Monday, September 10, 2012

Regency Hair Styles

I know I promised to post things from Caroline's time period. So here is a little goody from the Jane Austen Handbook By Margaret C. Sullivan. I am sorry that most of the things I have for this time period are Jane Austen related however, there is a wide variety of things on the web related to Jane Austen. One can learn loads about this time period through that.

As you can see this page talks about the types of hair styles that would have been appropriate for women during this time. I am not sure if this goes for women in America. I've found that American styles were rather relaxed compared to British ones for the most part. But its still fun to look at.

Lots of little Goodies.

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Oh my goodness it has been a long time since I last wrote. Almost a month and a half! But the truth is, I've been super busy. School started up again and I'm taking a sign language class on top of a 4 hour long training session once a week for work. Which does also include homework. Anyway, I am really gonna try and do better and keep up with this blog. It sucks when life gets in the way of things you would rather be doing lol. But I do want to take this Sign Language Class and pass it. So anyway, here are my little goodies for this post. hehe.

Last month sometime I got the new Hearts 4 Hearts Girl Lauryce! She's so cute as I am sure you can see. She's I think 10 years old and from New Orleans! So of course I had to get her. Plus, she reminds me of the South which I dearly miss and warm sunshine.

I also made a Gods Eye as I seemed to have lost mine through out the years. I hadnt made one of these since I was a little kid and it brought back alot of fun memories. I used to love to make these little things. 

And I got the Game Of Thrones Official Cookbook last month too. There is a recipe for it, for one of the Breakfast's Catelyn had in Winterfell. And this was was it. All it is, is two slices of bacon, two hard boiled eggs (They suggested soft boiled eggs. But I dont like soft boiled eggs) A few slices of sharp cheddar cheese and an English Muffin (they suggested rustic bread for toast. Which I didnt have.) Topping it off is a warm cup of Peppermint Tea. I thoroughly enjoyed this little meal. 

My Little Skye got a new outfit last month too. The shirt I made for one of Kanani's outfits but it went well with this one too. I made the skirt, the necklace and the socks. The shoes and sweater are from Playwonder. 

I also made Raspberry Cordial from the Anne of Greengables cookbook. (I'm not posting the recipe because its on my old blog. The Raspberries I used for the Cordial are Alaska Wild berries! Thus making the Cordial taste smooth and sweet. It was really really yummy!

More recently, I attempted to make Skye a Regency Day dress using one of Josefina's patterns. The dress came out really well. I put the shoes I made her from a Liberty Jane's pattern on, until I can make some better ones to match the outfit. 

And finally, in the recent Pioneer Woman's Cookbook by Ree Drummond, there is a recipe for this awesome Grilled Cheese sandwich, which I made! It turned out soooo yummy. Its very fatening but so good. Basically you add lots of cheese, bacon, tomatoes, onions and a mustard, mayo sauce on the inside. I highly recommend it! 

Oh before I forget, perhaps the most important, is that Caroline Abbott finally debuted from American Girl! She lives in Sackett's Harbor in New York off Lake Ontario. (which makes me incredibly homesick) So far, I really love the books. They're sweet and simple. But they have alot of lessons that even adults can learn from them and Caroline is so brave. She does some pretty amazing things for a ten year old. Here is her special website. I really think I might end up getting her. The doll looks very cute. 

And to leave off with two more small goodies. Return to Roan Inish part 2

Plus a wonderful picture I took near were I live.