdered. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw the ruined remains of what had once been my father’s home, and the tears would once again stream down my cheeks.

So instead of sleeping, I simply leaned up against the wall of my tiny cell and forced my eyes to stay open. How could he dream of keeping me here? I wondered. Did he not realize that I did not want to be a vampire? I didn’t want to become a monster. Only a monster would do the things he had done. It wasn’t fair that the Gods decided to grant me with such a cruel fate, with no way out. Why oh why wouldn’t he just kill me? Surely the blood of a priestess was better than that of a mere peasant. I thought looking down at the veins flowing through my thin arm.

It was then that I realized exactly how hungry I truly was and heard my stomach growl. I could do with a decent meal. The last time I had eaten was the bit of food I had in Rome before Caius had found me. I glanced over at the huge door to my room but only to fine that it was bolted with such a big bolt, I knew I could never lift it with my mind.

I had to be born with a powerful talent. I thought bitterly lifting a small stone on the floor with my mind and watching it dance in front of me. It was this very talent that had landed me inside the temple of Vesta forcing me to give up my virginity to a goddess I had known nothing about at the time. My talent had caused my family’s murder. My talent had killed Piran. I thought silently twisting the bracelet I still wore which he had so carefully fashioned for me. The shiny sea stones used to shine in the light. But now it was as filthy as I was.

An image of Piran came unbidden as I stared down at the tiny bracelet. I could see him standing before me, smelling of the horses he so carefully kept for my father. His gentle eyes looking kindly down at me and I sucked my breath in. Wishing more than ever that I could simply die. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing. I thought bitterly pulling up my legs and burying my head into them. Letting the tears silently stream down my cheeks.


“Vestia…” I heard a gentle woman’s voice say but I didn’t lift my head up. I felt the cold, gentle touch of a vampire and decided that I did not want to look up at the woman I knew was kneeling before me. “Vestia, I know you are awake.” The voice said very gently. “I brought you some food.” The voice continued moving a tray of food in front of me so I could smell it. I heard my stomach growl but refused to look up. If Master Aro would not kill me, than perhaps I could starve myself. I thought.

“Vestia.” The voice said again very gently and I felt a wave of gentle happiness creep over me. I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to be happy. I thought bitterly. The vampire sighed. “Vestia.” She said my name again more firmly, and I finally relented lifting my head up to see her burgundy eyes which were full of concern.

“Leave me alone.” I whispered letting my legs down. The tears still flowing down my checks despite Didyme’s best efforts.

“You’re blocking me out.” She said softly. I looked down. No, I wasn’t blocking her out, but I refused to let her talent change the way I was truly feeling.

“Please Didyme, please kill me.” I begged the vampire woman. Didyme sighed softly and shook her head.

“You know I could never do that.” She said gently touching my cheek. “I did not save you from those poachers all those years ago to simply kill you now. Life as a vampire is not as bad as you may think.” She said kindly. Once again sitting the tray of food on my lap.

“How can you think that for a moment, I want to be part of this?” I asked shaking my head. “How can you truly believe I want to be a member of the Volturi after whathe did…” I whispered choking down tears. Didyme tried once again to send a wave of happiness over me but I shook it off as best as I could.

“I may not always agree with my brothers methods dear, but you would be part of a great and powerful family…. One that would go on for all eternity….”

“I was part of a great and powerful family.” I snapped. “Please Didyme. Please---“ I begged.

“Sh… Let us not talk about your death. For the moment. You need a bath, and some food, Sulpicia has found a new dress for you. One of silk. Would you like that?” Didyme tried ignoring my pleas. I simply stared at her.

“Just leave me alone, if you’re not going to kill me.” I said pushing myself away from her. Didyme simply sighed.

“As you wish, but darling, once Aro makes up his mind there is no stopping him.” She said gently bolting the door behind her.

I sat on the cot staring at the bolted door and closed my eyes, shoving the food away. The smell of it only upsetting my stomach even more. Of one thing I was certain, I would never become a Volturi member.

Silly Foolish Girl (Alessandra Post)

35, BC Volterra Italy

“Maybe you will get your wish in the end. When Aro reads your silly little mind and discovers your secrets. . . perhaps he will decided you cannot be trusted and are not worth. . . I would vote for your execution, certainly. We do not need unwilling guards, nor do we need foolish little girls. Aro’s obsession with new, shiny gifts is downright ludicrous.” Caius said in a voice so full of hatred that I simply had to stare at him for a moment.

Silly and foolish? Me? I thought glaring at him for a moment, silent in his arms. I was hardly silly and foolish. I was a Priestess of Vesta. Did he not know who he was talking too? If Caius had been anyone else, I could have had him put to death the moment he dragged me out of Rome. I could have had him put to death for simply laying a finger on me.

However as it was, he was not just anyone, and while his words cut my pride like the knife that had killed my brother, I simply had no more energy left in me to fight him off.

Perhaps he was right. Perhaps this Master Aro of mine, would see how stupid his ideas of keeping me against my will was. And if he didn’t? If he didn’t see how stupid and silly it was, than I would find a way to kill myself before he was able to turn me. I would never become a monster as he was.

I felt angry tears sting my eyes and not for the first time wondered what I had done to displeased the Gods so. Yet I knew I what I had done. Perhaps I had been a silly foolish girl to break my vows of chastity. Was this to be my punishment then? A life of immortality as a monster? As a general rule, a Vestal who was found to have broken her vows was murdered. I had always thought the vows of chastity were stupid. How could vowing to be chaste help you grow closer to the Gods? For even the Gods had slept with one another? So why was it so wrong that their priests and priestess’ should not do the same?

I had never felt so in adept to control my own life as I did at that moment. Why did the Gods have to be so cruel? I wondered slightly cursing them. I closed my eyes, hating the idea of becoming a monster with every step that Caius took.

Perhaps, Master Aro would feel that I wasn’t trustworthy enough for the task. Why should he? He would take me against my will and turn me into something I did not want too be. How could he trust me when he knew I did not want to be a vampire? What made him think I would obey him? What made him think I would honor his wishes?

I made a silent promise to myself that if, if I did become a vampire, I wouldn’t like it. I would never be happy and Master Aro would become even more of an enemy than I saw him as. And one day, one day I would get my revenge on the lot of them. If it took two thousand years, I wouldn’t care how long it took. I would one day, die. This I was certain of. Because surely to die would be the greatest revenge on Master Aro. And if I couldn’t die, than I knew that one day I would leave the Volturi. I just didn’t know how.

But at the very given moment, the one thing I wanted most in the world was death to wrap her arms around me and sweep me off to Hades.


Caius tossed me to the floor of a great, round room with pillars holding it up and tiny windows so high that the sun could surely not make it into the room. I screamed in pain as I felt my ankle twist and bit my lip staring at the granite beneath me. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at the sandaled feet of Master Aro. I slowly lifted my eyes to meet his.

“You caused her to twist her ankle.” Marcus said standing up and glaring at Caius. I looked back over my shoulder and cringed as Caius shrugged.

“She deserves far worst.” He spat pulling me up to a standing position. I fell to the ground the moment he let go twisting my ankle even farther, and I knew I would not be able to runaway again for some time on a twisted ankle. I cried out hitting the ground.

“Please Vesta, do not punish me farther for the crimes that I have committed against you.” I whispered as Master Aro knelt to the ground and gently lifted my chin. I only wish to die, why can you not at least grant me this? I added silently to the Goddess wondering if she was even listening.

Getting Caught (Alessandra Post)

35 BC Rome, Italy

Almost there. I thought. Almost there. You’re almost there Vestia. You can make it. I continued to walk down a road staying hidden in trees and shadows. Always traveling at night. I could almost make out the great city of Rome on the horizon. I could certainly smell the city before I could see it and I knew that by the time the sun came up, I would be home. I felt tears of relief come to my eyes at the mere thought of being home. Of being safe. Knowing that Master Aro and his band of vampires could never break through the city and kidnap me inside its walls. I had certainly been stupid to go home. But how could I have known what Master Aro had been planning. If only I had visited the Oracles before going home. I might have had a clue. I thought slipping silently into Rome.

Now, that I was finally home, all I had to do was make my way to the Vestal Temple. Or perhaps to the home of Augustus. I stood silently debating what to do and then, I could smell it. Bread and fish, food, being cooked. Rome, after all never slept and I realized I had not eaten a decent meal since leaving Volterra.

Oh sure, Master Aro had made sure I had the best of everything. Best clothing, best food, a body servant even a guard. Though, I had fooled all of them. I stared at the bar I came upon and dipped my hand into the bag I had stolen. Luckily there were a few coins. Before I could stop myself I found that I was standing in front of the bar asking for a bite to eat. The man did not recognize me. I was not dressed in my normal robes and I quickly stepped away thankfully nibbling on my food. I knew I must have looked like a street urchin. My silk robe was soiled my long curly hair was a mess and I hadnt bathed in several days. But I didn’t care. I was home.

I slowly began to make my way back towards the temple where I lived. Deciding it was best to go home before going to Octavian. I was half way home when I realized there was a shape behind me. I turned around and gasped as I was suddenly tossed to the ground. I let out a scream and found myself being thrown once again deep into the alley I was walking in.

“No…” I whispered trying to find something to shield myself with when I saw Caius standing before me. I scooted backwards staring at the vampire.

“You silly, stupid little girl. I out to kill you right here. Let Rome find out what happens when humans mess with vampires!” Caius snapped lifting me up and fully expecting me to fight back instead I slacked in his arms. Yes, I thought Death would be a pleasure.

“Please---“ I started to say.

“Begging wont save you.” Caius said. “Aro wants me to take you home alive. But I cannot tolerate a runaway. “

“I wasn’t going to beg you to save my life.” I said finally. And Caius relaxed his grip a bit.

“No?” He asked taken off guard.

“I was only going to ask the Goddess for forgiveness for my families’ death. Please, kill me.” I said desperately. It would be much easier if Caius killed me. Then I wouldn’t have to commit suicide “I don’t want to be a vampire.” I tried to explain. “I don’t want to live forever.”

“I would have thought that a Vestal Virgin would have considered immortality a great honor.” Ciaus said letting me down rather roughly. I hit the stone and shook my head.

“Please?” I asked softly.

“No, I don’t think I will. I think I’ll take you home and let Aro deal with you. How you managed to escape under noises is beyond me! You a mere human! You could make an interesting guard yet.” Caius said lifting me up easily in arms and I closed my eyes letting the tears flow down my cheeks. No, I wasn’t going to become a guard. I thought silently praying to the Goddess to let me die.

Timeless book review

Timeless~ Gail Carriger

Amazon Description:

Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, has settled into domestic bliss. Of course, being Alexia, such bliss involves integrating werewolves into London High society, living in a vampire's second best closet, and coping with a precocious toddler who is prone to turning supernatural willy-nilly. Even Ivy Tunstell's acting troupe's latest play, disastrous to say the least, cannot put a damper on Alexia's enjoyment of her new London lifestyle.

Until, that is, she receives a summons from Alexandria that cannot be ignored. With husband, child, and Tunstells in tow, Alexia boards a steamer to cross the Mediterranean. But Egypt may hold more mysteries than even the indomitable Lady Maccon can handle. What does the vampire Queen of the Alexandria Hive really want from her? Why is the God-Breaker Plague suddenly expanding? And how has Ivy Tunstell suddenly become the most popular actress in all the British Empire?

Joanna’s review:

Without giving too much of this book away, can I just say that I love, love, love this series and I love Gail Carriger’s style of writing. She paints images and pictures in your mind and makes you easily feel as if you were there, inside her stories right along with Alexia and Ivy and all her characters.

And this book, I would have to say is by far one of my favorites from the series. It took me a whole of probably three days to finish it. And I highly recommend it. Along with her other books. Especially for those who enjoy reading Steampunk and Victorian novels.

Some new crafts and Cecile!

Goodness, it has been a while since I last updated my blog and I have no idea why I havent kept it updated. I guess I just simply--- havent. lol.

well to start, I've made a few crafts the past month and here they are. I thought it would be fun to make this cute little Matryoshka Doll that I found on Esty. It was fairly simple to make and didnt cost too much considering how I had all the items I needed for it at home already. Although the one Esty looks a bit better I think. But mine is still cute. Here is the one from Esty. Here is mine.

And then I decided I wanted to make another bracelet to honor the Woman who fought so bravely to get women the vote. The colors for the Woman's Suffrage during the Victorian era were Purple, White and Green. So my bracelet are those colors.

Oh and I found this cute little DIY video for a Kawaii deco iphone case. I had to try it. Here is how mine turned out. I am very happy with it. :)

And finally, a few weeks ago I found a Girls of Many Lands, Cecile doll on ebay for about 20 dollars. She's used and did not come with the original necklace, stand or shoes. But those can easily be fixed. I did try and remake the necklace. However I think the beads are too big. But they work. Here she is. :) 

So there ya have it. A small little update by me! Hope you enjoyed it lol.