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Last trip to Seattle (Alice Post Twilight)

The trip to Seattle was one of my favorites in Washington and I realized suddenly that this was probably going to be the last one I would make until we moved back to Forks after most everyone here was dead and gone. I looked over at Jasper who was deep in thought and staring out the window.  I suddenly felt a gentle, happy calm come over me and I shook my head. Music from the 20s gently playing in the speakers I turned to Jasper.

“I know.” He said before I said anything. That was one of the things I loved about Jazz. He always knew what I was thinking before I thought it. I sighed. I hated leaving Forks, but we had no choice. It was very clear that the Volturi would be watching us very closely. Not for the first time, I was very glad that Jasper had cleared all our files as we went about our long immortal lives.

“I wish we didn’t have to leave. I suppose I should be used to it by now.”

“I know. I do like Forks. I like Forks better than any place we’ve ever been too. It feels like home you know? I think moving is always hard on us. But at least we’re all back together now. A family again.” Jazz said sweetly and I couldn’t help but smile at my husband. I knew that Jasper didn’t feel the exact same way about the Cullens as I did. But he still thought of them as family. They were our family even though Carlisle didn’t change us. We were still part of his family.

“I guess it’s for the best. We should talk to Carlisle before we move and make sure he lets you break into the hospital works and school records and delete our files. ”

“Already on it.” Jasper replied. “I’ve been trying to think of a name to go by. Everyone else is changing their names. I probably should too. I was thinking of going by Jasper Carlisle. What do you think?”

“I like it!” I replied after giving the name some thought. It had a certain ring to it. “ I’m going to go by Alice Mary Whitlock. I havent used your name in ages and besides, Alice and Mary are such common names.”

“Mrs. Whitlock, I do love the idea of you using my name again.” Jazz said his sweet southern accent coming out a bit heavy. I laughed. Of course I knew he would.

“So what are we going to tell J. Jenks?” I asked.

“That we need new IDs and to have them as soon as possible.” Jazz said with a shrug as I finally pulled into Seattle. I nodded. I knew that Jenks would provide our Ids for us. It was just a matter of working around him. He was still a human and no matter how afraid of us he was, he could still spill the beans so to speak. I searched ahead in the future to see if he ever would. As I always did right before we visited him. Of course he would never tell anyone about us. Satisfied I began the trip over to his place.

“Don’t worry Jazz. He is never going to tell anyone about us.”

“That’s not what worries me about Jenks. Its more about someone else finding about us on accident. But I trust him…. Well I trust him enough.” Jasper said frowning. It was clear he didn’t trust Jenks completely either. It was always hard to trust humans straight through. The only reason why we trusted Bella as much as we did was because she was now part of the family and was always going to be part of it.  We didn’t really trust Charlie, but he liked me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Vampire Problem (Rebecca Twilight Post)

Even though, it was in the middle of the day, Boston was as dark as night due to the cloudy skies and rain that seemed to sink into everything making it as wet as the ocean. I splashed through the sidewalks with my parasol umbrella and couldn’t help but watch the corners and alleys, any dark and gloomy place for the man Piper and I had seen in the corner at the coffee shop.

“Becky, he’s obviously gone.” Piper said stopping to buy another coffee. “What?” She asked when I gave her a looked that I hope said seriously? How many coffees do you need? “I’m cold.”

“There is such a thing as hot chocolate too you know.” I said ordering one for myself. “And I don’t think he’s gone.” I added because I knew the vampires. I knew he wasn’t gone but most likely lurking about some place watching me from his secret spot. I thought I saw a movement on the rooftops in front of me and glanced up. Whatever it was was gone the moment I tried to make eye contact. Yes, he was watching me. I thought looking back at Piper.

“Really, Becky I bet he is still at the coffee shop.” Piper insisted as we made our way home through Boston and I shook my head. We had left Tyler and Noah at the college and continued on our way.

“Piper don’t you know anything about my family by now?” I asked shaking my head. It was common knowledge that every few hundred years someone in my family went missing due to a certain vampire. No one knew his name. No one knew what happened to the person who went missing. However, one thing was certain. It was the same vampire who had created the troubles for my Grandparents back in the 1630s.

“So do you think he turns them or something?” Piper asked changing the subject. I shook my head.

“No, I don’t think he does. I think he tries to turn them but ends up killing them. Or something. No one in my family would ever---“ At least I didn’t think anyone would ever allow themselves to be turned into a vampire. That would be the worst way to insult the Owens in the world. But then, how do you explain the missing bodies? Were vampires really so good at hiding them? I wondered.

“Uh-uh. You aren’t sure.” Piper said shaking her head pushing the screen opened to the very home Emma and Patrick Owens built all those years ago. I looked at her for a moment and then sighed.

“Okay, you are right, I don’t know.”

“Rebecca, what happened?” Dad asked the instant I walked in the door. “I saw something--- Vague--- I came home straight away from work. Oh, hello Piper.” He added as an afterthought. Dad was so used to Piper being at my side that she was almost part of the family. Her families’ secrets were ours and so forth.

“I saw him. “ I said softly, staring at my dad, and taking a deep breath. I hadn’t realized until I got home that I was shaking. “I saw one Dad.” I whispered.

“Are you sure?” My father asked and I nodded my head. Vampires were easy to spot if you knew what you were looking for.

“Yes Dad. Piper saw him first. I think he followed us home. I tried to take a different route and I tried to elude him. But---“

“Vampires are fast.” Dad said and I nodded. He sighed. “We knew this day was coming sooner or later.” He sat down on a leather recliner in the living room.

“What should I do Dad? I mean I cant just stop life because a vampire is following me.”

“No, no. that wouldn’t be wise. Let’s pretend as if we don’t know they’re and see where that gets us okay?” Dad suggested and I shook my head. That wasn’t a good idea either. He knew we knew about him.

“Dad I think he knows.” I said. “He made eye contact with me at the coffee shop.”

“That makes things a bit more difficult. I guess the only thing we can do is too keep going about our daily lives.”

“You mean just let whatever is supposed to happen, happen?” I asked sitting down on the sofa across from my dad.

“Not exactly. We’ll watch him. I am sure he is watching us. This will be a perfect time to watch him. Perhaps we can still win this.”

“Maybe…” I said looking over at Piper who simply shrugged. I seriously didn’t like my Dad’s approached to the whole matter. A Vampire was following me and who knew how long he had been watching me. My dad said to simply wait and watching him. But I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. I frowned. I had to think of something. I was not going to be turned or killed if I could help it. I had far too much to do as a human to get turned and far too much to do to get killed.

A strange man in a coffee shop (Rebecca Twilight Post)

“…. And what was the difference between the pilgrims that settled James Town and the Pilgrims that settled Boston?” Mr. Brimes was asking. I rolled my eyes and looked over at my best friend.

“One set had Witches and the other where Christians.” I whispered to Piper who laughed.

“You are insufferable.” She whispered right back.

“Well it is true.”

“I dare you to say that to Mr. Brimes.” Piper said. I shook my head she knew I couldn’t. She also was one of the only people in the room that knew what I was. However we had been best friends since we were in diapers and you cant keep secrets from your best friend like that. Besides, her mother was a witch and so was Piper.

“You know I cant Piper. They’d have our heads if I did. Besides, he wouldn’t believe me. The Pilgrims couldn’t possibly have witches among them.” I said.

“True to that. I propose that we skip the next class and go and get coffee. I’m practically asleep as it is.”

“Because we stayed up all night reading Jane Austen.” I laughed.

“Miss Owens, do you have something to share with the class?” Mr. Brimes asked. Piper giggled and I glared at her.

“No sir, only--- I was wondering what you thought of Jane Austen?”

“That is not a suitable topic Miss Owens. We were discussing----“ I drowned him and rolled my eyes looking back down at the book I had hidden inside my history book. It was much more interesting the history of Boston which I already knew. Of course my story of it was very different from Mr. Brimes. History books never got it right.


“Mr. Brimes is absolutely awful.” Piper said sipping on her cappuccino. I nodded.

“He’s not the worst of them.” I said trying to give Mr. Brimes something. Though I couldn’t think of anything off the back that would make him better than some of the others.

“True. Oh look It’s Tyler and Noah.” Piper said motioning for our friends to join us.

“Black Rebel Motorcycle is coming to town and look who scored tickets!” Noah said popping four tickets down on the table.”

“Front row and back stage passes for all four of us!” Noah exclaimed, excitedly. I smirked; I wondered how he could always have so much energy. Even at 9am in the morning.

“How many cups of coffee have you had Noah?” Piper asked.

“Seven, why?”

“No reason.” She laughed.

“So--- are we excited or what?”

“Oh totally. The band is awesome I cant wait!” I said sitting my drink down on the table next to my kindle.

“Who is that man, Becky?” Piper suddenly asked.

“What man?” I asked. Now staring about the coffee shop. I saw no one that I should be worried about. Of course I never really paid attention to people. I was used to being invisible to them and hanging with my small group of friends.

“That man, in the corner. The strange one with---“

“With what?” I asked looking into the corner and then staring. I dropped the ticket I held in my hands. “The strange man with the pale skin?” I asked softly and Piper nodded. “We’re leaving.” I said looking at Noah and Tyler.

“Is he---“ Piper asked and I nodded.

“I don’t know why you are so upset. We could totally take him. I mean you know I have a black belt.”

“No, you couldn’t take him. Believe me, Tyler.” I said softly taking his hand and practically dragging him out of the coffee shop and into the streets where I hailed a taxi. I had to talk to my father about this.

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McKenna Shoots for the Stars

McKenna's New movie! 

In a few weeks, American Girl is releasing McKenna's movie! I cant wait for the movie to come out and plan on buying it the day it gets released. The date it comes out is July 3rd and On the 14th the movie is being premiered on NBC :) I loved McKenna's books when I first read them and I really want the doll. She's so cute. you can see her here. I plan on re reading the books before the movie comes out.

Also, American Girl has announced that they are releasing a new doll in September! Her name is going to be Caroline Abbott and there is some speculation that she will be from 1812! I love the Regency area and I have always wanted a regency era doll. So I cant wait for Caroline to come out. Watch out for more information. :)

You may also expect some McKenna related crafts as well as Regency era crafts most likely lol.

A Brother's Approval (Alessandra Post)

The smell of wet soil immediately hit my nose as I stepped out into the courtyard of my home and looked up at the sky. It was raining, and it had been raining for the past three days. One would think that it would never stop raining the way the skies had opened up and pour out all their tears. Creating a rather gloomy and gray world. However, the weather simply was not going to drown my for once happy mood. Today, Petrus had officially asked me to marry him and I said yes!

I had of course at felt terrible for telling Petrus I would be with him forever. There were so many things that could come into play and split us apart. The volturi--- other sources. Chelsea, my brother. But after talking it over, it was decided that perhaps if we bound ourselves together by the laws of nature and the world and vows, perhaps we could break anything the Volturi may try and come at us with. Not that I was too worried about the Volturi. I was still Aro’s pet despite the fact that I was no longer living among the Volturi. Perhaps it was better to keep it that way. Secretly begin to leave the Volturi and their cruel forces and strike it out on my own.

I had Skye now, and Petrus and Karla. I supposed I had my brother still. I may not entirely approve of him at all anymore. But he was still my brother. I had my own home… I did have my own money as well. So that wasn’t entirely an issue at all. One did know how to gain income after two thousand years. Okay, even if half of it was Aro’s. He never said I couldn’t invest it. There was really no reason why I had to go back to the Volturi. It was just all so complicated with them. But perhaps, just perhaps I could finally begin to break away.

I sat down on a rather wet stone bench in front of the fountain I had installed in the courtyard in front of the pool and gently dipped my hand into it. Moving my hand back and forth in the water, I couldn’t help but smile. I had never thought it was going to be possible to be happy as a vampire. I thought I was always going to be in this void of hell. The very idea that I could be happy at all was a pure miracle. I only wished Vestus or Alex as he now preferred to be called could be as happy as I was. I felt almost bad about it, but then, Alex had chosen his path, or rather Aro had chosen it and he had decided to go along with it. So I couldn’t feel too bad.

I fished in my jean pocket for my cell phone and decided I should call Alex and tell him the good news. I had no idea how he was going to feel about it. He had at one time been best friends with Piran. Perhaps he had forgotten Piran. I sighed as I looked at the number on my phone. And then there was the relationship I had with Alex. I wondered how he would handle my marriage? Probably not very well and decided against calling him.

“You should really learn to not think so much.” A voice said suddenly behind me and I turned to see the very person I was trying to avoid a phone call with. I always wondered how my brother could turn up when I was thinking about him the most. I shook my head. Damn him. Now I was going to have to tell him. He’d probably already seen the ring.

“And you shouldn’t sneak up on people.” I said annoyed. He pulled me into his arms and tried to kiss me but I pushed him away. “Alex.” I said softly.

“Oh please, tell me you’re still not going on about that Bible stuff.” My brother said trying to pull me back into his arms.

I shook myself out of his grasp and looked up at my brother. “No… It’s not that… It’s more---“I frowned. “I’m marrying Petrus.” I said with a shrug. Finally coming out and saying it.

“You’re what?” Alex asked a bit shocked finally releasing me.

“Marrying Petrus.” I responded again. “It would hurt him too much if he saw us--- together like that--- He doesn’t think the way we do and I--- I don’t want to lose him the way I did---“

“Piran.” Alex said simply and sighed. “I guessed I should have known you would want to marry this Petrus.”

“I thought you liked Petrus.”

“I do like him and I think its wonderful that you are so happy with him. But marriage? Really Alessandra most of our kind don’t marry.” I sighed.

“Marriage is bonding.” I said softly.

“So you think. Did you know what the amount of married couples who get divorced are?” I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, I just wanted to tell you.” I said simply and started to leave, but Alex caught my arm and swung me around gently.

“Arent you going to invite me to the wedding?”

“Depends on if you can behave yourself and approve.” I said looking up at Alex.

“You’re going to marry him with or without my approval so I might as well approve.”

“Then you can come.”I said simply. Alex sighed.

“Vestia , you are my twin sister. Do you have any idea how much you mean to me? Please don’t shut me out.” I looked up at my brother for a moment I saw the old Vestus. The brother I had loved not only as sister but in so many other ways and I gave in. I slowly let him pull me into his arms.

“I could never shut you out Vestus.” I said softly letting him kiss me gently on my head. “I could never leave you. You are the only family I have left. Mama and Papa—I just couldn’t. But oh Vestus--- You’re so different.” I looked up into my brothers and saw for a moment the eyes he once had.

“That was Aro’s doing.” He said coldly.

“And yet you still do his binding.”

“So do you.”

“Not like you.” I said.

“Can we change the subject back to your marriage? Do you have a date yet?”

“No.” I smiled finally. “Not yet. But soon. It wont be a large wedding. It may not even be a wedding at all. But there will be a small something.”

“Just to say you did it?” Alex asked and I nodded.

“Pretty much.” I smiled. I still could not believe I was going to marry Petrus.

Kirsten's New Wig, New Crafts and other cute things

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I know, I havent posted in a long time. However, I've been pretty busy. My siblings came last week and we went all over the place in Alaska. We did tons of sight seeing and I had loads of fun. :) I really needed that vacation and I feel much happier after it. Work seems to be going better and so does everything else. I've also started my crafts again. :) which is great because thats what I really enjoy doing. and I've started writing too.

Here are some things I've made. I had been working on a new outfit for Skye. I'm not sure I really like it. but it works.

I also added tassels to a pretty pillow I've had around for a few years now. the tassels really add a pretty texture to it. :) You cant really see the tassels but they are there.

In the 1970s they had a fade of toys called pet rocks. The rock would come in a little box that was made to look like a cage of sorts and a pamphlet of how to take care of your rock. Well, I had an idea of making a pet rock. But after researching it turns out the rock was simply that. A rock. So, after searching all over Alaska on my vacation, I decided to adopt a little rock for my own. Here it is :) Here is also a link all about pet rocks lol. Pet Rocks Link

And a few weeks ago I was looking at my little Kirsten doll. The one I've had since I was seven and realized how terrible she looked. I am honestly surprised she survived my childhood in tack at all. While browsing the American Girl website, I found that if you took baking soda and mix it with water, you can create a bit of a cleaning paste for your doll's skin. After applying the paste and letting it dry.Kirsten suddenly became clean for the first time in like 20 something years lol. Here is what she looked like after she was cleaned. 

I looked into the idea of sending Kirsten into the American Girl doll hospital. However, I didnt like the idea that if she came back, she wouldnt be my doll. She'd be brand new. Because I would totally have to replace the whole doll as there are some other things wrong with her. Then, I came up with the idea of buying a wig for her to fix her hair. As you can see I cut it when I was little lol. 

I found a wig off Esty which you can see here. The wig matched Kirsten's expect that it wasnt really as long as her original hair and its a bit wavy and curly. But I liked it so I bought it. Got within two weeks and here is Kirsten with her new hair which she just loves. :) It was much cheaper than sending my doll in too. 24 dollars for a new wig vrs 100 for a new doll. I think the wavy and curly hair adds a bit of personal style to Kirsten lol. 

And last but not least, I took my mini Maire Grace along with me on vacation. Here is a cute little picture of her with the mountains of Alaska behind her. She's on the Seward Highway right side of Anchorage. It is considered one of the most beautiful roads in America. 

Oh and I bought a new movie last weekend called Radio Rebel. Its from the disney channel and while most of the disney channel movies lately havent been on my top lists of movies. However, this one was cute. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Doing something I shouldnt be (Bella post)

“So, how are my bikes doing?” I asked as Jake opened the barn doors and the sun glittered down on said bikes. They were really nothing more than scrap metal I had picked up from the junkyard.

“Oh you know, I’ve been waiting to work on them with you.” Jake said throwing off his jacket and sitting down on the grown tinkering with one of the bikes. I sat down on a chair we had brought down from the house and put Elizabeth next to me.

“It’s so weird, you being a mom now.” Jake commented. I smiled at him than looked down at Elizabeth.

“You don’t really know what its like until you have a child.” I said smiling. “It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.”

“Wow, I thought your blood sucker was the---“

“Shut up Jake.” I said shaking my head.

“Okay, okay. Hey, I’m sorry.” Jake said seeing that I was clearly upset. I hated it when Jake called Edward and the rest of my family blood suckers. Sure they drank blood but it was animal blood. Not human blood. They didn’t hurt anyone. They weren’t like other vampires. So Jake had no right calling Edward a blood sucker in that tone.

“Anyway, what’s really going on between you and Ed—ward?” Jake asked. I blinked and stared at him for a moment. I didn’t think it was that obvious. “I mean there has to be some other reason for you wanting to be here with me more than you are at home. Besides the whole Doc business.”

“I told you, there is just some tension in the house and its making me uncomfortable.”

“Bella, you’ve rarely spent any time away from Edward since the day you meant. I know there is something going on.”Jake said. I stared at Jake and then glanced at Elizabeth. She was sleeping soundly once again. Jake knew there was something else going on. Of course he did. He knew me better than anyone else except maybe Edward.

“Carlisle’s death has caused some tension between us. That’s all.” I said. “It will pass in time. Edward’s just so upset over it. He blames himself… There isnt anything I can say to make it better. I mean I guess it would be like if Charlie or Billy where to die. How would we feel?”

“Like hell.” Jake said finally after a few minutes of silence. “You really think it will past, this tension?”

“Yeah. Edward just needs some time to deal with this.”

“Bella’s he’s pushing you aside to deal with his grief. That’s not the way to handle grief.” Jake insisted.

“Jake, everyone deals with grief differently. Edward’s known Carlisle a long time. Longer than either you or me have been alive. So it’s different for him you know? He just needs some space, and I am willing to give it to him. Besides, what are you complaining about? I’m spending time with you as a result.” I smirked. “And Edward, doesn’t know where I am. You should be happy.”

“Wait you didn’t tell him about the bikes or coming here?” Jake asked thoroughly surprised.

“Nope. He knows I bought the bikes. But he thinks I sent them back to the junkyard. Least, that’s where I was told him I was going.”

“What about Alice?”

“She’s had other things to worry about than keeping me in her visions at all time. I guess I kinda slipped through. And besides, she cant see past you. Remember?”

“Oh right.” Jake responded smirking. It was clear that he loved having one up on Edward. So I let him gloat. Besides, I was sorta, enjoying myself. Being with Jake was different from being back home. It was pleasant. Like it was before he became a wolf. Plus, for once, I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that I was doing something, I knew I shouldnt be doing. Something the Cullens would most likely frown on. But hey, Jasper had a bike. So why couldnt I?

Monday, June 4, 2012

I told you so! (Alice Post)

“Can you believe it? Some Radom vampire called pretending to be Carlisle!” Rosalie was saying the minute I opened the door. I stared at her. Some random person? Why would some random---- Then it suddenly dawned on me. That random vampire wasn’t just anyone! It was Carlisle! Of course I had not told Rosalie about my visions because of Edward and Jasper but they were both standing in the living room as I got home and I glared at them. Jasper shrugged.

“Rosalie what did you say?” I asked.

“I hung up on him. What else was I supposed do? Carlisle is---- Alice what aren’t you telling me?”

“Rosalie! That <i>was</i> Carlisle!” I said dropping my bags. “What number did he call from?”

“Alice, Carlisle---“

“Carlisle is not dead!” I practically all but shouted! “He’s in Denali right now with Esme!”

“Wait—What are you saying Alice?” Emmett asked.

“I’m telling you our father is still alive! The only reason why I never mentioned it before was because Jasper and Edward told me not too. Neither of them believed me! They didn’t want to believe me. No one believed me. Oh how I wanted to tell Nora the truth, but I couldn’t. That wasn’t some random vampire, Rosalie. That <i>was</i> Carlisle. If you had any sense at all you would have recognized his voice! I cannot believe you hung up on him!” I all but shouted. The weeks of keeping my visions bottled up inside and letting the others give me strange looks, finally getting to me. I could feel Jasper trying to calm me down but I didn’t let him. I sent my husband a glare. “And you! Don’t even try and calm me down. You didn’t believe me Jasper!” I snapped.

“Alice we saw the ashes!” Jasper said calmly.

“Those ashes were not Carlisle’s. Alessandra believed me.”

“You called Alessandra?” Edward asked a bit stunned.

“Well, I had to do something.”

“So you’ve known this whole time he was alive, and didn’t bother to tell us?” Emmett asked coolly. I nodded.

“Would you have believed me any more than they did?” I asked. Rosalie sighed.

“She’s right, Em.” Rosalie responded. “We wouldn’t have.”

“Now do you believe me?” I asked. “Anyway, we should plan on leaving soon. I told Esme we would be in Alaska for Christmas!”

“But, I didn’t buy Carlisle anything.” Rosalie whined.

“Don’t worry; I bought presents for Carlisle from everyone in Seattle. And we should tell Nora.” I announced.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Visions of a special visitor (Alice Post)

I could see my father for all purposes and such running through the snow and reaching the Denali National Park. His clothes were in a terrible disarray and he looked almost like a school boy as he practically leaped across the Denali Tundra towards Esme. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw him reach the Denali’s home and the shocked looks on our cousins’ faces as he walked into their house. No one believed me that Carlisle was alive. But soon, soon (I had to remind myself) He would present himself to our close friends and then my family.

I gave Nora a hug as she left through security at the Seattle Airport and then made my way home thinking how wonderful it was going to be to have everyone in Denali for Christmas. I decided to call Esme. Carlisle would be there on Tuesday at exactly 2pm and she had to know to answer the door and look her best. Besides, I missed her.

“Alice! How are you?” Esme asked answering her phone within only a few rings. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh, I am fairly well.” I replied. The truth was that I was above fairly well, but of course I couldn’t tell Esme that. She wouldn’t believe me anymore than Jasper and Edward had. “I just dropped Nora off at the airport. She is flying home to Charlie and Billy.”

“Yes she called and told me. She is such a sweet thing.”

“Did you know that apparently we had meant before? I had quite forgotten. But Charlie owned a speakeasy in Chicago that I worked at and Nora was there! We’ve become great friends!” I said happily.

“Well, you two are very similar in personality.” Esme laughed not sounding the least bit surprised.

“Anyway, I called to tell you that you need to answer the door at 2pm on Tuesday and wear something nice! Someone special is coming to pay a visit. I’ve sent a box up to Denali for that special person too. It should be there by then. Make sure they get it!”

“Someone special? Another friend then?” Esme asked. I grinned. If only she knew. I thought, wishing I could tell her.

“Oh something like that. Trust me; you’ll want to look nice. And make time for some alone time. It’ll be special.” I said. “Oh, and we’ll all be together for Christmas! So please make sure and tell Tanya and the others to expect us.”

“Oh that would be nice, a family gathering for Christmas.” Esme said.

“It’ll be extra special this way. I cant wait to see you again Esme. Okay, I better go! I’ll see you in a few days!” I said hanging up with Esme. Oh I couldn’t wait to see Carlisle. I thought happily. When Carlisle did finally reach Esme, I would have the upper hand in everything of course! I could finally say to Edward and Jasper that I told them so. And then we could call Nora and tell her the good news. Or perhaps Carlisle could. The poor dear seemed so upset. She at least had the right to know he was still alive. I thought.

(Written with ideas from Carlisle)

A New Dress, A New Friend (nora post)

There was a beautiful light, and airy, white lace dress with a low waist and a cute little fringed bottom in a store front in the mall Alice and I were currently shopping in. The dress was just my sized and probably something I would have worn back in the 20s. In fact, I was pretty sure I had a dress very like it from that time period. I cocked my head to the side as I steadied it. Yep, I was now fairly certain I had a dress very similar.

“Oh that’s cute!”Alice said coming up behind me with her arms full of shopping bags. I smiled at her. When had easily become friends in the last 24 hours and I was beginning to wonder if I had not meant her before some place. She seemed so familiar, yet I couldn’t pin point where I might have meant her before.

“I had one like--- or I have one like it from the 20s.” I said. I was seriously considering buying this dress. Not that I had a place to wear it too, at the moment. Charlie was laying low with his whole gang business.

“You had a dress like that in the 20s?” Alice asked and I nodded.

“We had a few speakeasies here and there. Charlie’s gang mostly ran them.” Alice’s eyes lite up suddenly.

“You owned speakeasies? That must be it! I’ve been trying to pin point where I might have meant you all day! I used to work in speakeasies around the US during that period. Before I meant Jasper and Carlisle. I would work as a fortune teller and one of the black jack tables. There was one speakeasies I was in that was owned by vampires. Of course the public never guessed, but I did. They knew I was there. “

As Alice spoke, it suddenly all clicked, the speakeasies Charlie owned in Chicago for a while. Where Al Capone among others tended to vacation once in a while. Of course we were a complete different gang and no one could really catch us at what we did. Boot Legging was fairly easy if you were a vampire. And it made sense that Alice would choose one of our speakeasies.

“Yes! It was the one in Chicago. I was singing there and you were working the blackjack table. I never really mingled with anyone at that time period. I didn’t really care for Chicago. New York was always brighter and bigger and I never understood why Charlie didn’t have an operation there. Everyone wanted an operation in New York. He said it was where people would look for him if he had one there. He always has laid rather low for a unruly wanted man…. Except when he was trying to gain my attention. I’m surprised the Volturi didn’t catch onto him.”

“That must be it! I remember now. You have such a lovely voice Nora.” Alice said beaming at me. “I knew I had meant you somewhere before. That means I do know your darling Billy and Charlie.”

“Yes! It’s such a shame we didn’t get to know one another then. I bet we would have been such good friends.” I said as we walked into the store.

“Oh I know we will. Well, we’ll just have to make up for lost time!” Alice responded. “Oh that little flower headband would be perfect with that dress.” She added pulling a darling little headband off the shelf with a white flower and lacey ribbons flowing down.

“I’ll send you a picture of me in the headband and dress when I get home!” I said smiling as I went to get the dress.

“Oh perfect!” Alice said clapping her hands.

Showing Off (Alessandra Post)

“Do you think Master Aro has figured out that I am gone yet?” Karla asked as I sat down a bowl of eggs and bacon in front of her. I simply shrugged. Of course Aro had figured out she was gone, but I also knew that he would figure out that Carlisle and I were behind her escape. I didn’t really think, Aro would come after me for Karla. Not right now, not while he had the Romanians and Gods knew how many other vampires after him.

“I wouldn’t worry about it just now Karla. If he does come after you, I will deal with it.”

“But you are only one vampire.”

“Have I ever shown you my talent?” I asked placing a glass of Orange Juice in front of her.

“No.” Karla responded taking a sip of the orange juice and looking rather confused.

“Do you know why Aro collects vampires for the Volturi?”

“To rule the vampire world.”

“Correct. But what kind of vampires does Aro like?”


“Ones with talent.” Petrus said coming into the kitchen and lighting a lilac candle that sat in the middle of the table without needing a match or a lighter. He smiled wickedly at me as he kissed me.

“How--- did---“

“Petrus can control fire.” I said simply as Petrus lifted the small flame from the candle into the air and made the fire dance into small pictures, a rose, than a lilac, than a deer and gently landed it back down onto the candle wick. Karla’s eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Show her your talent, Alessandra.” Skye said crunching down on a piece of toast and dropping her book bag onto the floor with a bang next to the table. I raised an eyebrow. I wasn’t one to normally show off my so called gifts. It was after all how I became a vampire--- how everything happened to me. In the end I sighed and looked at Petrus and then over at Karla.

“Go on.” Petrus said with a grin.

“She can move objects with her mind. Its really sick.” Skye said.

“Sick?” Karla asked. Not understanding the slang. I grinned at Skye who smiled back at me.

“Cool.” Skye responded.

“Oh. I dunno, that bit with the fire was interesting.”

I slowly lifted Skye’s book bag up off the ground, and then let the books slide out of it one by one and dance around in the air before letting them crash. I could do more of course, but I wasn’t one for showing off. That was Petrus’ job.

“Oh come on you can do better than that.” Skye said. I frowned at her.

“She’s right.”Petrus pushed.

“If I had a talent like Alessandra’s I would be showing it off all the time. Did she tell you she was born with it? It wasn’t something she found out as a vampire. She could do things like that as a human too.” Skye pronounced and I glared at her. “What, you could!”

Bikes, Babies and Best Friends (Bella Post)

I sat in the car, strumming my fingers on the steering wheel as I pulled into Billie’s yard and up next to Jacob’s Rabbit. I looked back at my daughter who was sleeping soundly and hated to wake her up. But it had been weeks since I had last seen Jacob. He had imprinted on Elizabeth, and I while I didn’t like the idea, I knew it was uninventible that I had to at least allow my daughter to spend some time with my best friend. Best friend. I thought and shook my head. Poor Jacob. I sighed. I wished that I could promise myself that Jacob would someday be as happy as me. However, I wondered if that was now going to be impossible or not.

I opened up the door to my Ferrari, missing my truck more and more. I hated the looks I received in town when I drove it and hated the looks I received when I drove it through La Push. Of course by now, most people knew it was mine.

“Bella!” Jacob said suddenly sprinting out of the house. “Long time, no see. I’ve been wondering when you were going to show up. Whats been up?” He asked and for just a moment it was like we were still in high school and nothing had changed.

“I thought you might like to see Elizabeth. And I sorda needed an excuse to get away from the house. Things are so crazy right now.” I said sadly shaking my head.

“With Doc’s death I cant image how they would be crazy.” Jake said rolling his eyes and I nudged him playfully.

“Be nice okay. Carlisle was a great guy, and you know he was. It’s so sad that all this happened. I just feel kinda lost when I’m home. Everyone is so sad.”

“Arent you sad over the Doc’s death?”

“Of course I am.” I responded pulling Elizabeth out of her car seat. She opened her beautiful green eyes and yawned. “I just feel like I didn’t know him the way the others did and its awkward.”

“May I?” Jake asked reaching out for Elizabeth and I gently handed her to him. The minute I did however, she started bawling as if she had never seen Jake. He scrunched up his face and shook his head. “I don’t think she likes me much.” He said and handed Elizabeth back to me. She instantly stopped crying.

“Aw, its alright Elizabeth. Jacob’s a friend.” I said softly, gently folding her frilly hat backwards.

“It’s all good. She just woke up from a nap anyway. Maybe she’s simply grumpy.” Jake said. “So what ya wanna do today?”

“I don’t care.” I said smiling up at Jake. “As long as it’s fun. I miss having fun.” I pouted. “I kinda wanna see my bike that Edward wont let me keep.” I added, and made a mental note to seriously talk to him about this. “And maybe order a pizza. I havent had pizza in a long time.”

“Sounds good.” Jake said pulling out his very simple cell phone and dialing a number, ordering the pizza I had such a craving for.

“Great!” I said as we skipped over to the barn where the bikes where.

Breaking the Ice (Alice Post)

Nora, had been very quiet since we pulled out of the driveway and left Forks. She hadnt said a word too me and I had to admit that I wasn’t used too that. I tried to get along with just about everyone. Even the Wolves. And to have a fellow vampire, that I was sure I was going to be friends with not talk to me--- Well it was just a little unsettling. But I had to wonder if maybe I scared her the other day. She seemed rather sensitive and sweet. Edward said she was normally about as happy go lucky as I was and he was rather worried about her. He didn’t like the idea of Nora leaving so soon. But, she had assured him that Billy would be waiting for her at the airport in Denver and she would be fine. I supposed she was still grieving for Carlisle which was very sweet that someone outside of the family cared about him as much as we did. I wished desperately that I could tell her he was alive. I had tried. Edward has shushed me. Oh, wait until I had the upper hand in this. I thought.

“What type of music do you like to listen too?” I asked finally switching on the radio to ease us out of this silence.

“Wha--?” Nora asked turning to me and I could see that her eyes were red. I sighed.

“Music, what kind of music do you listen too?” I asked again. Trying to break the ice. She whipped away a few tears.

“A little bit of everything.” Nora responded with a shrug. “ I love music from my period. Songs like Old folks at Home and Dixie. But I listen to some R&B too and classical--- Operas. I love swing. Old West songs. Charlie loves the old cowboy songs.”

“Charlie is your brother right?” I asked, and Nora nodded.

“He must be pretty special for you to travel half way across the world to go fine.”

“He is. Did you have any brothers?” Nora asked. I shook my head. I didn’t remember my family of course. I knew I had a sister. And my niece Sarah. But that was about it.

“No, I had a sister, I don’t remember---“

“Carlisle told me you where in an asylum. That must have been terrible.” Nora cut me off.

“I don’t remember it. Sometimes I wish I did remember what my life was like. However, the brain shuts things out for a reason. I think maybe someday I’ll remember--- Anyway, I’d like too meet your brother sometime. And your husband. He sounds like a fine man too.”

“Billy is the best person in the world next to Charlie.” Nora said and finally, I got a smile out of her as she touched her wedding ring.

“Did you marry before you where turned?”I asked. Nora nodded. That made sense, most vampires didn’t get married. They didn’t feel the need too. I always wondered if we were the exception.

“We were both really young. But we knew what we wanted. Besides, we couldn’t rightly travel alone together otherwise.” Nora said and sighed. “I miss Billy and Charlie.” She added.

“I understand. I get like that when Jasper and I are apart for a while.” I commented. Popping in one of Jasper’s cd. “Jasper likes some music from his period sometimes. He likes the old southern Civil War songs.”

“Oh I like these too. Mama and Papa--- used to throw parties before they were killed and there would be bands playing these songs.”

“You weren’t close to your parents were you?” I asked and Nora shook her head. “Do you like shopping?” I asked.

“I love to shop. Billy has to stop me sometimes. He says I spend far too much money. But its his fault we have the money we have.” Nora said her eyes were finally dancing.

“We’ll have time to go shopping in Seattle if you want. There is a mall I just love to go too.”

“That would be fun! I havent had a girl’s day out in a while.” Nora responded, she sounded excited and I couldn’t help but smile. That was my goal. To get her happy again. “Maybe we could see a movie too. I havent seen a movie in a while.” Nora added looking at the time. I had left well in advance just for this reason. I knew Nora needed some girl time.

“Sure that sounds like fun! And maybe some time, I can come visit you with Jasper and we can have a double date and Charlie can tag along. Does he have a mate?”

“Not yet. He does have a few on and off girlfriends. But nothing serious.” Nora giggled. It was clear the idea of her older brother dating was funny to her.

“Well maybe he can bring one of them along.” I said and laughed. This was going to be fun. It was nice to finally find someone else who loved to shop like me. Rosalie always went shopping with me of course but it wasn’t the same. And I had to practically drag Bella out of Forks to go shopping. But Nora was willing. I only wished I had more time with her. But I knew one day I would go visit her and stay with her for a while. Then we could have all the girl time we needed.