Monday, August 6, 2012

China Orange Jelly For Mrs. Norris’ Maid

I have been meaning to post all week but I havent had the time. I know, I say that all the time. But Life tends to get really busy for me during the week. Anyway, I am really going to try and post more.

I stated a little while ago that I was going to try and post some things from the Regency Period in honor of American Girls' new doll coming out. So as promised. Here is an interesting recipe I found from Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson. I havent tried it yet. But it looks pretty simple and easy. And it looks like it might taste good too. Here it is!

China Orange Jelly For Mrs. Norris’ Maid


3 tablespoons granualted gelatin

½ cup white sugar or more to taste

1 cup boiling water

4 cups orange juice (Strained of pulp)

1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon and mace (Mace can be subistated for nutmeg)

Very fine parings of orange zest (optional)


1. Dissolve the geltatin and sugar in the boiling water, stirring until completely dissolved (about five minuets)

2. Stir in the orange juice and spices, then strain the mixture through a jelly bag or fine mesh strainer.

3. Chill until just slightly thickened (no more than an hour

4. Then fold in the orange zest.

5. Pour the mixture into a mold or individual dishes

6. Chill 6 hours or until completely set

(Taken from Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson page; 70)

The Arrival of the Wolves (Bella Post)

“You’re other quest just got here.” Edward whispered into my ear and I nodded, standing up.

“Where are you going?” Angela asked me.

“The Quileute’s are here.” I smiled.

“Oh does that mean you invited your friend Jacob?” Angela asked and I nodded.

“Yep, and where Jacob goes, Embry and Quill and Seth normally are sure to show up.”

“Are they hot?” Jess asked much to Mike’s dismay.

“Um---“ I never really thought of the Wolves as Hot. But I supposed they weren’t bad looking. At least, I knew Jacob was rather handsome in his own right. He was nothing like Edward of course. But then, Edward was a vampire. Jacob was only well--- he was half human I supposed.

“That means yes.” I heard Jess say to Angela who shook her head. She clearly wasn’t interested in the Quileute’s like that and neither should Jess be. Not with Mike here. If Mike had heard Jess, he pretended like he didn’t.

I went to open the door and was suddenly embraced by three hugs. I laughed, and nudged Quill.

“Jacob can’t seem to shut up about you and Elizabeth. How come you never come out and visit us anymore?” Quill whined, nudging me gently back.

“I’ve been busy.” I said with a grin at Jacob. Jacob smiled back at me, and then glanced at Edward. I hoped Edward hadn’t read any thoughts that said anything about the bikes and my visits to Jacob with Elizabeth. Then again, what did I care if they did? I was legally an adult and just because I was married didn’t mean I couldn’t spend time with my best friend. Besides, it was good for Elizabeth to be around people other than vampires. Even if they were wolves.

“Seth, it’s good to see you, I see Leah didn’t come.”

“Nah, well, you know how she is.” Seth answered and we both grinned. I glanced back at my friends from school and at Edward and couldn’t help but smile. The only thing missing were Rosalie, Alice, Jasper and Emmett and Esme and Carlisle. Then everything would be complete. Well almost. Alice would have had an over the top party but mine was just normal.

“Hey guys, I’d like you to meet, Jacob, Seth, Quill and Embry.” I said pointing to each one. “And that’s Jessica, Angela, Mike and Eric.”

“Nice to meet you guys.” Quill said. “Finally I can put names to faces. Bella’s told us about you guys.”

“Really?” Jess said.

“Jess, he didn’t say it was good things.” Mike put in and I laughed.

“Come on guys, you think I would say bad things about you?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that.” Mike said smiling at me.

Homesick (Nora Post)

“Nora! Darling! It’s been so long.” My friend and co-gang member said embracing me with a hug. I laughed as she bounced out of my arms and looked me over. “You havent changed a bit have you?” She said now with a twinkle in her dark eyes.

“Of course not!” I said smiling at Regina. Her dark skin shining under the night lights. I never knew how she managed to keep it so shinny without giving away that she was a vampire.

“I hear Charlie has a new gig going on. How is that going?” Regina asked, and I shrugged. We had been in the Smoky Mountains for little over four weeks now and Charlie had managed to swindle well over a million dollars out of his specters. Of course, if they guessed what was going on, they sure didn’t act like it. They just kept coming back to see the horses race. It was all rather stupid.

“I guess its going good.” I muttered. I was so tired of Charlie and his games. I wished he would settle down. He had lots of girl friends. Why not mate with one? I thought.

“You don’t sound very happy about it.” Regina knew me well. I laughed.

“I’m not. I guess. I’m just homesick. I miss Colorado.” I said bending down to tie my shoe laces that had come on done during our walk.

“Why not go back then? You know, just because he’s your brother doesn’t mean you have to do what he wants.”

“It’s not that. Its more. Charlie needs me here right now to train the horses.” I said with a shrug standing up.

“Train the--- Wait you can train horses?” Regina asked in surprised. I nodded.

“Pretty wild uh?” I asked.

“But how? Animals don’t like our kind.”

“I don’t know. I’ve always been able to get animals to come up to me. Even before I was a vampire, I had a knack for getting animals to trust me. Animals and kids.” I said with a simple shrug.

“I do seem to remember that. But, you really can tame horses?” Regina asked again and I nodded.

“Want to see?” I asked climbing up on the white fence and calling my mare’s name. The mare trotted right over to me, as usual. “There’s a good girl. No, its okay. Regina wont hurt you.” I said gently petting the mare’s head.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Regina said shaking her head standing a good few feet away, so not to scare Angel. “ I see why Charlie wanted to do this gig now.”

“I can ride her too.” I said climbing up onto Angel bare backed.

“I have no doubt.” Regina said laughing now as I took off across the pasture. I really needed the break and I didn’t want to tell Regina how much, I truly wasn’t enjoying this. Angel knew of course. She naed at me as we came to a slow stop by a stream.

“I know girl. We’ll keep him happy for a little while longer and then we’re going home.” I said stroking her mane and not for the first time wishing I was back home in Colorado.

The first guest arrive (Bella post Twilight)

I hated parties; I hated any formal event that made me the center of attention. But, Angela and Jess were right; this was something that I should do. Besides, like I had told Edward, everyone had parties when the Rents were gone. So, it was a rite of passage I needed to experience, even if it was a bit beneath my mature nature.

“Do you have the movie we rented?” I asked looking at Edward. He nodded.

“Right here!” Edward said holding up Race to Witch Mountain. I thought it was one everyone might like. And as far as I could tell no one had seen the recent remake. We had a few other movies too in case that one made the No list. Besides, if we didn’t watch it tonight, I could watch it later. We had it for three nights.

The doorbell rang and Edward was at the door within seconds, opening it for Angela and Eric. Of course they would be the first to arrive. Angela walked in carrying cookies, and Eric had a few treats of his own.

“Hey Angela.” I said giving my friend a hug.

“Wow, its so weird being here without your family here.” Angela said looking at Edward.

“Is it weird not having Dr. And Mrs. Cullen around?” Eric asked. “Wish my parents would leave Angela and I the house for a weekend. That would be awesome!”

“Yeah, like that will happen.” Angela laughed. “So is Jacob coming?” She asked and I couldn’t help but cringe.

“Yeah Jacob and some of his friends are coming. You’ll like them don’t worry.” I said with a side glance to Edward who grimaced. He wasn’t too thrilled with the Quileute’s coming, I could tell. But I couldn’t just invite Jacob and not invite the rest. I still wondered if Leah and Seth were coming. They were the only ones I hadn’t heard from.

“ Awesome! The more the merrier. Oooh is this Elizabeth?” Angela asked as she noticed my daughter rolling around on the floor. I nodded.

“Yep.” I said picking Elizabeth up.

“Oh she’s adorable. And she looks like you. May I?” Angela asked holding out her arms and I let her take Elizabeth.

“She’s so cute.” Eric said. “Whats it like being a Dad?”

“The most wonderful thing next to being a husband.” Edward said grinning, while our daughter played with Angela’s hair and gurgled some kind of baby talk.

“She likes you.” I said.

“Most people do.” Angela said laughing. “I cant wait to have one of my own. “ She added looking over at Eric who grimaced.

“Lets get through college first.” Eric said.

A Library Sister Chat (Rebecca Post Twilight)

My Aunt Rebecca had not showed herself to me during my séance. And the truth of the matter was, I should have had Victoria with me when I decided to do the Séance. She was after all the one who could see spirits. I wasn’t. Though I could see them sometimes. With certain elements and in certain settings. I could certainly conjure them up. Calling on a spirit was baby magic. Or so I called it. So, the questioned remained, why had Aunt Rebecca not answered my call? She was dead wasn’t she? And if she wasn’t dead, then there were two reasons why she didn’t answer. Number 1, she could have possibly ran away. Though nothing in her diaries mentioned a dislike for her home. Number 2. Riston turned her and she was the shadow I had seen under the tree.

The other thing was, that while I knew certain things about Vampires, ( I knew all the myths and the non myths) I certainly, didn’t know everything. So, I found myself trapping down to the local library where my sister worked.

Victoria and I hadn’t seen much of each other since the whole thing with Riston happened. In fact, I hadn’t seen much of Victoria for several months. Since I started college. This made me rather lonely. I was used to having my older sister around when I needed her. And going to the library seemed as good as excuse as ever to spend some sister time with her.

“Becky!” Victoria said the minute I walked into the library with my tote bag and purse. She smiled at me from behind the front counter as I plopped my rather late books down in front of her.

“They’re late.” I winced. Having a sister as a librarian, one would think, my books would never be late.

“That’s alright, I’m just happy to see you. How’s things going with Riston?” Victoria asked as if it was an every day thing, to have a vampire stalking you. I frowned.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that.” I said. “Can you get away?” I asked looking over at Matt who was also working at the counter today. Matt shrugged and waved his hand to Victoria.

“I think that means yes.” I giggled. Matt was a man of few words. He always had his nose in a book. Victoria laughed, and motioned me around the counter where we walked back towards an office she liked to use for her own.

“So what’s up?” She asked once the door was closed.

“I did a séance on Aunt Rebecca. Nana gave me her journals. I said pulling out the precious books and handing them to Victoria.

“And she didn’t make contact did she?” Victoria asked much to my surprised.

“You’ve known this whole time she wasn’t dead?” I asked sitting down in the chair across from Victoria. My sister nodded her head.

“I’ve never seen her spirit, Becky. I’ve seen lots of our ancestors. Especially the ones who lived in the house. But I’ve never seen Aunt Rebecca. And there is something Nana isn’t telling us. Something that happened, that only she knows about.”

“I knew it!” I said shaking my head. I had l always known that there was some hidden secret Nana was keeping from us regarding Aunt Rebecca, but I never imaged that it would be that her sister could possibly be alive. “Victoria, do you think Riston turned Aunt Rebecca?” I asked. Victoria nodded her head.

“Yes, I do. And I think Nana knows.” Victoria said skimming through Aunt Rebecca’s journals.

“Should we ask Nana about it?” I asked, my sister shook her head.

“Becky, if Nana wanted to tell us that Aunt Rebecca was a vampire she would have. I think its something we need to find out for ourselves. Aunt Rebecca loved Nana very much. So I think that Aunt Rebecca must have made an appearance to Nana after she was turned. To let her know she was alright. Or she told her beforehand. Perhaps they still see each other secretly. If Aunt Rebecca is a vampire, she must respect that Nana does not want to be one. Becky?” Victoria asked.


“Just because our family believes that vampires are all bad, doesn’t mean they are. Just remember that. And I think you should approach Riston. Screw what Mom and Dad are saying. Staying away from him isn’t going to do anything.” I had known my sister was on my side the whole time. She had a point. Mom and Dad wanted me to avoid Riston. They thought that if I ignored him long enough he would leave. But we knew otherwise.

“Thanks Victoria. I think I am going to check out some books on vampires. I know they’re not going to hold all the real information. But still…. It would be good to know more about what I am dealing with.” I said.

“I can help with that.” Victoria said smiling as she led me out of her office.